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For Once, Celebrating Peace


For Once, Celebrating Peace

While warmongers freak about the tentative nuclear deal with Iran, many around the world, most notably in Iran, are hailing the rare victory of diplomacy over more war. Savor the sight of jubilant, improbable hope as joyful Iranians took to the streets last night - horns blaring, hands clapping, dancing in traffic- to celebrate. From Twitter: "Seems like Iranian & American citizens are largely happy with the #IranDeal. Coincidentally, neither group has ties to defense contractors."


It is beautiful to see how happy the Iranian people are! I am elated with this too!


The right wing sites are all abuzz with comparisons to Neville Chamberlain and how Obama is a traitor to America.

I read someplace that Adolf Hitler supposedly lamented about his deal with Neville Chamberlain. He thought that if he had not made the deal with Chamberlain, Briton would not have had time to prepare for the war, and Hitler would have won against an unprepared enemy. We would all be living under the Nazi flag today if it were not for Neville Chamberlain. But no one really knows what would have been, but it is an interesting thought.


The Iranian Peoples and Americans actually get along very well. Fundamentalist Islam and the Shah were the real problems.


Yes, what a difference. The far right (as opposed to the extreme far right) has gotten the left to celebrate the bullying of another country into refraining from doing something on an infinitesimal scale that the US does on a monumental scale. Thus is the world kept safe for US terrorists. Whoopee.

Once again, the evil of 2 lessers. When is the US public going to stop being fooled by this pasting of different images over the essential sameness of the 2 wings of the militaristic corporate duopoly?

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to collaborate, with their very slightly slower path toward ecological apocalypse. Everybody party like it’s, um, 2015.

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/mar/26/collapse-antarcticas-glaciers-ice-melt-sooner-than-thought-scientists-warn This is the 3rd piece of similar recent news about how much faster everything bad is happening than expected. Together, along with all the other similar news that’s revealed every week, it adds up to this:



Perhaps what they are celebrating is the Iranian version of the deal, which is actually different from the US version of the deal. According to an Iranian journalist, Amir Taheri, the two draughts are not verbatim-translatable and the Iranian version allows all kinds of concessions via evasive use of the Persian language that the Americans think they have negotiated away. So the Americans think they have got one treaty and the Iranians think they have got another. Not sure how much truth there is in this, but that was his opinion as an Iranian.

Actually, reading up on Taheri now, he doesn’t seem that reliable a source of information, so maybe this is bollocks.


Declassified documents from the time show that that’s exactly what Chamberlain aimed to do, and did: buy time for Britain to ramp up as much as possible. He’s an unfairly-maligned figure, and it’s all because of the warmongers.

Anyone, like the twit Abby quoted from twitter, who says “defence contractor” rather than “war contractor” or “weapons manufacturer”, is buying into the right-wing worldview.


They are in shock that America and the world community defied the na-sayers and accomplished PEACE.


For that to happen we need the isrealis out of the talks because they have shown that they can not give back what they stole. At this point there should only be a ONE state solution because the land has been so divided that the Palestinians have the Unwanted lands and the jews have been taking all the best lands.