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For 'Opening Their Hearts' to Refugees, Greek Islanders Inspire the World

For 'Opening Their Hearts' to Refugees, Greek Islanders Inspire the World

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though the Nobel Peace Prize has had its reputation badly battered in recent years by charges its moral compass has broken, it remains one the world's most prominent humanitarian awards.

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The vast majority of these people are poor people. Thier compassion for their fellow men and women and children has not been displaced by the love of money.


Empathy is what is lacking around the world and the Greek people have had some tough times over the last 8 years and are showing real humanity. Puerto Rico is going thru the same thing the Greece people along with Detroit, Flint, and many other cities in the US where the banksters have bankrupted once great cities. Of course these so called free traders played their part but they are all one in the same, greedy crooks that have used the capitalistic system without regulations to screw the rest of us.

The refugees are fleeing violence and terrorism that the western world has created over the last over 100 years.


In defense of Europe and the reaction of its several countries to the refugees, it is considerably easier to be nice to people you know ae not going to stay around, but will leave as soon as possible. This does not minimize the altruism of the islanders of the Agean Sea, rather ir clarifies that we are talking about two separate problems when comparing their behavior to that of continental Europe.

What a lesson in humanity!

Greeks - already badly battered by the predatory bastards in Berlin, Brussels and NewYork - opening their hearts and homes to those in more desperate straits than themselves!

Sign the petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/nobel_prize_greek_islanders_21/?pv=73&rc=fb
I did …


this article–these people–help to illustrate where our true (individual) power really lies. not in looking outward to some leader or legislative body (who is usually under the thumb of some greater sinister power) to lead the way. it will take those who have the ability and the courage to express empathy and equality to truly lead the way out of the old paradigm and into a new one. i send these people gratitude and appreciation for shining some light and brightening the way.


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And those two problems are already derivatives (that word applies to far too many phenomena these days) from centuries of the meddling of the same plutocratic fraudsters in the ECB, IMF, WB and all the rest of their minions - come to think of it all the foregoing are derivative invasions - and they talk about refugees being an invasion when they are attempting to escape from the destruction these pluto/kleptocrats themselves have generated in both the land(s) being escaped from and the good seafolk on the shores of Greece. Thats what you get when the majority of humanity constitute the sacrifice zone of externalized costs.

I have no doubt many of those Greeks who rescued refugees, out of clear plain sense of compassion reacting as healthy human beings, see the “Nobel” full-square in precisely the dissociative context in which it operates and is proffered. Kudos to the Greek folks any way for this and so many other reasons.


Let’s be honest, Greece’s humanitarianism is a facade, even though the illusion does benefit those who unnecessarily risk their lives to access the wealth of Europe. It seems one has to be very gullible to believe that Greece is doing this strictly out of the kindness of their hearts.

Since Greece is a transit country of little interest to the migrants, the Greek government can afford to appear compassionate in the eyes of the rest of the world. However, behind the scenes, I know that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is asking the EU for more border security because the rest of Europe are starting to shut down their southern borders. In addition, Greece has not been overrun like Sweden and Germany has, so when the influx of migrants start to pile up on its northern border we will see how compassionate these humanitarians will be.

By spring, things are going to get much worse in Europe, including Greece, because there are potentially millions of Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghani who could seek to enter Europe if conditions allow it. It may sound cool and delightful to shame the West into some kind of “just deserts” sanctimony over its foreign policy blunders but to ignore the potential negative impact of this mass migration would be just as negligent and uncaring as those political decisions.

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You are unable to distinguish between Greece the country and the poor people of Greece.

When these Greek fishermen go out to rescue peoples at sea and bring them into their homes and share their meagre posessions with them, they are not thinking about how this will bring relief from those sitting in power in Brussels.



Speaking of all of it being derivative…

i thought of you when i read this, not sure if you spend time at Indian Country Today, but Imposing Metaphors is right up your alley.

Thanks for the heads up. I have a copy of “Pagans in the Promised Land” - one of the most concise analyses I have ever read of our current condition based on the language and underlying meanings of colonization and domination still dominating law/‘culture’. Lucky for us - it seems the article will be followed by part two.

A great story about great action!

Turn one’s back on the Nobel Peace Prize? That seems utterly insane. Why not just raise banners that say, “Help us destroy the world and die!”

Yes the Prize is sullied, but wouldn’t it be better to “unsully” it? Also, possessive it never splits.