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For Openly Admitting Corruption 'That Makes American Furious,' Senator Demands Mick Mulvaney Resign


For Openly Admitting Corruption 'That Makes American Furious,' Senator Demands Mick Mulvaney Resign

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After White House budget chief and acting CFPB director Mick Mulvaney openly admitted to bankers that as a member of Congress he only met with lobbyists who gave him money, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said on Wednesday that Mulvaney has "made it clear that [his] congressional office was for sale" and called on him to resign immediately.


Everybody seems to know that our government runs on corporate bribes. Why do people ignore that this is fascism?

Direct Democracy, now more than ever.


Many posters have been scorning the idea of writing representatives calling for action on matters like this. I would submit that now more than ever GET ON RECORD AS CONTACTING YOUR REPRESENTATIVES WITH YOUR STANCE ON MATTERS of corruption like this.

Make the wires hummm!!!


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:51159”]
After White House budget chief and acting CFPB director Mick Mulvaney openly admitted to bankers that as a member of Congress he only met with lobbyists who gave him money, [/quote]

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…you mean like Hilary Clinton?

Where was your moral outrage then?

Friggin’ hypocrite!!!


Yeah, well for openers, no lawyer should be allowed within 100 miles of Washington DC ever again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have this strange notion that the idea of representative republic was that the common people would come to Washington, represent other common people, and leave.


Representative government is made to be corrupted. Everyone has a price, whether its money, gifts, revolving doors or real threats to one’s health and the health of his family. Increasingly societies are realizing this and going to direct democratic government. 500 politicians are easy to bribe and corrupt, but not 300 million people.


The majority of the American people know exactly how corruptly refined our “elected” government has become. Always was, always will be. The people are basically powerless. If not what are we waiting for? To accept our lot in life with madmen at the helm seems reality.


Don’t recall Hillary Clinton ever stating such and I’m sure you have no proof of her ever bragging about only giving an audience to donors
What kind of douchebag writes and can’t even spell her name?.


Grifters Inc., USA division.
holy crapcakes


Did there not seem to be a bit more balance in the Judiciary ?


I stand with all of those members of Congress who are appalled by Mulvaney like Sheldon Whitehouse and Elizabeth Warren. There are some good people in Congress, we just need lots more of them. While we recognize the scumbags, don’t forget to support the good guys. We must primary out the bad ones and vote them out! We need to support the good ones and kick out the bad ones.


Hello theoldgoat, My Kongress Kritter has ignored emails for quite a while now. I suspect that more and more of them will do so in the future! I keep getting an automatic email telling me that I have to use other methods to communicate. If this becomes a trend then eventually we won’t be able to communicate with them unless we have $$$$$$$$$$ pinned to our clothing!!!


I call their offices, speed dial people!


Mulvaney is a self-admitted criminal, hired by another criminal to serve yet other criminals in pursuit of wealth by preying on America - parasites and pigs at the trough. That MO is pervasive in our now nearly entirely corrupt government in all its mandated duties to serve the public… …

ALL corrupted by big-money the scotus sez is “free speech”…aint nuthin “free” about it! The name of the game is money and the influence it buys, the candidates it turns into elected reps, those reps serving “campaign” bribe money supplied by professional bag-men called “lobbyists”, legislation purchased to benefit the few, the media turned into a vast arena of lies to sell political propaganda and often deadly crap to an unprotected public…while keeping them intentionally ignorant of the enormity of the crimes and corruption.

The “regulatory protective” agency - the CFPB - empowered to serve the public and protect against the most egregious thefts and scams and open robbery by financial criminal parasites…that is where self-admitted criminal and betrayer of the public trust and oath of office…“Mick” Mulvaney, is now… installed by arguably the greatest crime boss and threat to the American public: herr trump, the magnificent - the greedy mental nut case malignancy at the heart of our republic directing the corruption and thefts.and destruction of most all that has gone before.

If that isn’t a crime. nothing is! If the agenda of the trump regime doesn’t warrant impeachment, nothing does! If the 24-7 pay to play corruption infesting DC and our republic’s representative government isn’t a criminal act, nothing is! AND if Mulvaney - the newest poster boy of the trump regimes treasonous contempt for our nation isn’t forced out for his criminal actions, then we as a nation of laws are truly finished. Laws are meant to be broken they say, but this evil ugly garbage is far over the top!

The latest foreign insanity trump is “planning” - seems wrong to say he “plans” anything the malignant nutter is so ignorant - pulling out of the Iran deal…yet another action that should in any reasonably normal society would lead to wide condemnation and impeachment…but not here in the lanf of corruption.

Here’s Macrons take.


It would be nice to get Mulvaney out, but given that the actual foundation of American culture (and most others as well) is being paid for services, whatever those may be. Since being paid for services is NOT rigorously attached to any pro-human, democratic values, this means that our culture has sunk into that of paid guns for hire without any moral compass. Whether it is Mulvaney or any of the other thugs for hire, we are faced with a root problem that will not be resolved by cutting off the top of the weed - it only grows back again and again. Since $$$$ rules, $$$$$ will continue to corrupt politics. The weeds dominate.
Since real change to our culture and institutions is not on the political playing field, the chances of moral and democratic change are currently impossible. We must create the political culture that enshrines pro-human values ensuring a sustainable, democratic economy with governance that is transparent and accountable to the people. When it pays big bucks to promote an actual sustainable democracy, we will see change.


Nothing will be done about it. Nothing.


Combine the Demands that large donation plutocrats made on congress to pass a unneeded Tax giveaway bill and Mulvaney’s stark admission of his corruption and you have what for all intents and purposes is a morally bankrupt assembly of political grifters and gonifs. The Roberts Court is a sham and being operated to the benefit of the wealthy with as much zeal as they believe that the American public will tolerate. The struggle that Democracy requires to exist is ending as evidenced by these admissions. When the enemy no longer hides from the fear of retaliation the battle is over.


As long as Congress continues to do absolutely nothing about the menace in the Oval Office, we can expect someone just as corrupt if Mulvaney is removed or resigns.


Looks like nothing less than a general strike will even begin to make a difference.


You could look this up yourself, but you don’t want to think of anything that would besmirch the character of St. Hillary.