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For Our Food System's Sake, Let's Say "No" to Corporate Consolidation

For Our Food System's Sake, Let's Say "No" to Corporate Consolidation

Anna Lappé, Lisa Palmer

When you look to the year ahead, what do you see? Ensia recently invited eight global thought leaders to share their thoughts. In this interview with Ensia contributor Lisa Palmer for Ensia’s 2017 print annual, Real Food Media founder Anna Lappé responds to three questions: What will be the biggest challenge to address or opportunity to grasp in your field in 2017? Why?


How different would it be if instead of corporations majority owned and ruled by the 1%, they were coops owned and ruled by all its citizens?

Online Direct Democracy

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Buy local; go vegan; vote socialist.

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Though I think you meant minority owned corporations, I completely agree with what I think you are suggesting. I am always torn between encouraging people to work in the system ( as Anna suggests, to pressure our regulators), and work in the parallel developing food system. As long as our economy is driven by profit our food system really can never be just.

Just a side note, almost all food items we buy are owned by just 10 companies. You know their names, Kellog, Nestle, Coke, Pepsico, you know who they are, we just didn’t know they sold their stuff under so many names that it is difficult to avoid buying their products.

My take is that as long as our economy benefits the few instead of the many, the food system can never be just.

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