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'For Our Students and For Our Profession': Denver Educators Strike for First Time in 25 Years


'For Our Students and For Our Profession': Denver Educators Strike for First Time in 25 Years

Julia Conley, staff writer

Taking their place among a national awakening of public school educators demanding better treatment of their profession and better schools for their students, thousands of teachers went on strike Monday after 15 months of negotiations stalled.


Is the labor movement returning to America???


Given that the recent strikes by teachers in other states have been successful, why is Denver fighting the trend and doubling down on failed policies? Maybe they just want to assure their corporate sponsors that they are indeed loathsome enough to receive more contributions? Teachers are a much more valuable resource that those ridiculously over-paid Administrators.

Go Union!


I love it. Teachers across the country are teaching their students and the rest of society a very valuable lesson they wont learn in the classroom, standing up to 1% tyranny. Ladies and gentlemen of the classroom, hats off to you, and good luck.


Awesome! But those of you here in the ivory tower want to privtize everything and look down on us.


Instead of just wishing them “luck” why not stand with them and contact the AFT and NEA


Yup, now is the time. Can’t do it when the country is flat on it’s face.


Because I don’t have the money to go to Denver, are you there?
As a past local union president, I can however offer my encouragement from where I live, the same thing any pro union person would do, if not able to offer physical help.


But it is looking like the corruption, that has a death grip around the throat of government at all levels, starting with the federal level, is an important component of the problems.


Same here.


Union person here as well- I should say people. Contact the AFT and NEA and offer your support in writing if possible also.