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For 'Persistently Illegal Conduct,' New York AG's Lawsuit Demands Trump Foundation Be Shuttered


For 'Persistently Illegal Conduct,' New York AG's Lawsuit Demands Trump Foundation Be Shuttered

Julia Conley, staff writer

A two-year investigation into President Donald Trump's charity by New York State culminated on Thursday in a lawsuit alleging "persistently illegal conduct" including violations of campaign finance laws and tax regulations, and illegal coordination with Trump's 2016 campaign to benefit his presidential run.


In both foreign and domestic affairs – political and financial – the Trump Family Grifters are ethically-bankrupt and corrupt to the core.


“…one way or another, I’m gonna getcha…” Blonde

Where does one ever start to count the crimes? This is a start and a big one. Thank You New York State!


Lock Them Up, Lock Them Up, Lock Them Up!


I don’t like to bring religion into this, but, Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ. Now there is hard evidence of the depths this cabal of self-serving bastards will go . This is a man who has never led a “real” corporation, with stockholders and a board of directors, who claims to be a “businessman” and a “deal maker”, and all he has been doing, his adult life, is literally and figuratively screwing people. And the so-called electorate, along with the hard right, has been bending into a pretzel trying to normalize it. When, indeed, will enough be enough? When will the former sports talk, Evangelical hound, Mike Pence, start to look good? Of course, to me, never. The hard right will persist to get what they can from the Trump Administration, until it just can’t take the sound of the dissonance any more. Then, they’ll find a different dictator wannabe.


Who’s more crooked Donny or Hillary … don’t know don’t care lock em’ both up … in the same cell and make it into a new reality show … The ratings would be fantastic and Donny would be happy about that …


Really? It took 2 years to figure out DT is a thief, criminal, mass murderer, liar and used the office for accumulating money for himself and his businesses? It’s gonna take a lot more clout than the NY AG TO STOP HIM!


Big difference … shes not the President.


…and the Clinton Foundation?? Lock those two criminals up. The body count alone should suffice, Chelsea making 600K “working” for foundation ! Rapist husband, disaster wife. Benghazi and email scandal. How much teflon do those two possess ?


For sure both parties are the same. Only ones we have are the rich and the rest of us. So far we have not done anything to change it, so every day will be worse for us until we do!


Oh Yeah…Just Remembered

Deflect against Hillary
Deflect against Hillary

Wasn’t that the Topic



The Orange Orangutan has screwed the pooch by being a flagrant felon.

Mr. Mueller is going to fry him and his family and friends like Joan of Arc.


Is there anything Trump does that isn’t corrupt? NYS nailed him on his Trump U scam and he settled out of court during the 2016 campaign. It looks like NYS has got him again. His administration is the most corrupt by far of any recent administration. Yet he remains extremely popular with Republicans and candidates strongly supporting Trump in the primaries are doing extremely well despite all the corruption.


Slllloooowly he turns,
step by step,
inch by inch,
hands raised fingers outstretched…
… to grasp the documentation of fraud, lies, high crimes and misdemeanours.

And then…
… before you know it…

… its Mueller time. That oft ignored and even more oft scorned plodding, attention to the minute and the tangled web of criminality…

All of us might could benefit from a bit of the Mueller in our practice. This is the first time I’ve tried the Drumph’s twitter …
… dang, it gets boring


The photo is priceless, all 4 with their gold spoons.


And shove the key all the way up their @$$es!


Persistently illegal conduct, and/or the smell of it, pretty much sums up Trump’s life:

–Lying about health to avoid the draft
–Sexual assault allegations too numerous to count since the 1970’s. He has denied the allegations while constantly bragging about the behavior the women allege
–Racial housing discrimination
–Tenant intimidation to force tenants out of property for which he had plans
–Rumors of Mafia ties since the 70’s
–Beauty pageant scandals ending in settlement
–Four company bankruptcies: 1991, 1992, 2004, 2009
–200 undocumented workers paid substandard wages to build Trump Tower
–Alleged marital rape
–Numerous fines for breaking casino operation rules
–Antitrust violations resulting in a $750,000 FTC fine
–Multiple settled lawsuits with would be owners of his condo/hotels
–Refusing to pay workers and contractors 180s to present
–Trump Institute
–Using campaign donor funds to buy his book keeping royalties for himself
–Undocumented models for this Modeling Agency
–Violations of the Cuban Embargo since 1998

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