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For-Profit Insurance Driving Up Costs Across US Healthcare Sector, While Outcomes Remain Poor: Study


For-Profit Insurance Driving Up Costs Across US Healthcare Sector, While Outcomes Remain Poor: Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

Yet another report shows how relying on a for-profit, private-insurance based healthcare model is driving up costs for people living in the U.S. while delivering poor outcomes.

New research shows that high healthcare spending in the U.S. stems not just from elevated prescription drug costs or its fee-for-service model—but from high costs across the American healthcare industry.


From Global News.
“Doctors [in Canada] earn about $339,000 in gross pay. Keep in mind, the amount varies based on doctors’ specialties: family physicians make about $271,000 while medical specialists make about $338,000 and surgical specialists earn $446,000.”
How can that be? How can it be that doctors in Canada make so much money that 800 of them in Quebec don’t want a raise?
Single Payer.


We live in a sick society healthcare is about $$$ and not about health. U.S. doctors hardly learn anything in medical school on nutrition. We need preventative health care. Doctors push drugs for everything which all have side effects.

https://www.healthcare-now.org/ single payer-- universal health care explained


Health care in the U.S, is a billion dollar industry, The only thing that Americans spend more money on is the Military that includes their own health care.

It is really difficult to get the truth. Or the dynamics involved in who gets what but be assured you are not getting the whole story. Nationally, it is Trillion of dollars.

Have you ever received treatment at a Tenet Hospital, or actually had a meal there?


And updates come from pharma sales reps.


I know a private hospital that pays workers for mental health referrals. One enterprising fellow goes to tenements and stirs up conflicts.


The rest of the civilized world came to the obvious conclusion that healthcare should be a human right. But in America the only right you have is the right to die homeless in the gutter from a preventable disease. So proud to be an American…


USA, USA, USA!!! We’re number one again.


And you forgot another “American right” to own as many guns as you want. What a fucked up country.