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'For-Profit President': A Look at How Trump Is Pushing Wholesale Corporate Takeover of the Gov't


'For-Profit President': A Look at How Trump Is Pushing Wholesale Corporate Takeover of the Gov't

Democracy Now!

There has been a wholesale corporate takeover of the government. That’s the conclusion of a new report coming out today by the watchdog group Public Citizen. The report looks at how corporate America has benefited from Trump’s first month in office. Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon, is now secretary of state. Goldman Sachs alum now serve several top posts: Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary, Stephen Bannon as Trump’s chief strategist and Gary Cohn as director of the United States National Economic Council.


Huh, never would have guessed. Well, at least someone gets their way in 'Merica. Those darned ole illegals and the welfare queens have had their day long enough! Next we need to take down that stupid statue on Ellis Island....what do they call that crazy thing?


America has always been, not a democracy but a clandestine, corportocracy supported by its military. This is really not new, but just more transparent.


" Next we need to take down that stupid statue on Ellis Island."

No, do not take Lady liberty down, instead, she needs to be tattooed with corporate logos and have tears running down her cheeks and her saying changed to: OF THE CORPORATIONS; BY THE CORPORATIONS; AND FOR THE CORPORATIONS.


LMFAO! Nice one :slight_smile: instead of a torch, she can hold a gas nozzle. And instead of saying we'll take the weary and what-not, maybe have it say, "If you're not willing to pay taxes so corporations don't have to, turn back now."


Every member of this administration and all their sycophants in the house and senate must be diss-empowered asap. For years these monied interests and quasi authoritarian politicians have been telling us how powerless we are, it is a lie. These fools have power because we, the people have allowed them to have it. Don't ever forget that we outnumber the 240 million to 2 million.


Anyone seen Amy Goodman get arrested? The cops mess her up. If anyone bakes, send her some cookies for her pain and suffering. The last time i saw her get arrested, she was literally thrown on the hood of a cop car. Im a big dude, and it still made me cringe. I don't know how she does it. Glad she does it though.


Nice reply, thanks.


True, but I would argue, until the millions wake up and realize they are living not in a true democracy, but a totalitarian, state pretending to be a democracy, where the millions of average, American, citizens have little or no participation in American, political power; especially, in foreign policy, I cannot see much change.

Cicero: " democracy is participation in power".


YES! He is a mean s.o.b. And NO, he ain't no family guy lol! The occupiers of the Oval Office are banksters who are out to maraud over America and leave us with burnt-out cities and polluted environments - "sacrifice zones", as Chris Hedges writes. Sooooo, The United States of America is officially now, a no-holds-barred, corporation-money "machine", difficult to differentiate from any other "machine", that just takes orders. Like any run-of-the-mill military machine, that is always ready to please the commander-n-chief. I can't believe this Soviet styled authoritarianism has hatched during my lifetime. My childhood of Daniel Boone, Hop-Along Cassidy, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger & Tonto, The Cisco Kid and Clarabell-the-Clown! We were in the "the peanut gallery" on "The Hoody Doody Show" with Buffalo Bob and still are - sorta, but this gallery is one of horrors. I still hope that the insanity worm that has infected our rich owners can be coaxed out and dealt with in a humane manner. (For you youngsters: the aforementioned cast of characters once came from the minds of the first black-n-white TV script-writers of the '50's).


You forgot the other shoe, AKA, the military industrial complex NEEDS OIL to exist. We NEED WATER to exist. When push comes to shove I'm afraid I have to agree with Mao Ste Tung " power comes from the barrel of a gun." The objective of the new Administration is to create a quizi-private/state police force with ultimate power being at the top. How many generals in the cabinet 3?4?5?6? 15,000 new spots in the boarder guard (does not include "Homeland Security") and the acceptability of a 23 TRILLION Dollar BUDGET in less than 10 years.? Hay, the new Drone rollout includes "the Predator, Gray Eagle, Reaper, Triton, Shadow, Raven Puma and Blackjack " exactly which of these will deployed in your neighborhood is still underwraps. This is the budget and procurement for 2017. What was and still is going on in Standing Rock was just the beginning. Regulations be damned! This was only practice for these guys.


And why not? The Supreme Court did rule that corporations are people too, with wants, needs - even personal opinions about things like religion and how others should live their lives- and therefore have the right to free speech...at some point their "right" to hold office will likely be affirmed by the GOP's soon to be appointed 130 Federal judges...


Clinton2 or our corporate oligarch-n-chief - same dystopian trajectory with either. Clinton2's disgrace comes from her KNOWING that Senator Sanders was the projected winner in pols over either of the two corporate fraudsters, time after time, right up to the primary. But noooooo! Slim, though the margins were - she chose to roll the dice, instead of stepping aside for the good of the Planet and us - and we lost. We lost Bernie as President and probably a livable atmosphere and pure drinking water! Mni Wiconi. "Water is Life."


Sorry Howdy Doody fans! lol


Give the Clinton bashing a rest, please. It adds nothing to the topic at hand. T-dump is proving to be far worse than any U S President...he is our Hitler/Rasputin/Mussolini/Stalin in one big, malevolent package without the intellect rife with narcissism.


The businesses in Florida within 30 miles of Mar-a-Lago are bleeding revenues with the t-dump trips every weekend. At the airport alone, small businesses have lost anywhere from $14,000 to $250,000 in revenue due to everything going into lock-down with the appearance of AF-One. But, hey t-dump is gonna bring jobs back to these poor, disaffected americans. And this last weekend was simply another campaign rally revisited with the same BS, tripe, lies, etc. just so the emperor could get his ego and other parts pumped up...at the expense of American taxpayers and all the small businesses in the area.


I thought that the topic at hand was how Trump is pushing wholesale corporate takeover ... but if we're trying to build a new culture, society, and polity that puts people and planet before profit, can we really count on the Democrats to reform and get with the program? You can only serve one master, and most Democrats seem to have made the wrong choice.

And we'll never know just how bad another round of Clintons would've been if we'd been stuck with them - we could've been on a collision course with Russia by now. Obama's administration was beating the drums just a few months ago, and Hillary was probably ready to take it further:


Right, of course, because everyone who disagrees with your particular fringe set political beliefs is obviously a Soros plant. Isn't it amazing how the majority of your country, your town, your workplace/school, and your family are all on the same Soros payroll? Breathtaking, the scope of it.

You know who else says the exact same kind of shit? The alt-right zealots.

Best retreat to the even more polarized absolutist corners of the Internet! Find a website where no one will ever voice an opinion that deviates in the smallest amount from the kinds of things you are inclined to believe — a true roadmap to enlightenment. Anything less would be to capitulate to the phonies, with their "compromises" and their "dialogue", etc.


A collision course with Russia? Are you for real? Your demonization of the Clinton's is far fetched and way overboard. Putin is no dummy and the recent symbolic gestures of late were meant to rattle T-dump's cage but T-dump and Tillerson have too much $$$$$$$$$$$ invested in Russia to retaliate with anything beyond a back page headline emanating from a tweet from the twit. T-dump would rather shake his fist at N. Korea, a much smaller irritant than Russia. T-dump and his hand-picked powerbrokers' lack of experience in foreign relations, governance, protocol, and diplomacy are far more dangerous than any other president and cabinet in our nation's history.


And when he 'receives' foreign dignitaries at his cheap, gawdy, gold-encrusted hellholes he makes money -- unlike all the businesses that have a right to be there!