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For-Profit Prison Accused of Subjecting Juveniles to 'Disgraceful' Conditions


For-Profit Prison Accused of Subjecting Juveniles to 'Disgraceful' Conditions

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

G4S already stands accused of human rights violations from Israel to South Africa to the United Kingdom.


love your dreams, please make tweet’s i don’t have to edit


“…and the safety of the public is at risk…” This is the staement that makes these prisons possible. Everytime someone points out this issues, the jails not only stay open, but have continued support from white conservatives and ALL politicians. This statement is why they get rehired. So, it is a conundrum to say the least. How do you make millions of dollars, spend it on mass media presentation so it gets to the public in an organized manner that is condusive to a more understanding and intellectual environment? Because that is what police and politicians do to get the effect of opinion that creates those prisons.


This is exactly why we need to CLOSE ALL PRIVATE For-Profit Prisons.

We need to put them back under the control of a Governmental Department of Corrections - ALL PENAL Facilities whether Adult or Juvenile.

Since the Government has allowed Private Corporations to run the prisons, they are becoming more and more hazardous. There have been more Riots, more “Suicides,” more Rapes, Basically they hire untrained staff, and let them keep the inmates in line.

Part of the Juvenile Reform has to be pushing to close these places down and re-organize the running of them by the Government.

We need to Re-Open the industries that have been outsourced to India, Asia, and other countries. If we were to go back to how they were run before the Privatization.