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For Progressives Thinking About the Election


For Progressives Thinking About the Election

Michael Albert, Stephen Shalom

As the U.S. election season proceeds, there is controversy, confusion, consternation, and sometimes recrimination. Below, in a question and answer format, we present our views on these matters, hoping to contribute to the discussion.

1. Who are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?


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Seriously? I mean, really? Does it get any more transparent?
Can it get any more insulting? Boilerplate party polemics...
Nearly a quarter of a century of Clintons in national public life, can anyone be more predictable than they?


The author's put a lot of thought and effort into this long winded piece. However, it is not going to matter. Clinton is going to win in a landslide. Even in contested states you can probably vote your conscience and you don't need to worry about affecting the election results.

Keep an eye on the polls and if for some reason it gets close, then you can make a choice to vote Dem in the voting booth. Vote progressive in the down ballot primaries and on election day too.

And continue to build an alternative progressive party and work in your communities not just in electoral politics but on changing policies and ordinances to favor the progressive agenda and make the necessary social and economic changes in your own lives and relationships that will hasten progressive change.


The article mimics the MSM characterization of TPP as a 'trade agreement" even though only 6 of the 30 chapters address trade. It is the 24 chapters that enable transfer of legislative and judicial authority from governments to corporations that make the TPP so threatening to the environment, health and safety of all of us , not just those losing jobs.

The number of DC politicians who believe Clinton won't support TPP in 2017 can fit into a VW microbus and still have elbow room.


Yes, becasue obviously you know so much more about these issues than senior lifelong radical activists and scholars on the left like Michael Albert, Stephen Shalom, Noam Chomsky, Henry Giroux... so you can dismiss it as comedy.

You seem to be incapable if seeing that the strategy they propose will only increase the fortunes of the Green Party - while your proposal - which basically amounts to electing Trump, will be a catastrophe for the Greens.


What shall we call these extended 'lesser evil' screeds?

How about 'Clintonwashing'?

But this one has convinced me I should vote for war with Syria and Iran, possibly leading to war with Russia, because Trump might be worse.

It's convinced me to send a message to the DNC that working to torpedo Bernie in the primaries was fine. Reversing Obama's ban on lobbyists is fine. Selling off to the highest bidders is fine. Talking left and governing right is fine. Hell, rehire Debbie Wasserman Schultz, if you can get her away from new position with Clinton.

Because Trump.

It's convinced me to vote for a Neo-liberal Neocon Warmonger and against my conscience and beliefs -

Because Trump.

Vote War. Vote Austerity. Vote Wall Street.

Because Trump.

Fear/Corruption 2016


You apparently are horribly ignorant if you thing that lifelong radical libertarian socialist theorists like Albert, Shalom, and Chomsky are "Democratic apparatchiks".


Why no real conversation on monetarism and militarism?


Even many life-long Republicans have concluded that Trump must be stopped. Most college-educated women have also come to that conclusion which is the main reason Trump is now doing so poorly in the polls. Hopefully the candidacy of Republican Evan McMullin will ensure that Trump loses in most swing states.


"Yet as horrible as adherence to wealth and power is, it is unclear why many people see Clinton as massively worse than Obama or her husband, say."

Think of the world-wide unending US holocaust and then focus down to one little destroyed democracy that has become the murder capital of the world — Honduras. This is the area where war hawk Clinton earns her dark force credentials.

Jill Stein is the real choice for first woman president.


"We came. We Saw. He died. Ha ha ha." - Killary on the rape, sodomization with a bayonet, and murder of Gaddafi. And you elitist snivelers defend this monster? When is rape, or murder, a laughing matter? When you are a vile, immoral, psychopath with resentment issues coming out every orifice. A vote for immorality? Isn't that the problem? - Or maybe you think that such is just par for the course. Isn't that the problem then? Forget the nuances that cover up Clinton's immorality (will we ever know what was said on Wall Street or in her emails? - dishonest IS a premier immorality. Stein or Nobody. We are doomed with fascism with either Trump or Clinton; a vote for either, particularly the kid glove fascism that we know and grown accustomed to, is arguably worse than a honestly vile fascist - at least we won't be stupified "giving the woman a chance." Obama used up that identity politics grace - and he at least had led a soft progrssive challenge to Clinton/DLC neo-liberal, neo-conservative agenda. Take your silly elitism home and reflect on it - how far some have fallen.


Oh, for crying out loud!


Yes, it is increasingly looking like I will be able to vote for Jill Stein on Nov. 8. Unfortunately, the down-part of my ballot has few choices. Mostly the same old Democrats running uncontested.

The biggest news her in Pennsylvania is that a (Democrat) federal judge struck down most of our arcane and onerous ballot access requirements. All that is needed for a statewide candidate (President, Senator, Governor) is a flat 5000 signatures that does not change from election to election. So the Greens, with 20K signatures, easily got on the ballot.

It's amazing that you got some up-votes for a comment that suggested that in some limited conditions, one should vote for Hillary.


But they didn't say that at all. Read it again.


Then you will be electing Trump. Compare their platforms and policy proposals side-by-side. Do you honestly think that Trump would be the better president?


Argument by authority doesn't work in general, and especially so with an authority who has clearly imbibed the kool-aid.


Superb article.

Strategic Lesser Evil Voting is a win for Progressive Democrats, for Greens and for Libertarians. Vote for (ugh) Hillary in contested states and for third parties in her uncontested states to get third parties recognition and to stop Trump.

It could help Strategic Lesser Evil Voters if the authors would publish a list of safe and unsafe states prior to the election.


'Clinton has hawkish inclinations...'

You mean, like Genghis Khan?

Chomsky and his acololytes seriously need to drop the inane 'hawkish' from their vocabulary. It reduces the objective American drive towards world military domination to the level of a character quirk.

'The jingoism at the Democratic Convention was repulsive, but familiar.'

So let's just acclimate to it, why don't we?

'Yet as horrible as adherence to wealth and power is, it is unclear why many people see Clinton as massively worse than Obama or her husband, say.'

The people have awakened. How can we get them to return to their slumber?


This is quite a mouthful. But it comes across as the same old "vote for the lesser of two evils" message. I am supporting and voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party. Here is why. As a progressive, I agreed with Bernie Sanders when he said that real fundamental change can only come from the bottom up by a mass movement powerful enough to deliver a message that says we want an economy and politics that works for all of us, and have that message make a difference. As activists, that is the main task before us. We cannot save anyone else, if we cannot save ourselves. I do not see Hillary Clinton and the current Democratic Party furthering that cause. I do see the real possibility of a Clinton administration making sure it does not face a mass-based, radical challenge in the future doing all that it can using co-optation (the velvet glove) and repression (the iron fist) against any progressive challenge. Lastly, we need to break up this two-party, Wall Street and corporate controlled duopoly called the Democrats and Republicans. We can't do that by election after election falling in line and voting for the lesser of two evils.