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For Refusing to 'Ignore or Accept Racial Discrimination,' Amnesty International Honors Colin Kaepernick With Highest Award


For Refusing to 'Ignore or Accept Racial Discrimination,' Amnesty International Honors Colin Kaepernick With Highest Award

Common Dreams staff

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who sparked a league-wide protest that has spanned two seasons since he first kneeled down before a game to protest racial violence and police killings in 2016, was awarded Amnesty International's highest honor on Saturday.


It’s about time Colin was acknowledged for his contributions to the conversation about Rouge Law Enforcement murdering minorities with prejudice.


Surely one of America’s greatest heroes. Makes me proud to be an American today. Thank you Colin for being a principled human being, one our young people can emulate.


Colin Kaepernick deserves better than a pat on the back from warmongering flip-flop Amnesty International, as often as not a mouthpiece for Western militarist propaganda.

See, #Shamnesty International: Trumpeting for War… Again


The article reveals how AI works th fraud claiming ther independent and not funded by Governments. What they have done is divided it into separate legal entities with one funded by Governments directly. They then shovel the money received by Western Governments at will from one to another.

It also reveals how Government employees such as Susan Nossel who backed regime change in Libya as example went on to work at AI. At the top of the pyramid is George Soros who is also behind Human Rights Watch.

In essence they work very much like the Democratic party in the US wherein the Democrats ensure progressive movements die under their umbrella so as to perpetuate the Oligarchal state.


Good choice. He deserves it. His principles have cost him too much.


AI has come to have more to do with various forms of Artificial Intelligence in all its media. How many years ago did this happen? Where was AI then?

Colin Kaepernick presented people an honorable and noble statement of dissenting dignity at a time when professional sports are advertised and promoted as the 21st century equivalent of the Roman colosseum.

He also inadvertently provided a foil to unmask Pence - who held the sports industry well above the exceedingly problematic institutionalized racism, and hence revealing Pence doubling down on white house racism appealing to the lowest common denominator, something the media in turn inadvertently flipped and then flopped like a fish out of water. You cannot make this $#!t up.

Human dignity works that way. Thank you Colin Kaepernick. May the inspiration become a household word for dissent: ‘take a knee’ - whatever the context of abuse.


I know the article refers to “police killings” but the media is transforming what Kaepernick has done and why.

Why do people refer to it as “racial discrimination”? Racial discrimination means not giving someone a job because they’re black. This is about MURDER, and, I believe, the governments’ (especially the federal government) refusal to do anything about it.

And why do people talk about it in terms of black people being disproportionately killed by police? Do they mean to tell us that if police murdered as many white people as they do black people, then it would be ok?


This should be about Colin Kaepernick standing up for human rights at (obviously) great personal sacrifice. He has inspired many including sports figures/players, until owners made their protests near impossible…it was all about the money…shining a light and well-derserved recognition on Kaepernick when many have forgotten his activism and cause is a good thing.

As far as AI’s integrity, funding, and focus, attacks by the Alex Jones site by some person using the name “Tony Cartalucci” are very far from any semblance of a reliable, even rational, source to trash AI. AI has many enemies among western governments, the terrorist Israeli state especially, the Russian oligarchy (not Russian people) and Putin the butcher of Chechnya and destroyer of Grozny. I wouldn’t believe a goddamn word from Jones or some faceless propagandist “based in Thailand”… “Fake news” trashing AI? Really?


This is the kind of non-violent demonstration we need.

And it provides all of us with a way to protest our government’s “illegal wars of aggression.”


The problem is you question the SOURCE and not the substance of the article itself.

1>Does Amnesty International receive funding form Governments, yes or no?

2>Do members of Amnesty International come to their position via the US State department , yes or no.?

3>Has Amnesty International published articles justifying MILITARY intervention in other countries based on fabricated accounts of incidents on the ground yes or no?

One does not have to rely on Alex Jones to answer these questions.

All you need do is examine the role of Amnesty International in Libya where they called for a military intervention. They claimed Qaddafi troops were using Viagra so they could rape victims. They claimed Qaddaffi was using cluster bombs against populated Centers. These claims were NOT factual.

They also published that report of babies thrown from incubaters which Bush cited to justify attacking Iraq. This is not "according to Alex jones’ This is according to the Historical record. Just because a Paul Cartlucci is the one who points it out, does not make it less factual. There are other writers such as Paul de Rooisj and Nabeel Abraham that have written on this as well

The truth is NOT a partisan thing .


Thanks Suspira, I did search some this AM but failed to find anything really substantial on AI vis a vis the questions you referenced…as far as the questions;
1>many NGO’s get some grant money from some governments without that necessarily corrupting their mission or integrity.

2>How many and who went to AI from the US state dept? when? were they complicit, corrupt, or dedicated people?

3>Well HAS AI published articles justifying the Libyan “intervention” by the West, destruction of Libyan society, and murder of Qaddafi ?

There are a lot of liars and propagandists claiming a lot of weird shite out there, and we must be vigilant and careful. Many make money sucking-in readers with absolute rubbish - like the “sane progressive” idiot nut case…she is neither, and her rubbish Vegas shooting was staged Bull Shit is like Jones claiming Sandy Hook was staged and all the players/victims actors…

I have read Israel and others western governments loath AI and claim AI is biased against them, so where does the truth lie? If Israel criticizes AI and claims they are biased against Israel, that is evidence to me AI is doing something right!

I found no real evidence. Maybe you would add some links to inform us beyond Jones and the other guy’s assertions…not asking you to do the research for me but since you seem to have a definite point of view maybe you also have or know where to find some links. thanks! Even an NGO can get it wrong and are easy targets for critics and those wanting to discredit them…I’ll look further.

https://blog.amnestyusa.org/middle-east/a-critic-gets-it-wrong-on-amnesty-international-and-libya/ – "In an article published by The Huffington Post and Counterpunch, author Dan Kovalik misrepresents Amnesty International’s position regarding Libya and the 2011 NATO air strikes campaign.

Without offering any supporting evidence, Kovalik falsely claims in the article “Libya and the West’s Human Rights Hypocrisy” that Amnesty International “believed NATO military action would bring about the flourishing of human rights in Libya.” Amnesty International never made such an assertion, nor did we take a position in support of NATO airstrikes." - that seems to contradict the claims and assertions Jones makes"

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/amnesty-questions-claim-that-gaddafi-ordered-rape-as-weapon-of-war-2302037.html - “An investigation by Amnesty International has failed to find evidence for these human rights violations and in many cases has discredited or cast doubt on them.” That doesn’t seem to jibe with AI claiming rapes etc,

https://www.counterpunch.org/2012/11/08/amnesty-international-and-the-human-rights-industry/ – the Kovalik article referenced by AI _ I am often very critical of some CP articles and the “real left”.


And this - "Sadly, Amnesty is far from being the only human rights or peace and justice organization being misled in varying degrees by the U.S. State Department’s newly minted “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” doctrine, otherwise known as “humanitarian intervention”, and its newly created “Atrocity Prevention Board,” chaired by Samantha Power, one of the main architects of U.S.-NATO’s bombing of Libya.

Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, the Peace Alliance, Citizens for Global Solutions, Think Progress, and AVAAZ are just some of the groups that seem to have swallowed that particular Kool-Aid.

This is not entirely new, as neo-con war hawks years ago co-opted the various big “liberal” think tanks: Brookings; the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Carnegie Endowment for Peace; etc. NATO war hawks also hijacked the Nobel Peace Prize decades ago."

I am not defending AI as I have no background or evidence of complicity or serving the US/Israeli war machine (or NATO) and I am opposed to all their endless war and atrocities…War IS a racket as Smedley Butler wrote and is now more than ever a money-maker for the connected and death for anyone that opposes fascist capitalism and exploitation and builds a more egalitarian society …like Qaddafi…



It sure helps to be a multi-millionaire when you’re " black balled " from working again, in your chosen profession, by a white power structure of politically well connected bigots and arch conservative elites. Who work with "crypto-fascist mafia capitalists " like the feral animals in the Trump Adm. And, lest we forget,Trump himself has openly called for serious felonious assault, by the Police & Security State, on protesters exercising their Constitutional rights.
The owners of the NFL, the U.S. national media, by subversively kicking Colin Kaepernick to the curb, have revealed themselves to be on the Board of Directors of the White Citizens Councils of the U.S. Chamber of Sports Commerce. They should be shunned by people of conscience, not invited to dine and offer advice, to the illegal occupiers of The White House. And, the criminal Trump has by now certainly lost claim to any degree of legitimacy, he might have claimed under an obviously rigged system, devised by these same feral white elite business owners ( we can’t really call them men with a straight face, can we? ).
I certainly admire, and support, Mr. Kaepernick’s taking a knee in protest. He deserves all the accolades he can get. However, for the working 99s who don’t possess his financial wherewithal, taking a knee or speaking up is a very dangerous act. It will get even worse. The NFL has quietly made sure of that with Kaepernick. They have similar plans for the rest of " the agitators ".
We are still under the boot of these wealthy elites. With little political support from the mainstream, forthcoming soon, unfortunately. In the end, until we unlace the boot and symbolically garrote these feral elites with the laces, not much good will come the way of the 99s. We really aren’t winning, ya know. Progressive forces really should adopt the Al Davis slogan, " Just win, baby! " and see how the Fascists like a healthy dose of their own patented medicine. Which is more accurately called snake oil by most thinking folks.


I am not going to research each and every claim made as I believe my point can stand just by giving some examples.


This is from archives from 1990. Here they cite an Amnesty International report speaking to atrocities committed in Kuwait by Iraqi forces.

Virtually all the claims were later demonstrated to not have occurred. Iraqis were not rounding up Kuwaitis and executing them. There were no babies thrown out of incubaters.

This speaks to Libya and references Human Rights Watch making false claims of atrocities committed by mercenaries in Libya. AI also made charges early in the conflict that Qaddaffi was using mercenaries.

This from the AI archives on Libya. Read the reprot and you can see an inherent bias. As example NATO in fact killed Civilians in Air Strikes. AI indicates this was done by mitsake and urges NATO to exercise caution.A few paragraphs up when attacks made against Civilians by Qaddafi forces it a war crime for which they must be proescuted.

This article outlines the background of Susan Nossel and her belief that the US must use its Military power to protect human rights. Ms Nossel BACKED the intervention in Libya.

Read this article and Ms Nossels implicit support for Israel is detailed. It also details her support for military intervention in Iran.


mrs –

ONLY non-violent response will work and it doesn’t have to get personal.
It is “systems” which are our enemies.

The system of male-supremacy which calls itself “Christianity” – and all organized
patriarchal religions which underpin Elitism/Patriarchy.

The system of Capitalism which is based in exploitation of Nature and all life.

The system of animal-eating which is one of extreme exploitation and violence and
which is destroying human health in this long standing myth. It’s a long chain of violence
which should be ended. It’s now thought to be 70% responsible for Global Warming.

The system of “publicly funded-privatization” and the introduction of Charter schools
over which tax-payers have no way to demand accountability and no control.
And the de-funding of our public schools in order to destroy public education for all.

The system of our elections which are totally rigged, beginning with electronic voting
machines which are hack-able and which the nation has been voting on for more than 50
years now.

The system of corruption which puts our government “ON SALE” and which denies
Global Warming.

The system where nine individuals on our Supreme Court are running our nation without
any constraint upon them from voters who do not elect them. And the results which created …

The system of “bribery” which corrupts our people’s government and denies the Human Right
of Medical Care for all for the benefit of private profit.

On and on –

Have to agree . . . Sadly, the concept of sports has also been corrupted for profit of those
controlling them. We also see the great harm being done to females and male athletes in
over-training and over-heavy scheduling from high school to college and professional sports.

This corruption creates illegitimate power which allows those like Nassar which did great
harm to the strength and intelligence of female athletes in overtraining and starvation programs –
and NFL officials who threaten Kaepernick – and any athlete who may wish to join him in “taking
a knee” and thus prevent this movement from going forward.


I certainly admire, and support, Mr. Kaepernick’s taking a knee in protest. He deserves all the accolades he can get. However, for the working 99s who don’t possess his financial wherewithal, taking a knee or speaking up is a very dangerous act. It will get even worse. The NFL has quietly made sure of that with Kaepernick. They have similar plans for the rest of " the agitators ".


So you, and those that gave you a plurality of “likes”, think that Pussy Riot should have been be imprisoned?


So you think Libya should have been bombed and its leaders toppled, that no members of NATO or the nations that participated in the war crimes against Iraq should face charges , that Israel should continue to be called to “excercise restraint” even as those that Commit crimes against humanity and war crimes face no charges and that the only ones that should be prosecuted by the ICC should be the leaders of the thridl world nations?



This Guy is one of the Better QB’s and nobody…NOBODY has the huevos to play him.


Yes, no matter how good a QB Colin is, what matters is he hurts the bottom line of the NFL.