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For Republican Survival - Kasich is Ready


For Republican Survival - Kasich is Ready

Ralph Nader

To avoid an historic tumble in the November elections, what should the Republican Party do at its July 18-21 nominating convention, if “Doubtful Donald” Trump and “Terrible Ted” Cruz cancel each other out?

Their best chance is to nominate the remaining man in the race—Ohio Governor, John Kasich who polls better than Hillary Clinton who, in turn, polls better than both Trump and Cruz. (Bernie Sanders polls better against all the Republicans.)


For once I agree with you, Ralph. I went to one of Kasich’s events and had a chance to challenge him on his failed attemp to break Ohio’s public employees unions, and he did at least acknowledge his mistake. He was quite respectful in answering a question from a young trans person in a room where she was quite isolated. He is a conservative, anti-free choice and wrong, in my view, on most issues but you are right that he is the one Republican candidate who could keep a reasonable two party system alive.


In a rational world, the Republicans would nominate Hillary.


Let them tumble. They tumbled in 1932, let them tumble like the weeds.



“Kasich … being a comparatively sane voice…”

Finding a really sane voice in the Republican Party is more difficult than finding twin rhinoceros in a mousetrap.


Compared to Trump and Cruz Kasich is a comparatively sane voice. But that is not saying much, because who isn’t a comparatively sane voice compared to these two!


Why would you want to do that?

We need at least a third party of the people to establish the democracy that the media tells us we have, but which we do not have.


Ralph Nader is one of the greatest, if not the greatest American of modern times. Citizen #1. The Man. But I beg to differ here. The current republican establishment needs to go. The infestation that has implanted itself inside Washington needs to be rooted out. Will it happen? Who knows. Could something worse take it’s place? I guess. But who & what could be worse than these warmongering/pillaging a-holes? But, the same thing could happen with Sanders on the democratic side. The whole thing needs a total shake-up. There is no alternative. I’m surprised Nader would suggest anything different, but he’s not gonna side with Trump no matter what.


Sorry, I see nothing reasonable about the establishment of either party. All this “protection” of the Republican party by liberals (and progressives) totally perplexes me. I’m beginning to see the Left as it really is in this country: all talk and no bite–and not much different than the Right. Play nice and you’ll get your ass handed to you and you’ll be back here four years from now whining about the same issues again. If you’re scared, stay home and watch Wheel of Fortune, Amy Goodman, or that “Young Turks” BS thingy. Step up or stay home.


As long as we are stuck with electoral college, a two party system is preferable to three or more significant parties which would throw the decision into the House of Representatives who would vote on the basis of one state/one vote.


Not only is he anti-choice, immediately after joining the race & looking moderate–he quietly signed into law, some of the most restrictive laws concerning abortions rights.

However—Ralph is right.


We haven’t seem the real John Kasich in this campaign. Many people who have worked him says he has a bad temper and is very hard to get along with. What he has shown everyone on the campaign is his mild-mannered side. It is the side we are apparently not seeing on the campaign trail that worries me.


Except for Medicaid, between 2011 and 2013 Kasich serially appeared to be following the lead of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and was cut short of being a total Walker clone by the Ohio state legislature.


The presidency is the equivalent of a mascot for team oligarchy–they are fun to watch as they cavort around but with no real authority or power to influence events not approved by those non-elected leaders already in power. (Like the royals in the UK but not as plainly acknowledged as such)
Whoever the unfortunate soul is who “wins” the presidential election, they will receive their version of the “sit down sonny” (or in Hillary’s case “sit down sissy”) lecture where they are told who is running the whole shebang and whom they had better appoint if they value their lives.
JEB! (proper redneck pronunciation JAY-ub) is available and if Kaisich is the bad tempered sort you say he is then it would be a redux of the Dumbya-Cheney experience. Now tell me how much worse that would be than super-delegate Hillary and whomever she selects for her running mate.


Agree, for example from this article ,as far as foreign policy goes: “that on “issues” that don’t directly cater to the nativism, racism and Islamophobia of the voters Trump is currently bamboozling, that his views are, by any reasonable measure, more progressive than hers (Hillary)”


And on the debate stage, after Trump heretically burst the Republican bubble by calling the invasion of Iraq by Jeb’s brother “… a mistake! A doozy!”, Kaisich was the one who immediately tried to dismiss the heresy and start circling the wagons.


Am I missing something? This system is reasonable? This establishment controlled two-party system is reasonable only if you are for a continuation of politics as usual. The Establishment Democratic Party side is doing everything it can to anoint Hillary as its Queen for eight more years of the same (maybe Chelsea after that, but I will probably have seen the sunset by then). Call the two-party system what it is: "another tool of the oligarchic system to control their wealth and control us and the Earth’s resources.


Wasn’t Kasich instrumental in the government shutdown during Bill Clinton’s presidency?


If Kasich is the best hope for the Republican Party’s survival, then I say let it die and let the Democratic Party conclude its realignment on the right. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a new party rise on the left in the near future. Could be the Greens, could be something else. But as Thornberry suggested, we need to get rid of the Electoral College before we can move to a multi-party system.


Yes, next to ending US sponsored warfare, the battle should be for death to the electoral college.