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For Role in Sparking 'Worldwide Movement' to Fight Climate Crisis, Greta Thunberg Named Time Magazine Person of the Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/11/role-sparking-worldwide-movement-fight-climate-crisis-greta-thunberg-named-time

“But it does not come from the governments or corporations,” Thunberg said. “It comes from the people. The people who have been unaware but are now starting to wake up. And once we become aware, we change. People can change, people are ready for change… Every great change throughout history has come from the people.”


Great choice. I have noticed some right wing trolls bashing Ms. Thunberg as puppet of some global control conspiracy or some such nonsense. Surely this messaging begins with the PR firms of the Big Polluters and just bounces around the echo chambers of idiocy with which we have all become all too familiar.
Go Greta, go!


What does Greta share with other great leaders like Bernie, AOC and others that would place on the front of Time as Person of The Year? Modesty. A real, live roll model.


The corporate rat infested ship of state is dead in the water. Its a $#!t show mounted by a system that ironically demanding ‘constant growth’ must constantly narrow its field of vision to the point that the rats are psychically more akin to moles, dependent on

  • the mining sector to be blind and force blindness on humans, documentation for the justice system, ecology and biomes in order for its extraction of “constant growth” of super-sized gluttony;
  • the agribusiness sector to to drive the genocide of indigenous peoples, desertification via chemical GMO monoculture, the latter a proven recipe of long track record for destruction of natural balances;
  • CAFO incapable of surviving without transnational monopolies and destruction wherever they are installed;
  • the energy sector delusional projects including fracking - nothing short of the insanity of systemic inversion which in turn informs
  • methodologies of the Pompeo and mustache inversions turning everything upside down in order to rationalize their pupeteers pulling their strings for globalization of fascism by projecting their insanity on the innocent;

the predatory system is cannibalizing itself while the greater breadth of humanity is undergoing an evolutionary birthing process the current languages and terminologies work toward the formation of the coherent canal for delivery.

Love, laugh, dig in and work for realization of the restoration of a healthy Planet Earth, respect for all human beings, the capacity to hold abusers accountable and remove the obstructions of their practices.


‘roll model’ yo- dats mafia speek - what de orange-e tan one does - think ya mean ‘role’ - thanks for the giggles, though…

to be repeated early and often

“I still believe the biggest danger is not inaction, the real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative PR.” - Thunberg


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Making one person look like they are doing the massive amount of work to maintain the environment is like making Trump look like he rules the world. Time magazine still in lockstep with identity obfuscation.

LOL LOL hehehe…I’m very tired, thanks for catching me…that really is too funny…roll another one, just like the other one…LOL oh my

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Guess you are unaware of the environmentalist in the US who also operate globally. Many putting their lives, careers and futures on hold to do this work for decades. The public deserves to know why the FBI singles out environmental or left-wing activists - some from decades ago - as top terrorist suspects on its most wanted lists, as opposed to violent right-wing fugitives. Monsanto operated a “fusion center” to monitor and discredit journalists and activists , and targeted a reporter who wrote a critical book on the company, documents reveal. C’mon “time” and common dreams start recognizing those who truly have made the sacrifice.


Governments must learn to stifle the “elitist” views of the rich politicians who have risen to higher level positions, when it comes to decisions that affect us all in regards to planetary dangers.

Governments must solicit the masses input on these matters in any way they can in order to give all of it’s citizens a voice in decisions that affect future generations.

Greta has shown us all what we are all capable of.

I’m so proud of her for her selflessness.


Reminds me of Old Abe - his faith in people.

Greta has a purpose - this is to be celebrated. Yes - the darkness surrounds us just now, but no matter the outcome, as long as I have lived there have been strong principled people amidst the criminal elements of society - and that too is a cause for contentment. To be any part of the mission to read success another way - to redefine it in more human terms than bottom line profit for the few, and pathetic trickle down for the rest - that is possibly the real cause of our times.

A new mindset, wherein success is seen as measured by the overall robust and sustainable health of the blue ball we were all born on, on which life as we know it was itself born, or at least where it took root, and flourished beyond all imagining, from the prokaryotes of the original world ocean to us, ‘Lone Survivor’ of the hominens.

‘Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos’ indeed - questing - for feeling - for meaning - for answers.

Time perhaps to let Greta return to her home.

Time for others to step forward.

What think you @Earthbound ?


The perspicacity of this 16 year old girl is to me… just amazing !


Greta has shown us the way, now it is up to the rest of us!


It is worthwhile to check out Greta’s TED talk. Her vision and calling started years before she hit the world stage at age 15. She knows anguish. She has strength. She indeed has modesty. And certainly empathy. She speaks from her soul and heart. She fears a world that will not wake up to truth. She despises the frauds and perpetrators of evil and destruction.
She is the spark. She is the awakening.

Yes. She needs to go home to the comfort and safety of her family and friends at this time. There are crazy and vile forces in this world that wish her harm. A rest would be healthy. Maybe write more.


I guess I don’t know shit…if you are able, read the whole damn site one end to the other.

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“The corporate rat infested ship of state must constantly narrow its field of vision to the point that the rats are psychically more akin to moles, dependent on…the mining sector to be blind and force blindness on humans, doc-”

And another thing! The mining sector corporate rats are also like moles because they do underground stuff and dig away at stuff, even though it’s rock, not earth like for moles, but still…

…wait…that was stupid…never mind…

“A fake news magazine promoting a sad lit-”

Thx, smelly lil’ floater that needs flushing.

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If I disagree with you, does that make me a troll? Do one’s words bounce around in the echo chambers of idiocy, while others’ resound in the corridors of sanity? Is our world a cartoon of black and white characters? Is antifascism the new fascism?