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For Second Time During Shutdown, Four Democrats Vote With GOP to Punish Boycotts of Israel


For Second Time During Shutdown, Four Democrats Vote With GOP to Punish Boycotts of Israel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite being given a rare opportunity to change their widely denounced vote from earlier this week, four Senate Democrats once again sided with the GOP on Thursday in support of a motion to end debate on "unconstitutional" legislation that would punish boycotts of Israel.


Clearly, if Israeli Senator Shumer did not vote for cloture, this is more shadow dancing. He is certain to be in the Dim lead for an anti-free-speech, unconstitutional, anti-BDS bill in the near future along with the Dim wing of the Zionist-whipped Duopoly.



As usual TomJohnson1 is on the side of justice. Except for this ‘shutdown’ ploy, a Democrat Senator could lose an eye being elbowed on the way to the podium to vote for continued genocide of the Palestinians.


Menendez should have been primaried/challenged last time around, not supported by the DINO wing sellouts as usual, now he will be around another 6 freakin years of treasonous servitude to the zionist entity like this vote! Schumer may have voted against this travesty, but its his job and the whip’s job to force these politicians to party unity, and when they sell out to make them pay the price!!


System is clearly cancerous. We have a bunch of toxic congressmen in a toxic white house. It’s just a wonder that they have not kill the whole earth yet. By the grace of the creator, we still have a chance to turn this around. Somehow I just can’t stop thinking that we are BETTER then this. Am I wrong?.


I only found out that Ben Cardin wants to punish free speech after I voted for him in the 2018 election. It will be the last time I ever vote for him, or for any other Democrat who supports any bill that attempts to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional right to free speech.


Why isn’t trying to implode the First Amendment done by elected officials Americans a terrorist act? How can American citizens vote for what Israel wants over what the Constitution guarantees --FREE SPEECH?
America needs to leave Julian Assange alone-----but if a Senator or Representative, or a President can’t support FREE SPEECH------- maybe we can refill Guantanamo …but let out the people who are in there now, because they never tried to destroy the First Amendment! Although, I’d really rather close Guantanomo and find a place on America’s own land to LOCK em UP.


Not that it probably matters, one way or another, but interesting vote tallies on the two rejections of this bill.

On Jan 8th it was 56 yea, 44 nay.
On Jan 10h it was 53 yea, 43 nay, 4 (all repubs) “did not vote”



It’s hard to believe that these people who call themselves public servants can vote against the Constitutional Rights of all Americans and at the same time believe that they are representing the American people.


Just how in the hell is anyone going to know that I actively support BDS if I keep my mouth shut about it! As in many cases, actions speak louder than words anyway.

Why is it anyone’s business that I don’t – or why I don’t – buy Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream or any other product or service from Israel?


Heretofore please refer to the offenders as Vichy Jones, Vichy Manchin, Vichy Menendez and Vichy Sinema.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, These scum that pretend to be democrats are just the first group (pioneers) that will become embedded in the Rethug/Reich Wing which will accomplish the goal of eventually destroying the planet and most of the inhabitants still living here! It is only a matter of time!


Hello Emphyrio, The DNC can’t move fast enough to officially merge with the Reich Wingers. Don’t expect anything from them except more of the same!!!


Just as the Vichy became indistinguishable from the Nazi Party during World War II.


What does the Deep State/Mossad have on these people? Sinema obviously has got a " screw loose " somewhere, in Cindy McCain’s purse possibly?
Menendez is also a " looney " on U.S./Cuban relations, like " Little Marco " Rubio.
This whole thing reeks of racist and white privilege; filthy political machinations, on steriods. A pox on the people who would sacrifice American’s 1st Amendment rights for dirty lucre.


Hello Creativethinking,
I like your optimism. This is my belief about the future. A song comes to mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKxmnrRVHo This is for those that believe in a different outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAR_Ff5A8Rk


I’m thrilled to see your LOTE, Krysten Sinema, being the Manchin clone we expected.

It’s funny, you come off as someone with backbone. Then you turn out to be just another cowardly Dem.

Go ahead, mrsann, forgive yourself for voting Green in 2016. You did the right thing.


WaPo’s Jeff Stein sez:
Schumer’s reason for promising to block the legislation was “because the government shutdown remains unresolved”—not because of any opposition to the bill’s contents.

Ayuh. No sense singling out the Bush Dog 4 for special vitriol. Once the shutdown ends and the bill sails through, there will be a sizeable pack of "Democrats"™ to rail against.

Shouldn’t be long, either. In a couple of days, it will become the longest such government shutdown, at which point Chump can claim the bigliest world-record and victory. Or the Dems could cave. Whichever comes first.


How corrupt they all are! They are AIPAC’s lap dogs. The bill is clearly unconstitutional anyway.As for me, I will never,ever buy anything from Israel.


U N B E L I E V A B L E!!!

So there is no First Amendment. Damn! Imagine the costs of re-numbering the amendments to all forms of the Constitution…which I mistakenly thought all Congresspersons has sworn to uphold.