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For Second Time During Shutdown, Four Democrats Vote With GOP to Punish Boycotts of Israel


Check meds in your household. Some are manufactured in Israel.


SpinBoy-So, you expect MickSallie to vote against this legislation? Because the GP had 2 connected GP members on the ballot and one threw her endorsement onto the other. Which provides us a look into the true nature of the GP Party, in Arizona anyway. Too much time in the sun, possibly. They should try keeping their head up their asses longer and it’ll do wonders for their faces, at least.
BTW- How’s the weather in Sedona? Getting sweaty and having hallucinations about your real relavance, yet? Try puking, except do it on someone other than me on CD. Your holier-than-thou other 1% vote looks pretty weak right now.


I didn’t know she’d be this bad on this issue. I’m not surprised on the rest. At least Gillibrand saw the light now that she’s considering the top spot. Geez. It’s not like this is a hard issue to understand.


It’s one thing when Republicans try and take away our first amendment rights. You expect that. But when Democrats do it that’s really bad.


This is treason by any measure, but then again perhaps Americans are used to that by now?
There are certainly never any consequences for betraying your oath of office, selling out your country (literally) or taking orders from foreign officials.


Menendez is my NJ Senator – unfortunately.

But blocking this kind of political activity would be un-Constitutional.

With the right wing in charge of the SC, anything un-Constitutional could sell …

Sen. Menendez, a longtime supporter of anti-boycott measures, indicated that this is a possibility the first failed procedural vote earlier this week. The legislation, he predicted in an interview with Al Jazeera, “will come back and it will have very strong bipartisan support.”

“The problem right now is that there are those who feel very passionately that we should not do anything unless the government is open,” the New Jersey senator added.


True, but you’re missing the bigger picture. These traitors are voting against the most sacred portion of the Bill of Rights, part of the very document they all just to an oath to defend above anything else. This is the slipperiest slope of all, if they’re allowed to get away with this, the constitution is nothing more than toilet paper. These traitors should be removed immediately from office, charged with dereliction of duties, and nationally shamed.


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You are VERY wrong if you believe the grotesque lie of there being a Being who “created” the two-legged can­cer cells commonly referred to as ‘Humans’.   THERE AIN’T NO SUCH THING as a “God” who controls – or even cares about – us humans, any more than a human who builds a huge pollution-creating hog farm cares about any particular one of his hogs.   GET OVER IT, and recognize that ‘The Creator’ is MOTHER NATURE, and HER laws are the laws of Physics and Mathematics and Evolution and Chemistry and Biology that true scientists – those not corrupted by accepting bribes from Multi-NaZional Korporations – are doing their best to decipher in order to help us learn to get along by accepting them rather than blindly fighting them.  It’s up to US to figure out what to do if our species is going to survive more than 1/100 of the number of years that the dino­saurs did, and there AIN’T NO MAGICAL “GOD” to whom our prayers or sacrifices mean any more than the lies of our current Presidunce.

AMEN!!   Says the agnostic, to both of the above . . .   (Agnostic – NOT Atheist – since I can’t prove I’m right any more than "Creative"Thinking can prove I’m wrong.)


Something else that rarely gets mentioned in these articles about this bill, it gives the Palestine Occupiers another 38 billion dollars to keep killing the imprisoned. No wonder we can’t have nice things.


NOT just 38 Billion Dollars which they MIGHT be able to use to do something worthwhile, but 38 Billion Dollars Worth of WEAPONS — none of which are going to do ANYTHING worthwhile (except give Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Grumman, and other members of the M-I-C more money with which to bribe “our” government.)


Hello Pacific_Blue, You need a different definition of what a “REAL DEMOCRAT ACTUALLY IS”. Ignore labels as they are designed to confuse you. Take your time to discover just how few Democrats there are in the Democratic Party.


Hello ToniWintroub,
It only needs to be rewritten one time as the 'SECOND AMENDMENT is needed by the loony bin tunes governMENTAL croud! No other amendments desired nor needed!


Hello ReconFire,
You can see all of our nice things by visiting many of the most evil countries around the planet. That is where we send quite a lot of our national treasure but it gets repatriated through the financial system to enrich the elites!!!


Oy, with Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?


Search for the documentary called THE LOBBY! You have to see this to begin to really understand how Israel has infiltrated US politics. And it’s not the Russians!


Yes - we aren’t allowed to criticize those evil sneaky, scheming Jews who run the world’s economy and the US government - right?

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In the House, Sinema voted with Trump and Republicans 62% of the time. Expecting this Republican Wannabe to “come to her senses” and change her vote is just silly. In the last election, we were faced with voting for Sinema or Republican Martha McSally, who was even more Trump-like. (The Green candidate quit the race and endorsed Sinema.) Just imagine how exciting this was—all these women in the race! So many great chances to elect a woman! And each one more regressive than the next…

This is the dilemma that progressives everywhere, not just in Arizona, face at every election. Who do give your one vote to, the Devil or one of his demons? The plutocrats decide who they want to represent us, and their decision is final. Very much like the “democracies” of places like North Korea, we are given the choice of voting for their pre-approved candidates, take’em or leave 'em style. Whatever your choice, you get the one they give you.

Now we are told that we need diversity and we need it now! and so they run for office women who have the same loyalties as the men they are replacing, and we get Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and…Kyrsten Sinema. Try to tell the identity politics minions that it is policy that matters, and not gender or party affiliation and, you’ll get all sorts of recrimination and hate thrown at you, and of course you’ll hear about how much worse it would have been had the Republican you elected been an actual Republican in name as well as ideology.

You really can’t fix stupid, and stupid is what most Democrats are today.


Cinema took the oath with her hand on a law book. Draped in a fur coat for pictures, she was. " Say hello to Hollywood "… the Green Party of Arizona: their party motto " Puttin’ on the Ritz ". The 1% aren’t quaking in their boots, hiding out in the Saddleback Mtns.


I wonder why are these Zionofasciest AIPAC senators even trying to oppose BDS by Americans knowing it will not hold water in a court of law.