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For Second Time During Shutdown, Four Democrats Vote With GOP to Punish Boycotts of Israel


Collectively we are the gods and the Satan’s at the same time. Heaven and he’ll are also our own creation. If any the earth is the heaven the Bible mentions. The elites have known this for centuries and have been using it to their great advantage. The English elites were first to cheat, abuse, and brutalized those less powerful than them to great lengths.


This whole idea than any opposition to what organized Jews want or do is antiemetic and therefore wrong has to come to an end. The State of Israel breaks every principal we say we stand for .it’s a lawbreaker, a discriminator, racist, a thief, a subjugator, brutal occupier, interferer in US politics and elections, intimidator/briber of our politicians, defamer of opponents, enemy of free speech, a propagandistic manipulator of the US people, and the list goes on and on. The impunity must end. It has even been guilty of a false flag attack to deceive the US into going to war for its benefit. When they do wrong we must be free to call them out just like everybody else can be called out, without fear of organized well-funded, unjustified counter-attacks.




Lol…I was alluding to the millions of print and digital copies of the Constitution…


Not to support in any way the ‘English elites’ - but the FIRST to cheat, abuse, and brutalized those less powerful than them to great lengths…? Come on! You need to delve just a tiny bit further into history!


You pretty well summed up my belief of the Constitution of the United States since it was written by and for the benefit of the ruling and financial elites. If one was white, male, and a landowner he was the intended beneficiary. All others were left to survive and fend for themselves without the protections or benefits. The ruling and financial elites ruled the world affecting them under most foreseeable situations and conditions. Not much has changed, has it?

I recommend reading A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn for more detailed information and insightful analysis.


George Washington owned 300 slaves. Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves! And yet they are revered as our founding fathers without question or criticism. Ten other Presidents also were slave owners. How must Black Americans feel about the monuments and reverence which we accord to them? It is like a slap in the face! On the monuments should be engraved the names of every slave held by these Presidential slave holders. We need some honesty and justice to counteract our outrageous pride.


Apparently not.
“We Are One!: American Jewry and Israel” by Melvin Urofsky.
It has become clear who runs this country. Your disparaging adjectives to describe Jews are your own. But increasingly, you sound like a hypocrite.Ironically, that’s what Jesus was telling the Jews when they tried to stone him to death.
Silence my truth. Seems to be what happens to any who criticize Jewish power.