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For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends teleSUR English Without Explanation


For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends teleSUR English Without Explanation

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

For the second time this year, Facebook has suspended teleSUR English's page, claiming the left-leaning Latin American news network violated the social media platform's terms of service without any further explanation—a move that provoked outrage and concern among journalists, free speech advocates, and Big Tech critics.


How many more reasons do you need to kick the FB habit? Don’t waste another minute of your life on this gluttonous Goliath.


Facebook is a chancre on the sensitive parts of humanity that has become a full-blown syphilitic disease. If I had my way it would be dissolved and banned. Some things must not be tolerated and the notion that anything in “the marketplace” is just fine needs to be re-appraised! One cannot shout “FIRE” in a crowded theatre and neither should certain other acts and usury and abusive “business” be tolerated! Frell Facebook…and its creep SB founder!


I know, it’s horrible to have a platform like Facebook where alternative views can be shared widely. How can our masters control what we think if free speech is permitted online? We can rely on corporate media to tell us what we need to know.


Telesur was banned from facebook because it was not going along with the regime change agenda in Nicaragua. I guess Zuckerberg has some CIA skin in the game. https://www.telesurtv.net/english/country/nicaragua/


Great sarcasm…The import of FB censorship is real and dangerous…a “platform where alternative views can be widely shared” - more like “alternative facts” and selected political propaganda can be foisted on a gullible, ill-educated, public…along with the ubiquitous vapid personal ego trips…Huxley’s Soma turned into a digital nightmare of fraud and abuses to replace the corrupted bought-out Fourth Estate - not my idea of “free speech” or dissemination of truth - more like a babel drowned in the muck…

Troll armies and idiots turning facts and life on earth into commercial frauds, intellectual mush, and exploiting personal drivel…but then I’m old and annoying.& don’t text, tweet, or mother-loving FB! Never have, and I use a flip-phone…thanks!.


The fascists in Nazi Germany had a word for this: ‘Gleichschaltung’, the consolidation of institutional powers, which includes the Fourth Estate…


Amazing what a short attention span people have on here.


THIS is deeply disturbing. And there is an explanation. Overpopulation, fossil fuels, habitat overshoot.


Glen Greenwald makes clear the reality behind this censorship which falls on liberal voices . . .
voices that oppose US propaganda machine.

Glenn Greenwald connected the incident to the broader issue of urging social media companies to censor users, pointing to The Intercept’s reporting on other instances of platforms silencing leftist voices:

It seems like the censorship power many people on the left want Silicon Valley executives to unilaterally exercise might end up being wielded against the left. One good way to know that would happen is that is already is happening
https://theintercept.com/2017/08/29/in-europe-hate-speech-laws-are-often-used-to-suppress-and-punish-left-wing-viewpoints/ … -

Operation Mockingbird has not gone away, but has in fact been strengthened by GAG rules
on pretty much anyone working for government in any capacity.

This is the weakness of the right wing in that they cannot in the end allow any truth to be heard
which challenges their propaganda of lies.

And right now this is especially true of their propaganda attacks on Venezuela and
their financial attacks, but in the end it will be about all of Latin America as the US
wars for Empire roll on.

This is the power of the GAG rule over social media happening right now.

If this dark power can’t succeed in ending net neutrality, it will ensure that social media
represents only the dark side.


Facebook has become what I call a bad actor, a personification of Zukerberg’s greed and avarice. I cancelled my account after the Russians and conspiracy theorists took it over with their propagandizing and attempts to brain wash us all. My recommendation is for freedom’s sake BOYCOT FACEBOOK!


Are you kidding? Facebook IS the CIA. The CIA IS Facebook.

Amazon.Com and The Washington Post as well are completely CIA assets as are many employed by the MSM. They, the CIA, are ubiquitous. And, in case they are reading this, the CIA employs mostly pedophiles and other sexual deviates and criminals. CIA agents are known to have sex with barnyard animals and eat their feces, the animals as well as their own. There is speculation in some circles that most CIA employees are the result of attempted and failed genetic manipulation resulting in a generally subhuman species exhibiting little in the way of emotion but fear, hate and anger. They are quite a pathetic lot. I celebrate every time one of them dies from horrible diseases imposed upon them through said genetic modification. They are a sick, cretinous lot.


i profess to some confusion. According to Wikipaedia article, TeleSur is funded by several Latin American states, but is primarily sponsored by the government of Venezuela. Telesur is headquartered in Venezuela. Let’s be clear: Nicolas Maduro is an extreme authoritarian who has ruled by decree, and has decimated democracy in Venezuela. A majority of nations do no recognize the latest 2018 re-election. He is not a good person by any stretch of imagination.

As for Telesur, accoring to Wikipaedia, critics have argued that Telesur works as a propaganda network for the regimes of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, and provides coverages that focus only in the information that may benefit or harm a government, according to its political alignment…"

So, it seems like Facebook is being quite progressive here. Please investigate all this, and your article. You may wish to amend and apologize…


The more kindness, love, peace, sharing, truth and such is spread by social networks, the greater the chance that when artificial intelligence takes over, it will be benign. The opposite is also true.


I’m so glad I shut down my Facebook account. I encourage you all to do the same. You won’t miss it nearly as much as you think you will. In fact, you’ll probably be proud of yourself for finally having the courage to stop supporting this pos application.


I agree totally as I am a leftists and love Lee Camp and Abbey Martin who goes to Venezuela and reports whats actually going on.

However, how to we draw a line between what can and cannot be posted. The US always lies about countries that bald against US wishes and corporate take over of their resources. I am not familiar with these facebook sites so can’t comment but will look into and hopefully they have something on line.

What’s the Voltaire statement: if you believe in absurdities you will allow atrocities. I believe that is what Fox News is and Alex Jones present to us along with fascists, Nazis, white hatred of human beings with different color of skin.


Please get on Minds and steemit


As a Counterpunch writer pointed out, all MSM outlets are a real trapdoor to the left. Relying on them will allow some day, " for the bottom to drop out ", as Bob Marley sang.
" Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong ". Willie Nelson


I believe you are being sarcastic?


My personal Facebook account has been suspended without explanation.I don’t miss it at all, but I wish I could cancel the account instead of just being suspended!


I know what this feels like. I was blocked by F/B and locked outta my account one time. Fought to get back in, got in only to be blocked again. Why? because I would post stories from here and other like minded sites, fighting against the “right” during the run up to the last election. I posted a bunch on Bernie as well. Seems they just don’t like the progressive community or maybe it is my rude comments. We all know how rude I can be (snark). I am happy that I am no loner there but miss having another platform to spread the news on.