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For Snubbing Transparency Efforts, EU Parliament Bans Monsanto Lobbyists


For Snubbing Transparency Efforts, EU Parliament Bans Monsanto Lobbyists

Jon Queally, staff writer

Monsanto lobbyists were officially barred by the European Parliament on Thursday after refusing requests to participate in hearings about the U.S. corporation's efforts to influence regulations of its controversial glyphosate within the 28-nation bloc.


Y’see, this is how it’s done. That, and when they put CEOs in jail in Europe.


But-but weren’t all the “leftists for Brexit” talking about how bad and evil and Hillary-like the EU parliament was?


When glyphosate is so prevalent it is now in breast milk pray tell, Philippe Lambert, what uncertainties remain?

Glyphosate kills beneficial gut bacteria whose role in health is only now being recognized. Because of our food reliance on soy beans and corn–both of which are grown under industrial agriculture practices that require glyphosate, and are used both for animal feed and processed food–glyphosate is now ubiquitous throughout our diet.

Crohn’s disease, obesity, autism, allergies are among the host of illnesses now being connected to the killing of beneficial gut bacteria.

Glyphosate is a bigger health problem than DDT was in the 60’s. That its use is still being debated in parliaments, rather than universally banned, shows how much power corporations like Monsanto have over our lives.


While I certainly don’t want to be eating phosphate, a PhD food scientist friend of mine suggests that the real danger is the existence of vast mono culture acreage that requires the stuff.
He’s sure that this will result in super weeds that can’t be controlled by any chemical.

This is another example of corporations, big ag in this case, being supported by the government.
The subsidies guarantee these giant factory farms with their mass produced junk food and pollution.


Few if any corporations deserve this more than Monsanto. Cheers. Great news.


Monsanto, the boys who brought you Agent Orange
which evolved into Round Up

Safe defoliants…NOT

These guys need to go to trial and jail for a long long time.


Wooowwhhhhhooooo!!!..wiw…sock it too!'em …At least we get to se/hear 'em squirm … lovr it …


The precautionary principal: if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public, or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus (that the action or policy is not harmful), the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking that action.

Business has ignored the precautionary principal and concentrated on maximizing profit. By law they are required to maximize profit. Maximizing profit requires ignoring the precautionary principal. But there are consequences to ignoring the precautionary principal. The law needs to be changed - some things are more important than simply maximizing profit.


Guantanamo is waiting for them…and Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc, etc


No worry for Monsanto in the good old USA. We have the best bought and sold for government in the world in the US. malevolent corporations have no worry that the American leaders might stand up for the welfare of the people.


Ahhh what a sweet idea.

Of course your list is too short you know, there were 2 administrations running war crimes.

Sure seems like we should be able to add personal cells for people like Tony Blair as well


Blair & Bush can share a cell. they were always so cozy - they’ll love it.


The poisoning of Earth and all her children will continue as long as governments, the only entity with enough power to regulate and prohibit, allow these corporate cannibalistic vultures to operate with impunity. The US has been caving for decades and the EU certainly isn’t immune either but seems to be doing a slightly better job than the US. All the GMO food supply have a few serious side effects; the unneeded increase in world population, the increasing non-diversity of seed crops that insure total collapse with a slight change of growing conditions, and especially the tremulous amount of toxic chemicals required to grow such crops. I don’t know how the bees have fared in the EU but their alarming decrease in numbers in the US can’t be entirely to blame on a disease caused pathogen and most likely, is due to toxic pesticides and insecticides. If we lose the bees large numbers of various crops won’t grow or reproduce resulting in widespread famines here and most likely, the world over. The EU is correct to keep the destructive lobbyists out of parliament, I wish that could happen here in the US also.


This topic is very important to America and worldwide peoples health. The list of toxic substances produced by Monsanto going back decades is large. Dioxin, DDT, Agent Orange among others. They pay off researchers for favorable reviews, backed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Refuse to label their poison in food, big gmo infested corporations paid and created opposition to state initiatives voted on. Just put a skull and crossbones on all gmo tainted “food” in the grocery stores. Most everyone has glyphosate in their gut.


Don’t do it Europe! Don’t poison your crops, your soil, your water, your native species or your people with this stuff! Tell Monsanto to “take a hike”.


Yeah, but they didn’t know what they were talking about.


Russia has banned GMOs. Montsano execs were upset when Russia said that the execs would have to guarantee their products safety with their lives.


Good for Russia! It is entirely possible that their leadership is actually less corrupt than ours, despite what we’ve been told…just sayin’.


Round up has been found in baby food and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It has seeped Into all soil’s and foods.