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For Spain's Podemos, People Take Priority Over Politics



It's good Podemos has come to power. There is no more duopoly in Spain. Can't wait for that to happen in the USA. Greece & Spain opposed austerity. Next it will be Italy, Portugal or Ireland.


The coalition minority government in Portugal has collapsed. Portugal now has an anti austerity government of the Socialists, Communists and some small leftist parties.


blue dolphin: Greece opposed austerity!? They GOT austerity, and more than if the previous regime had remained! That's because either by design or conceit, Syriza confronted Greek and European capital as a fool. A fool is defined as someone who brings a knife to a gunfight.

The Rolling Stones sang, "What's confusing you is the nature of the game." Not only was that true of Syriza, it's true of Chavismo in Venezuela, which may be headed for a Chile/Pinochet style bloodbath, but also I'm afraid, is true of Podemos. I sure hope I'm wrong.....

And what the fuck is Spain still doing with a King!!?? He should have been sent packing long ago.


Can't wait for that to happen in the US! We could do it if we decided to ...


How refreshing - folks for whom principle is more important than party!


I meant to say they opposed austerity rules by the EU. That's why they changed leaders. I did not mention Spain's monarchy, it's as useless as The UK's monarchy.


The last King stood up to the coup plotters in 1981, who were attempting to the take over the country in his name, and re-establish fascism.That took great courage, and he was much loved by Spaniards for doing this. He kind of wore out his popularity when he went big game hunting in Africa while Spain's economic crisis was at its worst.He abdicated in favor of the current King, who is fluent in three languages, is smart and photogenic, and so far has made no faux pas.Other European countries with royal families: Holland, Belgium,Denmark, Sweden. One of the last two is on a sardine can. King Oscar sardines. And of course there's the UK with Liz 2.The Spanish King has a bit more power than these royals, but not much.