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For Telco Industry Hacks, 'Progress' Is Just Another Word for Crony Capitalism


For Telco Industry Hacks, 'Progress' Is Just Another Word for Crony Capitalism

Timothy Karr

The Internet's politically engaged public is here to stay. Millions of people have begun to use online tools to engage in policy fights and protect our online rights — most recently to secure historic Net Neutrality rules at the Federal Communications Commission.


Find myself scouring the article for mention of changing the status of Internet to “COMMON CARRIER”. Maybe I’m blind, but it made me look for something on the Court decision on the suits against the FCC ruling last year.
To wit:
“Wonkblog Gets It Wrong: The FCC’s Shrinking Authority Isn’t Enough to Save Net Neutrality”

“So by now you’ve probably read the news that a federal court just killed Net Neutrality. You’ve heard the responses from consumer groups, legal experts and tech reporters. They all recognize the fact that the court left the FCC with only one good option to keep the Internet open: reversing the Bush-era decisions
that said Internet access networks were no longer classified as “common carriers” under the law.”

the article then continues on to look at the ruling -

"In Tuesday’s court ruling the judges aren’t saying that ISPs aren’t common carriers. What they are saying is that the FCC should stop pretending it can regulate them as common carriers without first reclassifying. The FCC strenuously argued that its rules against ISP blocking or discriminating were not common-carriage obligations. The court mocked that claim. Then it said:

We must determine whether the requirements imposed by the Open Internet Order subject broadband providers to common carrier treatment. If they do, then given the manner in which the Commission has chosen to classify broadband providers, the regulations cannot stand.