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For the Crime Of Being A Young Black Male, Yet Again.


For the Crime Of Being A Young Black Male, Yet Again.

Police in Sacramento killed Stephon Clark, 22, Sunday night as he stood in his own backyard. Because they "feared for their safety," two cops shot him 20 times within seconds of seeing him. They said he had a gun in his hands; then they said he had a "tool bar." In fact, he had a cell phone. Newly released video from their body cameras shows a harrowing scene. One online comment: "You can’t possibly be more tired of hearing this story than we are of telling it."


Ye gods! Why don’t the Powers that Be just be honest and put a black swastika in the middle of the misused American flag, and put SS collar tabs on the police uniforms. The non-police thugs could all wear brown shirts and red armbands and we’ll have the SA back, officially.
*If a person of different ethnicity or race shoots someone, or bombs something, immediately he or she is a terrorist and probably all of their friends or relatives as well. Often, it is dealt with by killing whoever they wish to. If they come up clean, they are just collateral damage in the endless GWOT.
*If a Caucasian does the same thing, he or she is sick and needs mental treatment to identify his/her problem and a lot of mental therapy to “cure” him/her before turning the person back on the street.
*This story is disgusting, but I have run across many similar situations.
*“Sir, may I see your driver’s license?” “Yes sir.” reaches in his pocket, bang, bang, bang! “I thought he was reaching for a gun.”
*Judge, “The officer was working within the sphere of his responsibilities. Case dismissed.”
*Over and over and over again! Men, women, children, dead or crippled, or mentally scarred.
*It is way past time for We the People to take our country back, and fix it, or we can just sit back and watch the Fourth Reich grow and flourish as we go down the tubes.


Time to get new police. Ours are not qualified. I randomly played golf with a cadet who just finished cop school. He said half wanted to protect and serve, half wanted to beat the shit out of someone. We need more testing to weed out half the pigs because as they say In Oakland: a pig is a pig is a pig.


Some of shouldn’t use a phone in the dark. Some of us should ask permission to reach in a pocket, after being asked to get something. Have you notice how hard it is to buy shoes that don’t have reflectors? Anything else we should or shouldn’t do?

Mother, May I?


Yawn. Seen this movie. Know the ending. Cops get paid vacation, then go back to work. Jury finds them innocent of all charges. Yada yada. Bet on it.

Want to see a different ending? Millions marching on police stations nationwide demanding reform and justice. Daily. Without stop.

If that doesn’t work, then there is only one thing that will force change. I won’t put it into writing. But it’s the inevitable end-game to this crap. Hint: if you’re thinking about a career in law enforcement, might want to rethink that.


Well stated. I recall another (of the hundreds, or thousands…) incident awhile back. Cop pulls black man over for a taillight being out (MAJOR crime there). For unknown reason, pulls his gun as he approaches the driver’s side (apparently standard operating procedure when pulling people over for busted taillights…). Tells the black man to get his license out. Black man tells cop “FYI, I have a handgun and a permit to carry it.” Nice of him - not to mention very law-abiding - to tell the cop this fact beforehand, so there’s no surprises. Cop tells him to get the permit out, slowly. Black man agrees, and slowly reaches into his front pocket to get said permit out, as instructed. Cop then flips the fuck out, fires 7 bullets into the car at the black man, 5 of them hitting his torso and shoulder (1 barely missing his 4 year old daughter in the back seat), and then proceeds to stand there screaming obscenities for 3 or 4 minutes while the black man bleeds out in the front seat and dies.

I have a great idea concerning what should be done to the police “officers” in this fucking country, and it doesn’t involve singing Kumbaya and honoring them as if they were heroes. And it’s what it going to happen to them like clockwork in the very near future, mark my words, by a fed-up citizenry.


If there any Black schoolteachers who are being considered as a candidate to carry a gun in one of those schools that will allow it to defend against random shooters, keep this in mind. The cops have the inherent right to shoot you dead on sight.


The Black Man does not even have to be reaching for his pocket. There that video of the White female officer who , along with another group of Police officers encountered a black man whose car was broken down at the side of the road. It was all captured on video along with the commentary of “he looks like one mean dude” from a person in a Helicopter flying over.

Both the mans hands were IN the AIR and he was walking when shot dead. The Police officer was acquitted because she claimed she feared for her life.


I remember that one, thank you for pointing that one out. That absolutely disgusted me. And she - like all the others - got off scot-free after a few weeks of paid vacation as well.


I was just called for jury duty. The questionnaire came with two questions about what you think of police officers - are you more likely to trust the word of police over the defendant and an alternate question that amounted to the same thing.
I said : No I am likely Not to trust the word of any police officer on anything. Thirty years ago I wouldn’t even thought of saying such a thing…

I hope I do not get on a jury because I can definitely see myself as the hated hold out who will simply not believe the word of a law enforcement officer without unaffiliated witnesses…

I am old enough to remember when they took serve and protect at least a bit more seriously …


That was the thing that got me with this murder – cops wear bullet-proof vests – how in the bloody hell can a cop fear for ‘its’ life when he has a partner to back him up AND is wearing protection that will guarantee he walks away from his crime? **If they are really that afraid then they need to get the phuq out of the ‘murder for hire’ business … uh, law enforcement!


He was climbing a fence…That being said watching the video is chilling. A report that “someone was breaking car windows…” brought the police out to the neighborhood. But, when police almost catch up to the poor kid, they demand that he stop then immediately yell, “Gun, Gun, Gun” three times and start spraying bullets. Ye Gods!! 20 shots??? And the powers that be want to arm teachers in the classrooms??? When two TRAINED police can’t hit the broad side of a barn when panicking what do you think would happen in an enclose classroom or school corridors??? Not only do we have to have better gun sales controls but we have to DISARM the POLICE!


WELL said. They are trained that their lives are the most important thing - period. That they MUST go home at the end of the day safe and sound, and ALL other concerns take a backseat to THEIR ultimate safety. What a ridiculous, and false, training regimen. No more proof of this fucked-up mindset is needed than the statistics about “puppycide” - the practice of cops shooting pets hundreds of times/year for no reason. We’ve all seen the videos. Big tough cop with big gun goes to a citizens’ house responding to a call - many times MADE BY THAT CITIZEN - and then pulls out his big gun and blows the family dog away as it comes out on the lawn to see who the person coming up the walk is, like any dog ON ITS OWN PROPERTY will do. “I feared for my life,” says the pussy piggy. And of course he is backed up by the Police union, the police department, etc.

First, cops’ lives are no more important than anyone else’s lives. Secondly, if they are going to be such big fucking cowards, then they need to find another line of work. And lastly, there is such a thing as Karma. Blowback. What-have-you. They think they can get away with murdering people, hundreds of times a year, and get away with it, without there being eventual repercussions? I think not.


I have a better idea of what we should do to the police, although “disarming them” is a part of it.


This is heartbreaking and enraging. My heart aches for his family, and I wish somebody had been in the shadows to defend Zoe with even more powerful bullets. Cops who kill innocents should be found guilty of murder with life sentences or execution.

I am beginning to wonder if police should be allowed to carry guns into minority neighborhoods at all.

And I blame OrangeButt for the increased violence in America. His contempt for people ramps up the rage and destructive desires of many, not just the mentally ill. He’d like the police to kill all minorities and make America white again.


Jim Crow is the entire USA. Time for a new nation with new, enlightened symbols.


Disgusting. Another day in the United States of America. When will this lawless cops be reigned in. I guess only when pressure is put on the elites and corporate masters who they truly serve. They are not “our” police force.


They are almost never held accountable. Imagine before we had all of the video camera technology. Cops were always believed even when they were lying.


Yea, they seem like a bunch of fearful cowards. Of course, it is scary with the public being able to own assault weapons. I would probably be afraid too but there have been way to many instances of trigger happy cops who create needless tragedies in our communities.


yea, you are supposed to be a mindless person who follows all of the American mantras; cops are always right and tell the truth, our troops are liberating the world, our leaders do their best to represent the public’s interest, corporations care about us…all lies that are supposed to believe and repeat.