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For the First Time, the Progressive Caucus Will Have Real Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/30/first-time-progressive-caucus-will-have-real-power


Irrespective of the outcome of the January 5 Georgia run-off, the greatest challenge for Democrat centrists AND progressives will be unprecedented GOP obstruction.

The ONLY way to minimize that obstruction is for Biden’s DOJ to launch indictments January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice. Failure to do so will supercharge the GOP’s half century unpunished crime spree that will empower the GOP more than they ever have been, thereby consigning the Democratic Party and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


Tack Left Dems!


Mr. Bleifuss, I respect the quality of your work at In These Times but, seriously, there’s zero reason to believe the new rules you speak of will make a difference in the commitment or efficacy of the so called Progressive Caucus, that very name, a fraud on the people. The fanfare re these new rules reminds me of all the hype associated with the unDemocratioc Party’s “reforms” served up by Tom Perez et al to placate progressives for the thuggery perpetrated by the Party. They’ll amount to nothing of real consequence because the Progressive Caucus is just another fraudulent gimmick to placate progressives. The unDemocratic Party is not going to advance progressive policy. The so called Progressive Caucus will do as much to advance progressive policy under these new rules as it has under what’s existed so far. It will continue to serve the interests of the unDemocratic Party as the Party continues to serve the interests of the uber rich and the big corporations.

Consider the potential for harm inherent in articles like yours and Norm Solomon’s and others posted here, as all the false hopes in the unDemocratic Party they present serve to keep progressive voters on the hook when they might actually consider supporting a progressive third party movement.


if this is true then they should #FORCETHEVOTE


Thank YOU. Too bad, nobody has the least interest in or knowledge of any imput on our part, regardless of your astute and pertinent assessment. Any power we once had, was lost to callous criminals like Perez & Bustos casually infecting party faithful or dumping votes during the primary and smug, entitled & brainwashed DNC trolls chiding for us to LOTE, since the choice is THEIR’S! Firestorms, cop murders of life-long Democrats, forever-war, especially COVID’s wholesale slaughter, chronic organ damage and indenturement of working class victims gave us the sole advantage to prove we’d some damn thing to offer; to forestal a tsunami of nazi/ klan kleptocrats in 2022 &:“Far WORSE thsn Trump” in 2024? But, everything’s back to NORMAL!






So Pramila Jayapal is now the single chair of the Progressive Caucus, not a bad thing, but not good either. I’ll remind CD posters of the Bernie/Biden Task Force meetings in July of this year. Jayapal who supposedly supports a single payer healthcare system, and rewrote the House Bill (H.R. 1384) in 2019, was co-chair of the healthcare task force during the above mentioned Bernie/Biden Task Force meetings, but never brought up a recommendation for her or Bernie’s EIM4A bill during the meetings. So how much of a progressive is she? And how much power will this caucus wield?

“Bernie/Biden Task Force Ends In Extreme Failure”
Jimmy Dore Platform


I hope they use it wisely!
RIP Nick Skala.

What’s more deadly, Covid or Nancy P? Is there a safe and effective vaccine for both?


Agree. If this cancer is not eradicated now, it will be impossible to stop for a generation or two.


Aspirational power? Hopey/ Changey/ woulda-coulda- shoulda, bamboozled hokus-pocus-buy-the-world-a-Coke caucus… rant & rave righteous vituperation at rich white male oligarchs… MEANWHILE: our tag-team Idiocracy’s entertainment committee (Kumbaya Caucus power?)






These types of poli­cies are anath­e­ma to par­ty cen­trists, who appar­ent­ly would rather cap­tain a sink­ing ship than sur­ren­der any con­trol to par­ti­sans in steer­age. But pro­vid­ing actu­al eco­nom­ic relief is essen­tial to pre­vent Demo­c­ra­t­ic loss­es in the midterms and 2024. Move­ment-backed Democ­rats must be dis­ci­plined and orga­nized in work­ing with the new pres­i­dent, who inher­its a crisis.

How about providing actual economic relief because it is essential to the people of this country not because it might win you the next election. Such corrupt moral values led us to trump and his murderous thugs. WAKE UP DAMN DEMOCRATS!


All this power yet, they will not join together to force the vote. The Current National Improved Medicare for All proposed bill is sponsored by Jayapala. So, just how much supposed power do the progressive have? Apparently, not much. Or, if they have it, they don’t have much will power to use it.


And they will give away that power, doing absolutely nothing. #ForceTheVote


Centrists are as much of a clear and present danger as any other right wingers. They will be treated as such and the state parties will be bypassed. They are not friends. They are not allies.


The nation is in the middle of a hot war and we will have over 500,000 dead by March 1, 2021.
The 2022 mid terms will have republicans placing all the faults upon democrats. Americans have short term memories. Will believe anything !!
Republicans will support the white kkk types parading, invading and threatening - see Lansing, Michigan in 2021. I wondered who paid these goons to disrupt and then plan to kidnap the governor and AG.
Republicans will instill fear, blame democrats for our coming massive homeless, hungry and ultra poor citizens. They will not assist in 2021 no matter who wins Georgia senate seats.

Trump may lose his leadership position as head of republican party on Jan. 21,2021 - but do not wager that republicans will repudiate him. He brings in money (keeps some to himself), has 45 minutes of TV each hour at evening on the opinion channels. Biden will be hard pressed to acquire TV time to explain what dems are accomplishing by exec orders.

Progressives have more enemies than we ever admit here. Chicago pols give the talks, but developers do the walk - gentrification accelerated under Rahm. Not moderate price homes, not public housing, and certainly not peace. This article places power to progressives that the heritage caucus has.

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“For the First Time, the Progressive Caucus Will Have Real Power”

After the 41 warmongering corporatist stooges who pretend to be Democratic senators threw away the only leverage they had to pass a clean, appropriate relief bill for the American people, by caving to McConnell and over-riding the veto on the latest corrupt military-industrial giveaway of public wealth, indicates that Dimocraps will not deign to suffer Progress, yet allow Progressives, within their party.


How do you even write an op-ed on this subject without mentioning the #forcethvote debate? This cannot just be incompetence. It is a deliberate effort to make it seem as if there’s more there there than there in fact is.


Common Dreams and many of its’ authors live in fantasy worlds, where they write about things like this as a possibility, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of failure by Dems to do anything that is, in fact progressive. Wasting our time on things that are pipe dreams prevents us from focusing on actions that would possibly bring actual representation to Americans. Participating in this one party system does nothing. If it could, it would be evidenced by actual progressive ideas being considered. They are not allowed. Acting as if there is an actual progressive movement, only serves to help fund those alleged “progressives” fund raise. Citizens who wish to have progressive ideas have to do more than waste time and money on false leaders of controlled dissent.


Pramila Jayapal is an articulate speaker and well respected in the caucus. She’s a serious legislator too. Rather than dunk on her, progressives should appreciate that someone known for working with colleagues from different districts and backgrounds, especially those with more conservative constituents (they exist!), is accruing power.