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For the Good of the Party: It's Time for Donna Brazile to Go


For the Good of the Party: It's Time for Donna Brazile to Go

Norman Solomon

It’s time for Donna Brazile to go.

Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz before her, Brazile has lost credibility as an honest broker at the Democratic National Committee. The DNC chair should be evenhanded — but, thanks to leaked emails, Brazile’s cover is blown.


I couldn't agree more. I can't believe she is involved at all after it was revealed she leaked questions to Clinton during the primary debates. I thought this was one of the most egregious things Clinton was found guilty of doing. Anyone with integrity would have told Donna she certainly can't accept knowledge of any questions.

I've taken many tests in my life and I've never cheated on a single one. I'm sure many voters feel the same way, and I'm guessing it was of the many nails in Clinton's coffin.

That said, I wish we had more choices than Ellison. He might be fine, but I'd rather not rush in and I'm sympathetic to the argument that a seated Representative has plenty of other stuff to do and perhaps the head of the DNC should be someone who currently isn't in office (I used to like Dean, but of course his anti-Bernie rhetoric repulsed me so I would never support him for the job even though I agreed with his 50 state strategy). I'd rather the chair be vacant for a bit while there is more debate.


Sounds like a good start. What about the rest who supported her and this? How deep can such a cut go?


Unless the entire Clinton-Obama DNC corporate/banker war wing of the Democratic Party is excised - removed from power and influence - there will never be the foundational change needed to regain popular support.
The last few mid term election debacles/losses foretold this Trump RepubliCon win, but the Dem elite "leaders" did nothing to change! They continued to serve big-money and corporate power almost exclusively while ignoring the vast majority of average people of many descriptions hurting from the dominance of the 1%. Obama followed Bill Clinton in failure to build any progressive Dem base and HRC was in that MO up to her neck. The Obama/Clinton toadies, like Brazile and Debbie W-S and ALL the other DINO quislings need to be exposed for their complicity in the mid-term losses and the Trump catastrophe! ONLY when a new real progressive direction, like Sanders championed (until forced out) is built, will Dems again regain the trust of those who voted them down and Trump up, or just sat this one out like the mid-term canaries in the political coal-mine........Trump wasn't voted FOR as much as DEM betrayal was voted against.......


Are you saying I am a "small steps" coward or that Norman is? And perhaps instead of slinging insults, you will consider bolstering your argumentative skill. You are likely to convince more people that way.

I believe the complaints about being a sitting representative are exactly due to the poor job that Schultz did.

On a separate note, I thought O’Malley did a decent job during the debates and he is more progressive on the Israel-Palestine issues than many. I know there were issues in Baltimore and policing, but he did address that during the debates. He might be an interesting alternative. I'd prefer him over Dean anyway.


Nina Turner would be awesome, but looks like the train is rolling for Ellison, who I heartliy endorse.


Good of the that party, the party that was responsible for electing Donald Trump? What planet are your on?


May the Democratic Party tell all non Democrats who want to control the Party to go to hell.


Nina Turner did not support the Party. Why would it appoint her?


I have already written emails to both my state Democratic Senators and my Dem Representative pushing Keith Ellison to replace Brazille. Everyone needs to do similar.


There is no evidence Clinton got any question from Brazile or even knew of it.. Not to say Brazile did not need abuse her dual status. But the only "insight" Brazile shared with anyone was that someone in the Flint audience would ask Clinton about the lead poisoning. Since the scandal, real scandal, over lead poisoning was the reason they were there this clue had no value. Dump Brazile. In fact dump any political operative who takes a job on CNN, FOX, etc.

Clinton "found guilty"? No.


Ellison has earned it. He fought hard for Sanders in the primaries, and hard for the party in the general.


The irrational Hillary haters, feeding on and spreading fantastic conspiracy theories, are responsible for the election of Trump.


If the Hillary lovers had voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries when all the polls showed, and countinued to show right up to the election, that Hillary was was a terribly weak candidate,
And that Bernie would easily have demolished Trump and we would not be in this fix today. But you, Mr Williamson, like all the know-it-all pundits refused to accept the evidence that was plain to see, and voted for the loser. Thanks a lot.


Clinton’s supporters among the media didn’t help much. It always struck me as strange that such an unpopular candidate enjoyed such robust and unanimous endorsement from the editorial and option pages of the nation’s papers, but it was the quality of the media’s enthusiasm that really harmed her. With the same arguments repeated over and over, two or three times a day, with nuance and contrary views all deleted, the act of opening the newspaper started to feel like tuning in to a Cold War propaganda station. Invasion of Podesta's privacy? Where does Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, the New York Times, and the rest of the bipartisan elite stand on privacy for you and I? They've consistently floated the mind-control mantra, "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about." Time to clean out the DNC and start from scratch....