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For the Land of the Free


For the Land of the Free

For those who too often find hearing the Star-Spangled Banner a bittersweet experience, hear the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington sing it on the Capitol steps Friday to celebrate the victory for marriage equality. At least this once, it's perfect, and pretty spine-tingling.


The SSB is unpleasantly appropriate for the US’s national anthem: it was written by a jingoist who wasn’t much of a musician during, and about, a war that the US started with the goals of (a) preventing American resistance to further land-theft, and (b) grabbing a chunk, or all, of Canada.

We should, as many have already suggested over the past 200 years, replace it with a song that’s not militaristic, e.g. “America the Beautiful”.


Better yet, This Land Is Your Land. (Admittedly not politically probable.)