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For the Love of Animals... and Planet


For the Love of Animals... and Planet

Shelley Ostroff

Climate science is shaking up the world as we know it. It is destabilizing the establishment and threatening the interests of some of the most powerful financial groups. The facts regarding the key causes of climate change are also challenging many of our most favorite everyday assumptions and habits.


"Recently, Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn, the directors of the film Cowspiracy, have brought to global attention another well-kept “secret.” They expose the incredibly lucrative animal agriculture industry as the other key, if not the primary cause of climate change. We are also now learning about the maneuverings of animal agriculture lobbyists to keep this information hidden from public attention".
Thank you Shelley for confirming truths that I have suspected for years- I too have read the "China Study" and have mentioned it on this site numerous times- There is another poster here that consistently recommends watching "Cowspiracy"-
I will watch it and also sign the petition you brought our way- Thank you for all that you do!!!