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For the Love of Earth


For the Love of Earth

David Korten

On July 9, New York magazine published “The Uninhabitable Earth,” a worst-case climate change scenario suggesting that our current human course may produce an unlivable future for Earth. A burst of media commentary and controversy followed, and it quickly became the most-read article in the magazine’s history.


Yes, let us all unite to Dump Trump and his Band of Thieves and Save the Earth from their ravaging.


A beautifully written piece Mr. Korten! Thank You for this- By all means necessary, let the healing begin!


I’m fairly pragmatic - at least sometimes.

But I was at the local zoo recently with my wife and twelve year old son - to see the Lemurs.

I’m afraid a tear or two unexpectedly appeared as I contemplated the scene - well meaning zoo workers - these stranded animals - in a world being destroyed - by us.

Just a few days ago, one of the lemurs died.

Maybe David Korten is on to something - you know, loving the planet ?

Admittedly, reality now is very complex - and so predictions nearly meaningless.

Maybe an international effort at co-operation - maybe a very small scale Dyson Sphere ?

Maybe something like that ?

Why not try and do something positive, whatever the perils - rather than wallow in self-recrimination.


As far as I’m concerned humans, clever, smart?, adaptable apes, day’s are numbered. Earth will survive this holocaust, but to fully recover it’ll take a few million years. Yes, to use a term familiar to a lot, we have been living in the Garden of Eden and didn’t know it or were too greedy and stupid to realize it. The film on Netflix, “Chasing Coral” is truly heartbreaking, yes I cried, I recommend it to everyone I see. My 86 year old father won’t watch it though. This is the sixth extinction and I recommend the book with that same title. Heartbreaking!


Sorry it will take far more than dumping Trump and his merry band of rich assholes. It will require a new paradigm shift of unimaginable magnitude if humans want to survive. Stopping the entire world’s military and eating meat would be a good place to start. It should have started in 1945, the year called the start of the great acceleration. So, sorry, I’m afraid it’s a tad too late. What I said, a new paradigm is the silly, clever, human’s only chance.


Here’s how I see the problem.
We do walk softly. We want to continue to walk softly. We want to walk even more softly.
But We the People don’t have that doggone big stick to carry!


The theory of evolution is all the comfort I need. Not that I don’t agonize over the destruction from time to time, and the willful infliction of suffering on innocents of all species. But our species, while it has some admirable qualities, is really not as clever as it thinks it is. A paradigm shift from destroyers to healers in time to reverse global warming and “manage” an extinction event? Not in this anthropocene, I’m afraid.


Dumping Trump is only the start.

Dumping the Duopoly is the big one, the paradigm shift you advocate, which will bring the end of Empire and our Murderous Military.

The onset of a peaceful world will soon follow.

As will the the proliferation of renewable energy sources and the curbing of fossil fuel use.

All we need to do now, is show the 95% of voters that voted for the parties of the Duopoly in 2016, that they voted for corrupt politicians, murderous military, and Nazi infected law enforcement.

That, will also require another paradigm shift in people’s use of their intellect.


Well stated. Put into perpective.