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'For the Love of Our Children': Mothers March for Climate Action Across the Globe

'For the Love of Our Children': Mothers March for Climate Action Across the Globe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Marking International Mother's Day, thousands of moms took to the streets in London and across the world Sunday to demand transformative action on behalf of Mother Earth and their children, whose futures are under threat from the global climate crisis.

"We need to do everything necessary to clean up our air and create a safer future for all our children."
—Rosamund Kissi-Debra


And in the USA, the sound of crickets…


For our children’s children’s children…awesome! awesome! awesome, Moms!


A mother’s love today can best be shown by having less children for the sake of the besieged environment in the overpopulated world children have inherited.

Have a wonderful day to all mothers. The world needs your love and kindness.

The perfect action on Mother’s Day–the greatest Mother of us all, Mother Earth and she is in critical condition. Women also need to take the lead in fighting and eliminating war.

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“We are inspired by the young people who are striking for climate action, but we can’t leave it to our children to fix the mess that past generations have created.”

My response to that is Why not? You leave every other problem to your children. They fight the wars you start, they inherit the theocracy you raise no hand against, they inherit the debt you dump on them,. There isn’t a single front on which you have not reached out willfully to destroy the very possibility that they may have a decent life. Are we going to actually start to care on all fronts for the first time in our lives, or is it just another sign carry thing for a day or two?


I was gonna make a stab at a reply, but yours has flat nailed it.

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”
― Crazy Horse


These could be the same Moms that buy their kids video games while complaining they are failing math, iPhone X’s for my little doctor on call, enroll them in 5 after school sports teams and still tie their shoes. Not saying this represents all of them, but it sure is the majority I see daily. Status is what matters to parents most… so go March for your little darlings and tell them they have nothing to worry about.

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Mothers for Peace 2020

And in Canada, people in yellow vests march to build the pipelines and stop a small carbon tax becasue “we need to think of our children!”

(No. i’m not making this up.)

In light of accelerating Climate change these trees might soon disappear. I find it absolutely fascinating that they date back to a time when there was not even a Roman Empire.

Now a logging company would see no value in a tree that is 2600 years old. As far as the “economy” is concerned chopping these trees down and selling the wood as lumber creates “Jobs and GDP Growth”.

“Look at your chair, Father,” Goldie said unhappily. Sure enough, it was gold. And his napkin turned to gold with his touch. “We are the luckiest people in all the world,” he said, reaching for a piece of bread. But to his horror, the bread had turned to gold.

“Oh no!” he cried. This was terrible indeed! He could not eat anything, for everything he touched turned to gold. Staring down at his golden plate, he wondered what to do.

“Oh Father, you will starve!” Goldie exclaimed. She ran to his side to comfort him.

“No! No!” he cried, but before he could stop her, she had thrown her arms around him, and now his precious daughter was hard and cold, a golden statue, no longer a child.

From the Fable of King Midas.

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

A proverb attributed to the Cree.

Doubtful that Crazy Horse said it, since loans and inheritances were a foreign concept to indigenous Americans. According to some sources, Wendell Berry wrote it in 1971. Good quote nonetheless.

This from the hopi tribe:

Before you take any decision, consider its effect on the next seven generations.

I find this even more appropriate.

We can not afford to be the war Empire and resolve the climate issues. Stop the war machine and redirect the trillions into climate resolutions.

I just posted this comment on Emperor Trumpius on the NYT and would appreciate any CDers who agree that EMPIRE and this Insane Emperor are our greatest danger, to read what I have said, and if you agree, support not a crowd funding, but a test ‘crowd voting’ on where we stand on EMPIRE:


As my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply reads on one side:


and on the other side under the image of ‘our’ flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

Thanks for putting up with my sometimes annoying over-focus on Empire here at CD, TD, PR, CP, WSWS, etc.