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For the Love of Their Country or Money?


For the Love of Their Country or Money?

Sonali Kolhatkar

Much has been made of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into whether Donald Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russian operatives or the Russian government to win the November 2016 election.


No comments? Does nothing shock us anymore?

It is becoming very clear that we are living through what may well be the most corrupt and incompetent Administration in our history.

It seems that the stock market bubble is blinding many to these improprieties. When the inevitable “correction” comes (when the speculators figure they’ve milked all they can), we will find ourselves, in a hollow shell of a country. A Hobbesian nightmare where nothing matters except greed and violence, may well await us.

Maybe the masses have become conditioned to dismiss any thing that they don’t like as “fake news”. This will not end well!


I suspect the lack of comments is due to the headline.
It’s not that I doubt the writers sincerity, but with the current administration, and their actions, who could not answer this question?

I agree with you’re stock market prediction, it’s coming and it’s going to hurt.


Meh nothing about this lot is surprising anymore except the fact they they have all managed to avoid impeachment and prison even at this stage.

But hope endures… the fact that Trump’s lawyer Cohn is apparently desperately seeking to do a deal with the FBI in an attempt to stop the Russia invesigation short is worm sign that the allegations of collusion, money laundering, bribery and the attempt to cover it all up must have substance to them. In Switzerland, warrants have been issued for the arrest of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Putin-linked lawyer in the Trump Tower meeting on charges of bribery, money laundering and espionage. And Kushner is still allowed into the White House? The whole thing is as bent as a $7 note.

When Trump was campaigning he talked about “draining the swamp” but all that has happened is he’s replaced it with a sewer of his friends and family, using the White House as a hub for enriching themselves whilst America’s reputation in the world burns. I just hope that when justice comes, it comes swiftly and that America stops and learns from this experience rather than sticking to it’s polarised and tribal hate politics as has been the case in the last 18 months.

America is a great nation. Americans need to work together, rather than just pursue power at any cost as has been the case with this administration. You need to rediscover pride in yourselves again.


Trump Kushner families are an international crime syndicate.


The Republican party leadership is not too far removed from a crime syndicate. Why, I think they’d give the finger to the constitution and reject their constitutional role in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices if they could get away with it and get their own guy appointed a year later. That way they could ransack the whole country later.


Duh – money of course!


People in the US have been suffering from affluent apathy in their voting behavior. The vote is really the only tool the public has at their disposal that gives them a voice in ending this corrupt regime. I have hope that the midterm elections will reveal the fact that the public will only tolerate so much and have reached the end of their rope with respect to the Republicans and the Trump cabal. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised to see the status quo unchanged after the next election.
When money fiddles, Republicans dance.