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'For the People': California Sen. Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Run


'For the People': California Sen. Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Run

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Monday morning became the latest Democrat to announce a 2020 presidential run, choosing Martin Luther King Jr. Day to tell the country that "we know America can be better than this" and call on potential supporters to come "together" in order to "fight for our American values."

"Let's do this, together. Let's claim our future. For ourselves, for our children, and for our country," Harris declares in a campaign video shared on social media and posted to her campaign website at KamalaHarris.org.

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I read a report on Buzzfeed where it spoke of her support for the middle class and token support for the poor.

“Harris’s platform will focus on the rising cost of living for middle-class Americans, her campaign said, proposing rent credits and tax breaks for low-income and middle-class families, as well as on immigration and criminal justice reform.”

Sorry Kamala Harris…just not progressive enough for me. Give me Bernie!



Corporations are people my friend.



This is a spectacle straight from the psychedelic 1960’s. Which country do Democrats fancy the live in? A “back” “woman” from “San Francisco” in “California” for President?
A fancy prostitute from New York, a pole dancer from Vegas, or a skinny blonde Oxycontin addict from West Virginia would all stand better chances. Come down to Earth, Democrats, or you will wither away in space until nothing remains of you.
The American voters “that count” (by virtue of the Electoral College) are very narrow-minded, sublimely ignorant, bigoted in the extreme, exceedingly stupid, racist beyond measure, and above all, white, very white, white like bird droppings desiccated on the rocks.
Will you please learn and appoint a good-looking heterosexual married white man in his mid forties with two kids and a full head of straight hair parted on the left side, who likes to fish and hunt and speaks with no regional accent and is descended from English immigrants in the 1800’s? Please?



Women and people of color who become lawyers face DISCRIMINATION when it comes to jobs after graduation that make becoming prosecutors one of the few options. The CHALLENGE for Harris (& Sen. Amy Klobuchar of MN if she runs for 2020) is: how “tough on crime” (that is, how tough on POOR/People of Color) & how LENIENT on the RICH & POWERFUL were they? Did Haris INITIATE any criminal justice reform of substance? Did she have a stance of “EQUAL Justice For ALL”? Trump’s Sec. of Treasury STEVE MNUCHIN made a FORTUNE in Californinia DE-FRAUDING people through FORECLOSURE and Kamala Harris DECLINED to PROSECUTE him. She was a fierce “drug warrior” and as far as I know NEVER indicted a single brutal cop. Frankly, I think she’s just trying to ride the (EMPTY) “diversity train” to the White House. I do NOT trust her much at all.




Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris Destroyed Black Lives | Black Agenda Report

Kamala Harris a champion for justice reform? Record is mixed. | McClatchy Washington Bureau



I believe it is extremely important for progressive/liberals to look at voting records, past statements and personal history of ANY candidate. We don’t need to make the “mistake” of Obama again. Sanders we know is a tested and vetted candidate. Gillibrand is NOT. At this point I would support Warren, Sanders, probably Harris but not Gillibrand, O’Rourke, Booker, Biden or a real ass hole like Bloomberg. I could “take a look” at Klobuchar, Inslee, or Merkley and probably some others if they announce.



Yes. Thanks. Interested readers should see the linked NYT piece, which fills in the picture too.

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Non starter. Fool me once (Obummer)…



Lydia, Kamala Harris is NOT a “regular” black woman. Her skin is dark, but she isn’t black, she is from Indian descent (from India), her mother is a scientist, her father is a professor at Stanford. There is no reason why she should have any sympathy towards drug users or people who break the white man’s laws.
The average white bigot will think she is inferior because she is dark-skinned, but she is actually genetically “vastly superior” to the average ignorant illiterate blue collar trash Joe, who would never vote for her because he thinks she is black.



Sounds like Obama redux. No thanks.



Agree. She let Munchin foreclose on a woman who made on 25 cent underpayment on her home mortage. He would not let her correct the error. She is as much a sociopath as Munchin, Trump, the Clinton’s and the rest of them…



And I will not vote for them
I am a Democrat and voted for Stein
Would vote for a Bernie/Gabbard ticket.



When they get to Iowa and New Hampshire personality will win the first round. Then we can pin them down to political beliefs, those that are still in
What does it tell us–when that many dems have millions to spend?.



I see this as a bigger red flag than anything Warren is facing. She knew of a completely compromised criminal running a drug testing lab and she was at all pushing back on not allowing every one of the defendants in trials this criminal was involved with getting a retrial? That’s unacceptable (actually I wish it was criminal and cause for disbarment) I wish I didn’t have her as my senator and she is definitely not going to get progressives to rally behind her. I know there are a few lawyers here - I’d be curious to hear what they think too.



I am glad to see Senator Harris enter the race. Not because I support her - but because I don’t. The chances that the Democrats nominate a progressive candidate greatly increase as the number of “moderate” corporate Democrat candidates increases. Party voters have a slight tilt toward the progressive wing of the party - having those voters coalesce quickly around one or two progressive candidates, while the “moderate/conservative” votes get split amongst five or six front running moderates will be a good thing. It greatly increases the odds that a progressive candidate will enter the convention with the plurality of delegates and for once it will be the progressive candidate who can play the “vote for me for the unity of the party” card.



The problem, as always, will be the fact that the Harris/Booker/O’Rourke/Biden nexus will convince a lot of otherwise liberal Dems that they are progressives. D-party voters are nothing if not gullible wishful thinkers.

Hell, Hillary called herself a moderate or a progressive depending on the audience.



That may also actually prove to be a tactical advantage. For example, suppose something like 45% of the delegates favor the most progressive candidate in the race and the remaining votes are split amongst two or three candidates from the Harris/Booker/O’Rourke/Biden wing. Under your scenario (moderate candidates running to the left of their beliefs), I would assume that a good share of their delegates would favor the progressive candidate as their second choice when their favored candidate is eliminated.



Forget it Kamala, you have no chance, because the whole DNC, process is fixed. I would put my money on Mr. Mastercard!



What you’ll actually see is a contest waged on the basis of who will fare best against Trump.

A truly progressive candidate will be tarred a la Bernie 2016 – too liberal to peel off enough moderates.

But time will tell.

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