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For the US, War Is Peace in Ukraine


For the US, War Is Peace in Ukraine

Margaret Kimberley

The United States and the rest of NATO gambled when they took sides in Ukraine’s 2014 political crisis. American fingerprints were clearly seen on the coup which sent an elected president into exile. The West succeeded in putting Petro Poroshenko in the presidency, then showered his nearly bankrupt country with money and sat back hoping to see a puppet regime firmly in place on Russia’s border.


Although ukraine may be devestated by what the Americans have done to it, russia is still in the drivers seat and its econmy has not yet been ruined, not by a long shot. In fact, it is the US that is going to be hurt by this very foolish move in Ukraine. The US has clearly shown the rest of the World that it cannot be trusted nor can any of its expats or NGOs. Russia, China, Brazil and others have formed BRICS and are close to funding its alternative to the Western based IMF. Once a new clearing financial system has been put in place, all the economic sanctions the US just loves to force on other nations that don’t heel like nice little puppies will be of no value whatsoever. there are many, many nations that will hail the day that occurs, because they are sick to death of being told to jump and being forced to ask how high. The so called exceptional, irreplaceable nation will be sh*t out of luck!


The USA is in a very precarious position!!! The economy is DEAD we are operating in 100s of foreign countries running a HUGE military not including our PROXY armies(NATO AL QUEDA ISIS) we are printing paper fiat money debt at 200 trillion without counting DERIVATIVE SCAM !!! The infrastructure and people of the USA are falling apart while we engage in six serious interventions of our making!! Yemen just kicked us out finally after years of illegally droning their PEOPLE!!! When will the beast stop no one knows but now we have Ukraine!!! We want to start with the bear??? I dont think so.They have gold silver gas oil and they are making out very well thanks to US stupidity!! BRICS is the bigest threat now and it will only grow as an alternative to the western banking cartel whos ripping off the planet!!! Nations are going to switch and that may make the US go over the edge finally but whats over that edge!!!