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For Their 'Bold' Climate Platforms, Progressive Challengers in NY, Calif. Primary Fights Win Key Endorsements


For Their 'Bold' Climate Platforms, Progressive Challengers in NY, Calif. Primary Fights Win Key Endorsements

Julia Conley, staff writer

With their endorsements of two progressive candidates in high-profile 2018 races this week, two climate action groups made clear that support for bold solutions to fight the climate crisis is a must for Democrats in the coming elections.


This is encouraging. If Democrats want to win, they’ll plagiarize the Greens’ platform chapter and verse. And if the platform wins, I don’t care what it’s called.


“The group was one of dozens that organized a march in Albany last month to demand that Cuomo end fracking in the state”

Something is wrong here. New York State has never had high-volume horizontal fracking and Cuomo did ban it. The march was in part against fracking infrastructure such as natural gas power plants, pipelines, compressors, etc. I know the Sierra Club’s New York Beyond Coal campaign is supporting what Cuomo has accomplished on climate but is urging him to do more. He has approved the closure of New York’s two remaining coal-burning plants but natural gas infrastructure is still going forward. You could say Cuomo has been good on climate but not great.


The D-Party will prove that the incumbency and corporate fealty is stronger than being right on the issues.

The last priority of the Ds: Accomodating the policy preferences of progressives who they can for granted.


The bottom line is, we have to be completely off fossil fuels by 2023 and CO2 emissions per person below 3 tons per year. Otherwise, game over. https://gritpost.com/humans-extinct-climate-change/


While there is no hope of reducing emissions that much so quickly there is hope that the scientist who has issued this warning will be proven to be wrong.


The most important audience now is liberal-types who don’t understand the level of the crisis and have faith in the establishment. We have right wingers that believe there is a crisis, just not the real one. Then we have comfortable liberals who actually believe that society has advanced, the future is bright and the US is a functioning democracy. These are the people who need to wake up.


If KDL has any support from the Democratic Party establishment then there is bound to be some corporate money mixed in with the funding of his campaign which means that his positions regarding Climate change will likely amount to nothing.

Vote for Allison Hartson of the Justice Democrats



Another term from the malignant Andy Cuomo will bring little but more pain to average New Yorkers - especially upstate residents!

Cuomo has bailed-out - actually he forced taxpayers to - aged and decrepit upstate nuke plants to the tune of $7.6 Billion over 12 years, and will allow the Indian Point plant to be mothballed and remain up to 60 years under the “Safstor” scam before (if ever) the highly polluted/radiated site is returned to greenfield" condition as required…yeah, right!

Cuomo has demanded higher property taxes all over NYS from those least able to afford them, to fund public education (and questionable state spending) rather than raise taxes on the uber-wealthy, those most able to pay - MVD “fees” have also increased on the same poor and middle class, and many other local and state taxes and “fees”, taxes by another name! All under the best politician money can buy, Andy Cuomo!.

I worked as volunteer for John Hall for Congress, a genuine leader of conscience and wisdom (and great musician!), but he was co-opted - sabotaged by the Chucky Schumer camp - given political “advisers” to “influence” him as an inexperienced politician and undermine his honesty and progressive beliefs/intent…John became victim to NY corrupt politics, replaced by wanker sellout Maloney, the Clinton clone!!

Cuomo serves wealth and power in “Clinton Country” - NY - where that crime family still wields great influence over elected DINO Dem sellouts! The “partnership” in Albany between Dems and R’cons who conspire and make deals, to never get anything done that benefits the 99% - most families and individuals - the MOST corrupt state government in the US, run by the “Three Men in a Room”!

Cynthia Nixon will be a breath of fresh air in a stagnant and stinking political cesspool of corruption and self-interest! If we can’t reform NY and kick the corrupt DP-RP out, we can’t reform anywhere

NIXON’S THE ONE!.…sorry about that…


Anderson is the person who blew the whistle on ozone, he is no Guy McPherson. We are screwed.


John Hall lost his seat in the House of Representatives to a Republican. I don’t see how he became a victim to NY corrupt politics. He simply lost an election. And he has since gone back to music and is performing with his band again.


“Something is wrong here…Cuomo did ban [fracking in NY]. The march was in part against fracking infrastructure such as natural gas power plants, pipelines, compressors.”

Wow, good call.

Building pipelines across NY to next door Pennsylvania to transport gas fracked there to under-construction NY plants that will burn it, leaking poison methane?

Why, the dishonest nerve of 350.org to demand a stop to it under the slogan of ending fracking in NY.


One should keep their mouth shut if one don’t know the history or facts surrounding any issue…in this case it’s no wonder “you don’t see”…as usual covering for the DINO party establishment, clinton/obama/schumer/cuomp sellouts!

I was involved in both John’s election and re-election, I saw and listened to the subversion by Schumers foisted DINO agent and saw the change. I spoke with both often. Johns first Chief of staff was a genuine person, the schumer camp sellout was DP all the way regardless the truth…

Ignorance is bliss…


How did that result in Hall losing the election? I know that after redistricting Sean Maloney defeated the same person that Hall lost to. Of course with changes in districts the voting patterns are changed.


I don’t think 350.org said that Cuomo should end fracking in New York. I think the CD staff writer made an error in interpreting the purpose of the protest in Albany. I would put the blame on CD not 350.org. Nothing unusual about a writer or journalist getting something wrong. It happens. Cuomo should get credit for evoking the precautionary principle when he banned fracking. Generally people just go ahead and do things even if there is not proof they are safe. In this case the NYS Commissioner of Health that there was not enough evidence about the health effects of fracking and he recommended to not allow it and Cuomo went along. At least that was the reason make public. No doubt many people in upstate New York who might have financially benefited greatly from fracking were furious over Cuomo’s decision but he stuck to it.



Good article, but left-right analysis fall short. The real fault line is between top and bottom.


I just read Alison’s Candidate Statement and if I could vote via a Ranked Choice Ballot, I would vote for her above Kevin. However, I really want to see someone get through the Jungle Primary and challenge Feinstein in the general who isn’t even less progressive than she is (like all the Republicans and several of the independents running). I’m afraid of progressives vote split, we’ll get no one in the general. At this point Kevin looks to pass the threshold and seems to have the most support of anybody somewhat progressive.


Thanks for this. A couple of the many nuggets in Street’s analysis:

The only solution, a real left would know, along with Marx, is for workers and citizens to organize collectively to overthrow the amoral profits system and take control of what they produce and how society is organized…

Not that Sanders, who was the Democrats’ best chance to defeat Trump, is all that “left.” Bernie “F-35” Sanders’ occasional and carefully hedged claims to be a “democratic socialist” were contradicted by his dutiful if quiet embrace of the mass-murderous U.S. military empire. It takes real chutzpah to repeatedly mention Scandinavia as his social-democratic role model without once noting that Sweden, Denmark and Norway spend comparatively tiny percentages of their national budgets on militarism. Failure to tackle the giant U.S. war budget (a vast mechanism of upward wealth transfer) means that you can’t pay for poverty-ending progressive transformation at home.

Sanders has never seriously criticized capitalism, the profits system or modern class rule. He has never questioned the underlying and foundational institutional despotism of capital over labor and the commons that makes a mockery of the West’s democratic pretense while placing human life itself at grave peril. Along the way, Sanders has sustained progressives’ deadly attachment to the nation’s narrow and strictly time-staggered election- and candidate-centered politics.

“The really critical thing,” the great American radical historian Howard Zinn once sagely wrote, “isn’t who’s sitting in the White House, but who is sitting in—in the streets, in the cafeterias, in the halls of government, in the factories. Who is protesting, who is occupying offices and demonstrating—those are the things that determine what happens.”

“The only thing that’s going to ever bring about any meaningful change,” Noam Chomsky told Abby Martin in the fall of 2015, “is ongoing, dedicated, popular movements that don’t pay attention to the election cycle.” Sanders was and remains about the masters’ election cycle, which is dedicated to the delusional notion that we the people get meaningful democratic input into policy by spending three minutes in a voting booth choosing from among a handful of candidates selected in advance for us by the nation’s unelected dictatorship of money once every two years.


No, the DNC and RNC have become the same thing. The lip service we get by talented sociopaths is just lip service. Stop voting for them. Vote Green.