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For Third Weekend Straight, Resist Trump Demos Voice Widespread Dissent

For Third Weekend Straight, Resist Trump Demos Voice Widespread Dissent

Common Dreams staff

A weekend of continued anti-Trump protest... Check back for news and updates...

For the third weekend in a row, people in the United States and around the world were registering their disgust and opposition to President Donald Trump by staging rallies and protests against the new administration's far-right agenda.

I participated in an environmental protest a couple of days ago. There were a lot more people there than I expected. It is critical to keep this up. It is usually not clear what it accomplishes but it probably has an effect on politicians and also helps build momentum for the majority that is trying to fight back against a minority trying to impose its extremist agenda on everybody. The message must continue to be sent that the majority will never accept this extremist agenda. It is unAmerican and all based on numerous lies.


Yes, we all must protest against the environment! :slight_smile:

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Of slightly-related interest is the super-bowl with patriots top-brass ardent trump fans, as Bill Maher ranted…

"For the first time in a long time I really care who wins the Super Bowl,” newly minted Falcons fan Bill Maher said on Friday night’s Real Time. It’s not because he’s been a longtime supporter of the city. In fact, he says, “I could give a s— about Atlanta.” The impetus for his sudden change of heart is President Donald Trump.

“The Falcons are playing a team where the owner, the coach, and the star quarterback all love and support Donald Trump. So, I’d really like them to lose by a score of a million-f–ing-thousand to none,” he explains. And to Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Maher says, “F— you.”

The host pointed to Brady’s “Make America Great Again” hat during the presidential campaign, which the athlete previously explained, “[Trump] sent it to me via [Kraft].” The quarterback later told reporters about the potential for President Trump, “I hope so. That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn, I’m sure of that.”

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I noticed CAP Action was referenced on Twitter in the article. CAP Action is the action fund of the Center for American Progress, which is totally the creature of the Democratic Party. Neera Tanden is the president of CAP and was one of Clinton’s top aides during the campaign. Of course these elite Dems are trying to co-op the grounds up people powered movements that are forming. The Democratic Party and your Congressional representatives and Senators are all pretending they have something to do with the Trump opposition, but in reality they are followers, not leaders.


These marches and protests are based on a movement to continue the progress in this nation, of social justice, economic justice, and political justice. All of which were fights that Americans have been fighting in this country for many generations. These marches are Intersectionality not one dimensional

I agree and in reality people focused on various issues show up at these protests regardless of the specific issues that the organizers are addressing. Of course right now at the federal level the progress made on justice for all is being threatened and the main goal seems to be to maintain as much as possible what has already been won. Trump’s white nationalist movement doesn’t seem to include the notion of justice except perhaps for private property owners. In fact much of it is driven by a fight against the view of justice being put forth by the left. On the right the emphasis in on the rights of property owners and fighting to keep a society based on the culture of whites and Christians.

Communism forgets that life is individual, capitalism forgets life is social. We need a system that combines the truths of both.

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Capitalism is total slavery. There is no reforming it, nor is there a kinder version of it. It requires continuous and growing exploitation of people, animals and the environment to survive. There is nothing about capitalism that is worth saving. Only in a socialist society can an individual be an individual without selling out or being exploited. Crush capitalism!


I think the US is a mixture of capitalism and a social welfare state. Elections seem to determine which gets the emphasis. Right now we have to defend the social welfare state. Clearly the extremists who have taken over the Republican Party would like to dismantle it.

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It’s important also to show the rest of the world that we are fighting back.

The fact that Chuck Schumer was allowed to get up and speak is clear, unmitigated evidence that the establishment Dems are trying to co-opt the grassroots movement. I would be thrilled about all of this protesting… if it weren’t motivated and controlled by the corporate Dems.


Thousands in Denver, Colorado.

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Fascinating. Immediately following the women’s demonstrations a few weeks ago, columnists (you know, those “journalists” who are supposed to be in touch with the “people”), even those on the (moderate) left pooh-poohed the demonstrations as, effectively, “flash-in-the-pans”, and thus of no significance. If doubting me, go back and access newspaper, online, and electronic media sources from this period, merely a few weeks ago. Well, these “journalists”, who are supposed to be attuned to the public, unlike all others, appear to have been (and in some instances still are) quite mistaken. Parenthetically, even “left-wing” journalists assume only right-wing journalists are actually attuned to the public, whereas right-wing journalists KNOW they are attuned to the public. Trump, however, has unleashed counter forces none in the media or even elected officials thought existed and, thus, understand. That elected officials are stunned by the response, especially the quiescent Congressional Democrats, exhibits a disheartening decline in democratic representation. Especially exemplifying this ignorance of legislators and media for me is that, apparently, Federal employees are enrolling in courses on civil disobediance. If there is any good within the blindness of the media and elected politicians, it is multiplication of the impact of displays of opposition to Trump because unpredictably surprising to these individuals.

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Interesting to note that there is a petition in the UK going around so as stop your so-called President from coming to the UK to have afternoon tea with the Queen. It seems that about 8000 000 to 1 000 000 people have signed it. The details are on Al Jazeera News, if you are allowed to read it. Apparently the invitation has to be approved by the British Parliament,

Sweden once had it and it worked very well.

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And I suppose you prefer the Heritage Foundation or Cato Institute or Americans for Prosperity (all Koch-funded far right “think tanks”) whose rhetoric is unfailingly anti-American; have a pro-business and sole self-serving purpose of megalomaniacal takeover of the federal government; dismantle all regulatory agencies; allow rampant environmental destruction for the sake of pure profit, and resolute usurpation of local, regional, and state governments nationwide. They are powered by greed completely devoid of any regard for the disastrous consequences thrust upon our nation and the world.

Wonder what it is like to be the progeny of or any relation to the most reviled president ever in our nation’s history? All the money in the world will not shield them from the deep spiritual enmity and loathing evoked by the hatemonger-in-charge. And the emperor’s grandchildren will not be protected by their parents’ wealth from the national and worldwide angst.

And those are the alternatives. Either the Neoliberals at the Center for American Progress or the Libertarians at the Cato Institute. What a lack of creativity you have, a product of the box you think out of.