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For Trump and GOP, No Hope, Just the Audacity of Lies

I have been in my time a Registered Nurse-union organizer(helped form 2 unions-one for nurses and worked for years for the UFW on and off) -small business owner(a non alcohol live music and food venue for 20 years in a very right wing community)-and always a progressive political organizer–since working on the Shirley Chisholm campaign(when the Dems walked away from their candidate and voted for Nixon in the general election–a primary betrayal of the Dems who continue to complain if people don’t vote for their miserable excuses for candidates–just as they did–who soon decided they did not need the unions-working people -or minorities[except when they are lying to us to get a photo op or our votes] and sold out to the corporations–want proof–see how our production has increased while the wages stayed stagnant for the last 40 years–in that time I have witnessed-been the victim of-and had to deal with many many of the type people I described–I even tried every election period since McGovern to “reform” the Democratic party with the same results we have witnessed in 2016 and 2020 from the Dems until I gave it up as a wasted effort with Clinton the 1st(the first of our corporate tool Democratic presidents–there has been 2 more of the same ilk and a third demanding we vote for an extremely evil man because he is not quite so evil as the other guy[only a war monger of the first order-a man who supports the collapse of our ecosystems for the profits of the fossil fuel industries-a man who wants to deny M4A in time of pandemic-wants to deny UBI to a country out of work through no fault of their own–but is happy to increase the money to racist cops—did this give you enough? did you really think that the people interested in becoming rich will willingly admit their mendacity or what they are willing to do to make that money???–you live a sheltered life if that is the case

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Thank you for sharing your experiences and particularly those about your 40 year attempts to “reform” the Democratic party.

That surely must have proved to be an exercise in futility.

I commend your attempts.

One of my best friends had worked as a nurse in a couple major U.S. cities, and through knowing him and the trials and tribulations he went through in his work, I again commend you Rick for your service as a Healthcare professional.

Your sharing, shows your caring.