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For Trump, Covid-19 Is Perfect Cover to Seize More Power, Increase Reelection Chances

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/30/trump-covid-19-perfect-cover-seize-more-power-increase-reelection-chances


On November 3rd remember to vote this Fucker off of the Island!


He can be “voted off the island” only if there is a November 3 election.

With borders closed, more than 90% of newspapers on the verge of bankruptcy, the US Postal Service on the ropes, and Dimcritter Party playing into their hand, COVID-19 has given Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP a playing field made for the coup they have only dreamed of up until now. A perfect playing field, not “cover”.


Well the fact that the opposition candidate is a soulless, uninspiring, dementia-ridden rapist who is hunkered down in a basement trying not to drool over himself while Trump is out there giving presser after presser and talking to people isn’t helping. I mean really, who is Biden inspiring? Is there such thing as the Biden movement? Do you see people volunteering in droves to do grassroots for him? To knock on doors for him? Heck, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who can even name his platform and point to 5 policy issues he is running on. “I am not Trump” and “a battle for the soul of nation” Hillary Clinton bullsh!t strategy don’t work. So of course Trump is winning. He is setting the tone, he is setting the narrative and Biden is barely able to keep up. And i dont blame him, he is sick!

This job, even under the best of circumstances - when there isnt a pandemic, a depression and fascism around the corner - requires someone in good health and brimming with energy, fortitude and detailed plans. Biden needs his wife next to him because clinically someone in his condition who loses his train of thought easily and wanders off needs someone to anchor him. That is why she is sitting next to him in most interviews or is nearby.

Just imagine the hatred you would have to feel for someone like Sanders who wants to give people healthcare and modestly tax billionaires that you are willing to do that to an old man. Especially his wife. She is willing to do that to him just to stop Sanders. Anyway, point being: there is only so much much enthusiasm you can fake. The bottom line is that Biden isnt inspiring anyone and we all know you cant get an electoral win like that. Trump is going to run the Tara Reade thing and gaffes about his mental health from now until doomsday.


The “perfect cover” for the trump regime to retain power and continue to destroy all in their malignant path, is very much as Kaylie writes that the DINO non-opposition is entrenched in self-sabotage mode (or total complicity) - themselves and all America that has even half a brain, moral compass, and corcern for the Common Good!
The utter lack of a vibrant honest party and platform is one glaring problem along with dedication to business as usual and the same corrupting influences that dominate all our political processes, and the loathsome R’Con-trump regime. Add sabotaging Progressives and our issues at every damn turn - pissing down our backs, telling us it’s raining - manipulating the defeat of Bernie Sanders and apparent nomination of a has-been/never-was corrupt fool with serious dimentia problems, foot-in-mouth disease, a past littered with right-wing/police-state-corporate usury service, and serious rape/abuse allegations hillary 2.0 corrupt stupidity and arrogance! - the entire infuriating DINO establishment and its complicit abjectly cowardly politicians. The DP strategists are astonishing idiots and/or just bought and paid-for sellouts!

To win and alter their corrupt - snatch defeat from the jaws of victory stupidity, will take mass pressure from the so-called and ignored “base”.
I expect this shite from republicon/conservative stooges but will not tolerate it from DINO corporate-whores!


We may be heading into a German 1932-type election.


100% correct.


You may be right, when it should be like the 1932 US election, but the Democratic Party screwed up that possibility.


what makes Jill so disturbing is that she’s ostensibly a physician. And she’s allowing this travesty to occur.

Jill Biden is no Jill Stein.


Yes, Biden was selected a long time ago by Wall Street, just like Hillary was in 2016. Being a Wall Street Stooge and a war monger, Biden has been selected by the economic and corrupt Democratic elite. Yes, there is such a thing as the Biden movement!


Hmmm, well if this were a dystopian novel—readers would learn that there is only one thing that the Deranger in Chief would care about-----his daughter! In this novel, she seems to have disappeared or to have been spirited away, and the Deranger attempts to get her back, as she appears to be the only thing he cares about! However, the price to getting her back—is to drop out of the wanna be Deranger Race.
HA! He does-- BUT the brain dead Dem candidate is arrested after asking a 16 year old volunteer to meet him in the hall way with his gym bag----and OMG he does another Biden- His - Time attack—but in the nick of time , the 16 year old is saved by a passing Senator, The BERNIE—Truth Justice and the American way Senator---- AND -the Biden- His -Time -Man is arrested, and America , in the nick of time, is saved from both the corporately owned Congress---- and the creepy old man -and then led by the BERNIE—
AMERICA is saved from the clutches of the Deranger -in -Chief—whose daughter was not kidnapped after all, but was merely lost in her 10 story clothes closet, and not missing after all–and so, America was saved, in the nick of time, from both the Deranger and the Defiler----and under the leadership of the Bernie----- America , once more, belonged to, WE the People. : )
It could happen, because — you know, a man wrote a book about a huge ocean liner , the biggest in the world, and then in reality a really big, TITANIC ship really did sink-------hmmm, sometimes fiction does become fact.
The End. : )

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IF Biden really gives a crap about this Country & its people, the BEST & most patriotic thing he can do is to resign, while handing the nomination to Bernie Sanders!
Bernie has the ideas, plans, supporters, enthusiasm & energized base to see it thru, beat Trump & then upend the elite status quo who fight for more of the same, when we must fight for CHANGE!
We need major changes – in the people & attitudes of those who have been ruling over us instead of for us all.
Start with fair taxation of those with all the money! Those you always bailout too. A large increase in wages is long past due ~ from bottom up, but NOT AT VERY TOP…they have been scooping all the money up for themselves all along.
A major redistribution is past due, of the extreme wealth that has been taken from the 99% & given to the 1% for many years now!
Those who actually work & work long hours, work hard, and have not been properly compensated for that, need to be!
How will you know if you will pay more or get more with fair distribution plan? Here’s a hint:
If your idea of “hard work” is planning a dinner party, or world cruise ~ you’d pay this time.
If you laze around, relaxing in luxurious home…if every day feels like a weekend…if “what’s it cost?” is NOT part of any decision ~ you’d pay. If someone else does your cleaning & laundry for you…if you can’t recall how to load a dishwasher…you’d pay.
And, if you’ve been personally invited to Repub fundraisers ~ you’d pay. If you’ve gone to those fundraisers, paying $1,000+ per plate…oh yeah you’d pay! Twice.
If none of those things resemble your current lifestyle…“Ta-da!” For once, you WON’T BE paying more in taxes this round. You have paid puh-lenty!


Sure Trump’s an ass hole but what the hell is Pelosi doing with her democratic controlled House of Reps and what are Senate Dems doing to resist all this pillaging of America … nothing but going along for the ride and riches.

C’mon Robert stop with the partisan critiques and start pushing Pelosi away from her $24000 fridges of ice cream to start doing something for the people like maybe … I don’t know medicare for all for the duration of the pandeamic, or rent and mortgage moratoriums or $2000/month UBI something more than incoherent mumblings about Trump and the dastardly republicans as she votes along with the measures to give billions to corporations and the wealthy.

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People need to WAKE UP--------THE CORPORATE MEDIA ARE MANUFACURING CONSENT! Is Robert Reich supporting Biden??? I wonder what Al Franklin is thinking right now? I don’t know if I agree with the BAR that democrats set -----BUT THIS GOES OVER THEIR BAR.

Just as one voice out here in the wilderness----I have supported democrats for over 40 years-coming from Massachusetts Mr Reich I supported you for Gov.


How can democrat leadership look themselves in the mirror and run with Biden???---- can we cut the BULLSHIT-----Bernie Sanders IS a moderate democrat--------he just isn’t bought and paid for-----

We could be headed into a world wide depression–We need the real FDR

Bernie I think this nomination is yours-----if not you should run as what YOU ARE—an INDEPENDENT----And we need Warren’s energy despite all you haters.



Over the past 3 1/2 years we have got to see just how much pain and suffering one individual can inflict on our society. Environmental devastation on a massive scale, wage gap increase like never before, one tax break after another for the 1%, a relentless attack on our Constitution, radical extremist picks for life to the Supreme Court, children forcefully taken from their parents and placed in cages, trashing our NATO allies and cozying up to dictators, people dying from coronavirus due to incompetent leadership… I could go on all day. I see many here that post to CD claiming they will leave the ballot blank at the top is just plain irresponsible. If anyone thinks these past four years have been HELL, just wait. Given the opportunity, this administration will inflict pain and suffering like we’ve never seen before.


the democrats and Biden are the perfect cover.