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For Trump, Words Are Stupid Things


For Trump, Words Are Stupid Things

Michael Winship

“Trump is a reductive force,” journalist Peter Ross wrote in a recent superb article about Orwell and 1984 for Boston Review. “He wants everything to be as small and mean as his own heart, and he has made a start with words.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May and President Trump meet beside a bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the Oval Office of the White House on Jan. 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)


The pettiness of Trump and his words sums up where the republicans are now. Stupid, small, and petty. Folks that voted for Trump in many cases did so to thumb their noses at the rest of us, when in actuality they cut off their noses to spite their own and everyone else’s faces. Whose sorry now? Everyone! Everyone that is except the few powerful oligarchs who are robbing the treasury with their tax cut plan right now! (The tax cuts won’t grow the economy and that’s been proven. See Kansas 2010) I’m sorry the best the democrats could come up with was HRC a flawed vessel at best. The Trump thing was expected from the republicans who have been anti US government since the speaker of the House was Tip O’Neill. It’s past time for one or both of the parties to splinter and form a different party, and this time, the country must keep the old one. The democrats can continue to be “plutocracy-lite” and the republicans can continue to march towards fascism, but most of us are aware of and are striving to live Green! As I watched Samatha Bee scold and blame me for the current president this week, I am truly sorry that more folks didn’t take the time to investigate a different party and learn how well their ideals for the US matched with other candidate’s vision and intentions. Do you really think for one second that a Jill Stein presidency wouldn’t be preferred to this or a Hillary presidency? I’m done voting for any lesser evil. Evil is Evil! I live Green and I Vote Green.


DJT, “you still have the heart of that small boy”:


I’m with you Don. I voted Clinton this past election for the same reasons you stated - lesser evil. However; that has been an utterly disgusting exercise in denying our own minds and the power of reasoning for far too many elections now. When we do so, we simply fall for their cruel manipulation of us all.

We’re hiding from the snakes by wading into shark-infested waters.


Sad but true, Bob! It wouldn’t have mattered in my backwards state if I had voted for HRC, so in that manner I’m insulated and allowed to vote my own conscience. It would’ve been far tougher had I been in a swing state. I’ve spoken to so many disenfranchised who refuse to vote and don’t realize that they would prefer everyone not vote.
I hope we get a chance to change folks’ minds. May we live to the next election cycle!


When I held my nose and voted for HRC, I expected her policy would be far more green than Dtrump’s global warming denial in the campaign. I voted more for the democratic party record in that regard than for HRC. Dtrump’s agenda to raid the treasury is very similar to GWBush after he took office in 2000. George Jr was too busy raiding the treasury (tax giveaway to millionaires) to address the imminent threat of an expected terrorist attack. I’ll never forgive Nader or Jill Stein for misleading the environmentally conscientious down a rat hole.


Gee is that a back handed way of calling me a rat? You can carry blame and hate around with you for those of us who voted Jill Stein, but man, come on, isn’t that a bummer of a stinking festering burden? Better for you to blame and never forgive those who voted for Dtrump than those you probably share a helluvalot more in common with. Nader and Stein are both logarithmically more qualified to receive your votes than anyone running since John Kerry the maligned guy who DIDN’T get a deferment and who DID speak up to stop the madness after he himself went, and who also earned my vote. He probably was responsible for saving my life by ending the war so I didn’t have to go! It doesn’t sound like HRC earned your vote “When I held my nose and voted for HRC,…” so I will come out and say it: I believe your voting record to be part of the problem. I too was part of the problem until recently when I threw off the yoke of “lesser evil and holding my breath voting” for someone whose agenda is to enslave me like a raw resource looking to get used. I mistakenly voted for RR twice and GHWB and even Obama once. Live free or die now, eh?


In my opinion, one of the worst things that the rise of Trump has done to our society and our discourse lies in the that that he has elevated many of our less admirable national traits to the level of “normality”, acceptability, and even desirability. These include, but are not limited to: Ignorance, Willful Stupidity, Petulance, Vengefulness, Bullying Behavior, Lying, Bigotry, Hatred, Violence, Anger, Meanness, Jealousy, Greed, Racism, Misogyny and Cruelty.


About those election choices: A closer look. This is a comprehensive look at pretty much all of them.


Daft twerp. loved it. Great article.


“[P]olitical language… is designed to make its lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

That goes double for mass murderer Bush.


We have just never been exposed to a true fascist before at the national level. Trump probably should be judged as a fascist. We are judging him as if he is just another politician who supports democracy and Western values. So how is he doing as a fascist? Maybe that how he should be judged. The reason people support him is don’t like the direction the country has taken for a number of reasons. Many people reject the notion that whites should not be seen as superior and are not better than the other races. Others reject the notion that Christianity should not be central in the public realm such as schools and government. Others believe the government wants to take their guns away and are looking to Trump in order to keep their guns, including semi-automatic weapons. And some only care about the United States and could care less about people in other countries and reject notions of globalization. Trump seems to be the candidate of people who didn’t have those great resumes in high school that colleges would want to see. He is the candidate of people who finished high school and immediately went to work or didn’t even finish high school. Tremendous language is not something they are looking for in a president. Eloquence and coherence of speech is not what they care about. For them Trump is okay.


The people I know that voted for Trump are very wealthy and have at least a Master’s level education. And/or Hate Hillary Clinton.


No, Don. The rat hole is where Bush and now Trump have led us, both of whom I utterly despise. Neither Gore nor HRC would’ve led us to war nor raided the treasury. Even Sanders lent his support to HRC, probably based on the belief that she would’ve followed standard democratic party platform. I voted to reelect Carter in 1980 mostly because of his energy policy which I believe was a main reason that fossil fuel industry and related interests scuttled his presidency by tanking the economy. What? I voted for Perot in 1992, but figured Clinton would win and that Perot would take more republican votes than democratic party votes. I calculated that 3rd party vote logically and the country fared better in the Clinton era than Bush and now better than the casino mob boss misogynist pig Dtrump and the racist republican party motherfuckers. I was drafted during Nam, just before Kent State when the first big withdrawal of our troops began. I got an early out after 20 months, probably to reassign returning troops into jobs like mine.


Not every Trump voter didn’t attend college. I was generalizing. Trump voters in general tend to be pretty well off financially. It is not surprising that they hate Hillary Clinton. Trump voters do not like liberals. I don’t think it is anything specific to Hillary Clinton other than she has been a major target for the right wing media. But I would imagine Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, etc would get a similar negative response from Trump voters.


Good points. I think there might be regional differences. I was really surprised at some of the complaints. Additionally, Libertarians are still mad at Bill Clinton or anything Clinton. Entitlements, even though they work in industries that are subsidized. More a consensus by mass media but for different reasons.


I think there are regional differences. In the South and parts of the Midwest where there are a lot of evangelicals, who overwhelmingly voted for Trump, the reasons for voting for him are probably different than in the West where people do not like the federal government being involved in their lives.


Those people reveled in the radio talks of FDR and the speeches of JFK and RFK. They are the cause of their problems because of the divide and conquer strategy’s that worked to kill the unions. Now they can be conned by actors and rasslers.


Just how prescient are the owners of Twitter to call Twitter “Twitter”? It’s like they knew we would end up with a twit in the White House, unable to control his twit fits, who also makes us all look like a bunch of twits, years before the twit became the the Twit in Chief.

I’m petwitified! Hey Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams (Twitter founders) please create an online comment platform called “Get Smart!”


You can’t say for certain that Gore or HRC wouldn’t have led us to war or raided the treasury.

That’s pure speculation. As I recall, HRC voted for the Iraq War.


We can say for certain that Dtrump and both Bush presidencies would raid the treasury and to a lesser degree would lead the world to war. As I recall, when Bill Clinton sent troops to Yugoslavia/Bosnia, few soldiers died and that war was over within a year. Equating the two parties as the same is rightwing propaganda, their means to divide and conquer. I’m fed up with supposedly sincere left wingers falling for rightwing BS.