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For Truth and Honor's Sake: I Will Show You Change, and It Will Not Include George Bush


For Truth and Honor's Sake: I Will Show You Change, and It Will Not Include George Bush

Amidst the spectacle and soaring rhetoric of Sunday's march in Selma, an incisive morality play was quietly unfolding: Diane Nash, civil rights pioneer and key colleague of King 50 years ago, declined to march, citing the photo-op-ready presence of George Bush. "The Selma movement stands for nonviolence and peace and democracy, and George Bush stands for... violence and war," she declared. She also urged people not to wait for those in power but "make the necessary changes." Nash and John Lewis give us hope.


For those too young to have any memory of the events , the link below provides an excellent review of the pre SNCC student movement circa 1960-61 and the first 22 minutes prominently features Ms Nash’s recollections of her role in the Nashville movement including her calling out of the then Mayor of Nashville on the issue of lunch counter integration. It is moving moment from both Ms. Nash’s and the mayor’s perspective.
Also not to be missed are the recollections of CT Vivian, a wiry little clergyman with an intensity that shines through his recollections.
Bravo Diane Nash! An elder spokesperson now who still has the fire of conviction almost incomprehensible to the youth of today.



the AWOL bushmonkey showed up?

You gotta be chitting me!

He and his family fought tooth and nail against any citizens rights the entire time they Die-Bolded themselves into office.


Just like Edgar Hoovers name should be removed from the FBI building in D.C., as he among other egregious, things accused MLK Jr. of having ties to communists ( which today would translate into terrorists ) the name of Edmund Pettis should be removed from that bridge. The Diane Nash bridge would be much more appropriate. Or name it after the brave people that died on bloody Sunday. Something like: in memoriam of the people that died that day.


George Bush marching across the bridge named in the honor of Jim Crow, is like the KKK marching incognito.

Diane Nash: " George Bush stands for violence and war".


“The Selma movement stands for nonviolence and peace and democracy, and George Bush stands for just the opposite. He stands for violence and war and stolen elections, and, for goodness sake, his administration had people tortured.” – Nash

Exactly! Thank you, Diane Nash for speaking the truth about that war criminal, W. and to Abbey for an excellent article.

IMHO George W. more rightly belongs in hand/leg irons and an orange jumpsuit rather than allowed to use the Selma anniversary march as his own personal photo op.


Yes, we’re all outraged and sickened about Tamir Rice … Eric Gardner … Trayvon … Michael … on and on and on. But I am outraged and sickened by the droning of Mohammed Toiman al-Jahmi, who was frightened of the flying death machines from the US. My outrage doesn’t end at my borders … apparently I can’t put a link in posts yet, so please do search for his story on the Intercept - Greenwald wrote about him. Or elsewhere. Same story as abdulrachman al-alawi too …


I’ll bet, if they released all of those serving long or indeterminate sentences for relatively minor offenses in our, for profit, private, prison system, you might have almost enough room to house the war profiteers, war criminals, crooked politicians, crooked judges, bestial cops, war mongers and the hypocrites that support this befouled and corrupt Reich that calls itself a democracy. Actually, you might have to put two or three in a cell to do it. Cheney, Bush and Obama would make good roommates, they made a pretty good killing on the outside.


It is the same reason that African Americans can call one another, “nigger”, but Caucasians better not–it’s called “black privilege”. It is alive and well in all kinds of circumstances, of which this pass given to Obama and not to Bush (both are worthy of censure!) for exactly the same offense is but one example. American racial prejudice and bigotry is a two way street just like any other infectious disease.