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For Violating Oath to Defend Constitution, 200+ Veteran Journalists Condemn Trump for "Utterly Unlawful" Attacks on Free Press

For Violating Oath to Defend Constitution, 200+ Veteran Journalists Condemn Trump for "Utterly Unlawful" Attacks on Free Press

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 200 veteran journalists have signed a letter demanding that President Donald Trump end his repeated attacks on the news media in light of the attempted bombing at CNN's New York offices, calling his open support for violence against reporters and media outlets "unconstitutional, un-American, and utterly unlawful."

Dear Friends, can anyone here think of a founding father who would not have buried a musket ball in Hair Useful* Idiot’s brain by now?

*not to US

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The Alien and Sedition act of 1798, signed by President John Adams , one of your founding fathers , allowed for prison terms for people that printed information critical of the Government

While part of this act repealed in 1801 , the remainder of the act remained in place and was used to imprison persons of German origin in ww1 and ww2 and of Japanese origin in ww2.


Always been a Jefferson fan…


Oh don`t get me started on Jefferson.

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Life was never perfect; never will be.


Protest? Why not sue? Oh wait SCOTUS … yet SCOTUS is impeachable too under the Constitution. WE need not act as if we are powerless!


If we know anything, we know Trump cannot stand criticism of any kind. That is why he lies so much! That is why he blames the democratic mob for the Mexico caravan; and so many other lies, so it would not surprise me that he would not condemn his fellow, fascist, white, nationalists for sending a message that he approves of.


Trump leader of the free world? No, he is the leader of countries under authoritarian regimes. Does the free world have a leader? Angela Merkel perhaps? Trump doesn’t care about the Constitution. His oath means nothing. He was elected to ignore the Constitution and laws in general. I think many Americans want to free themselves of the Constitution and simply follow what their leader says. This is how Russia has been operation for the last six years as whatever Putin says goes. Russia has become very appealing to the right wing in the US. It is dominated by whites. Religion is going strong with thousands of new churches being constructed. Its history has been revised to create a history of a thousand years of Russian purity. Its TV news has nothing bad to say about Russia, only bad things about foreign countries. There are no same sex marriages and no transgender people. For many Americans this is a much more appealing country than what the US has become.


When Trump took the oath of office and said “I DO”, it was his first official lie.of the thousands to follow.


It’s impossible not to see Trump’s tyrannical control over the US and the will of the people.

And this is happening because of a GOP with three more votes than the Democratic Party?

What if the majority/minority votes were reversed in the Senate?

What does it take for the Koch/Democratic Party to do what the GOP regularly does?

We need a “Flying Wedge” on the order of Fannie Lou Hamer’s Mississippi Freedom Democratic
Party to break this up.

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He had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said, “I do.”

I was thinking that as I posted.

Thanks for reminding many here that We are not powerless.

We are the many. They are the few.


Very few Americans seem to grasp just how seriously these presidential endorsements of violence (in general) and attacks against the press affect their country and their futures. i guess people are just numb, and when the POTUS praises a violent attack by some MF like Gianforte, who was charged with assault and convicted for body slamming a reporter (the day before he was elected by evidenly equally numb Montanans to Congress), it doesn’t phase them that this is unparalleled in US presidential history. All of it.



Any news on Your People

Yours Ours and Theirs are all illusions

This, from Ohio who fought themselves during the Civil War

How about we stay in the Present

200+ journalists condemning. How about 45 senators and 200 House members? How about some clergy? How about some teacher associations? etc etc.


The Trump monster was unleashed as a lesson to neoliberal Democrats from disaffected (former?) Democrats. I voted for Stein, but have flagellated myself long enough with Republicanazis in charge.

Luckily, or as a reaction to the fascists, we have more progressive Democrats now to vote for. But neoliberal Democrats must not take this as a surrender.

I (we?) still intend to vote you out if the Nazis (and neoliberal Dems?) don’t succeed in suppressing the vote.


Then you need to read Eric Foner’s book, The Story of American Freedom. Jefferson may have had some good ideas but the problem was that they needed to have occurred in England not on another continent thousands of miles away and populated already. He was quite the racist but worse, perhaps, he acknowledged that slavery was wrong and in contradiction to the high ideal of liberty for which the revolution was supposedly fought yet would not free his slaves and went the extra mile for the slave holding states. In short, he was a coward. Yes, a coward to know what is right and needs to be done/undone but refusing to do so. Your comment, sad to say, is excusing such genocide and slavery.