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'For What?' Joe Biden Refuses to Apologize After Praising Segregationist Senators

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/20/what-joe-biden-refuses-apologize-after-praising-segregationist-senators

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And uncle Joe begins his campaign. I can’t wait for the debates, he’s gonna drop like a fucking brick in the polls after. Joe Biden, the Jeb Bush of 2020.


I know how it is Joe. Now in my eighties there is a tendency to live in the past with one’s memories of the good ole days. Maybe you having a beer with Strom Thurmond …or Eastland.

Go away Joe and play with you great grand kids…enjoy your last days.


"White is Right," or, so Joe would have us believe.


The horrible part about this story was on full display this morning when CBS published their recent polling about the democratic candidates for POTUS. Joe Biden has over 60% support among the African American party faithful. No other candidate received more than 16% support.
Does this sound familiar? It should, as it shows the same level of cognitive denial that African American voters showed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary season. And now African Americans seem poised to once again vote against their own best interests, either being willfully ignorant of ol uncle Joes racist past, or just having given up and accepting of their second class status in America, and yes, their status as the useful dupes of the Democratic Party.


Biden still fancies himself one of the Dukes of Hazard.


Biden just has no filter for his idiot mouth. As more of what Biden says and does gets out his candidacy will be as dead as Kelsey’s cahones.
The latest “working across the aisle” with R’Con’s and racists, pledge to Wall Street that “nothing will change” under a Biden admn, his behavior/comments toward female voters and kids, his refusal to fight for serious Climate Change actions now, silence on many critical issues and much more. All that coupled with his record of neo-liberal, corporate-friendly votes, and as VP make Biden the definition of NOT the one…except for big-money status quo!

https://www.truthdig.com/articles/joe-biden-is-a-phony-plain-and-simple/ Good read on phony Joe

Part of Biden’s pathetic record of betrayals.

1981 - attacked and failed to protect Anita Hill - a racist failure on many levels
1984 - wrote the Crime Bill that victimized so many poor and people of color
1995 - wrote the *Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act* that became the Patriot Act threatening our freedoms in many ways.
1996 - Voted against gay marriage equality and civil rights
1999 - Voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic meltdown and victimization-of and theft from millions - except banker parasites who were “bailed-out”!…
2001 - Voted for the Patriot Act and all its treasonous, neo-fascist consequences.
2002 - voted for the iraq war and all its deadly, costly consequences!
2005 - voted against requiring credit card companies to provide more effective warnings to consumers
2005 - Voted to end bankruptcy protections for students enabling more usury by loan industry parasites.

No, Wall Street Joe is NOT the one!


You could amend your comment to refer to older, churchgoing African American voters.
Sadly, the voters who won it early for Hillary could be the same who doom their party to Uncle Joe.


Coming soon! Four more years of Trump! Scary!


Political correctness truly is the fascism of the left. I think the reaction to this particular “story” has gone overboard.

You might consider how ridiculous it is for Biden to claim he can work with and get compromises from the Repubs after Obama got less than zero from them – even after offering Romneycare.


You need to apologize for your whole career Joe, but the most important thing is you need to Apologize for the Iraq War.


Joe was absolutely correct the other day when he told Wall Street investors that if elected “Nothing would fundamentally change.” White racists will still be in charge.


That is certainly a much better criticism.

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The fact that the Dem leadership would put him out there as their preferred candidate tells you everything you need to know about them.


I HARDLY think that wanting someone who does NOT have a racist past is “political correctness” or even REMOTELY fascist. What a ridiculous statement.:roll_eyes::nauseated_face::frowning:


Who gets hurt by political correctness? Seems to me that political correctness is, at worst, rude and lamely facetious. If it’s the “fascism of the left,” then it’s a pretty weak force, don’t you think? Now compare it to the fascism of the right, with it’s police brutality, mass incarceration, wealth accumulation, endless war, kids in cages, religious intolerance, gerrymandering, bought-and-paid-for politicians and judges, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, cronyism, and complete absence of accountability. If the fascism of the left is political correctness, and the fascism of the right is absolute injustice throughout our history, I’ll take the left, thank you.

P.S. Amy Goodman has a great interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates on DemocracyNow!


Also, should we ignore Uncle Joe’s record of having favored segregated schools? Apparently, the vast majority of elderly, churchgoing black folks are willing to forgive and forget – but I’m not.


We seem to be encountering DNC/DCC strategies that epitomize the “schizophrenia” noted by Noam Chomsky and subsequent others.

Biden is mirroring the imperious posturing of Trump. This is dog-whistle for assertions of utter impunity / above the law and machinations to assert implausible deniability regarding causal relationship between predatory capitalism, Citizens United, the corrupt practices of voting fraud, gerrymandering et al.

The economic reality of the US, as we “know it” has been f()@*! by financialization - now GLOBALIZED. The decades of the “grand chessboard” of “full spectrum dominance” is in late stage implementation. Americans who think that this applies only to foreign relations are seriously deluded.

Biden is their boy. Trump is the media model. Economics is now a pyramid schme. The government is not FOR THE PEOPLE, it is the globalization factory.

Oh yes… remember the past future of ‘AI’ - artificial intelligence?.. in the statistical, media, strategizing factory working “overtime”, the latter a notion now quaintly obsolete.
Take a gander at Deep Mind.com


I pointed this out a couple times before, but people forget, Harry Reid booted Biden from budget negotiations in 2013. They felt his deal-making ways leaned more towards the sucker side than the negotiate-on-equal-footing side.