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For Women's Reproductive Freedom, a Chill Wind Blows


For Women's Reproductive Freedom, a Chill Wind Blows

Dorothy Samuels

Donald Trump’s plans for an extreme misogynistic makeover of reproductive health care received way too little scrutiny during his noxious, anti-woman campaign. Now, the damage a hard-right Trump administration could inflict on abortion rights and women’s health services more broadly has become impossible to ignore.




Just as no Foreign Government has the right to make Demands on Ours as to how we Run Our Own Country, no Male has the Right to dictate how Females must deal with what is happening within their own bodies.

This is a Usurpation of Power rightfully belonging to Women, and there are no two ways about it.


This is going to upset many for saying this, especially me being a man, but I believe overturning Roe v Wade would be a potentially good thing. And I say that as a fervid pro-choice person.

Too long now too many have taken their right to an abortion for granted. Its time for pro-coice people to start taking part at the state level of all these red states.

I remember the campaign of former governor Douglas Wilder in Virginia back in 1990. He ran a campaign based on his pro-choice position, and most of his commercials emphasized that. And He Won. In Virginia. Point is there are many, especially women, who need to get politically active. Stop relying on the courts.