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For Years, Journalists Cheered Assange’s Abuse. Now They’ve Paved His Path To a US Gulag

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/years-journalists-cheered-assanges-abuse-now-theyve-paved-his-path-us-gulag


The First Amendment to the US Constitution is dying an agonizing death. We already handed the Fascists the Forth Amendment without significant resistance so as to preserve our freedoms, we hoped.
That was a mistake.
Millions should flood the streets in protest to demand Freedom for Julian Assange, a Hero in his own right…


That ought to terrify every journalist. But it has had no such effect.

Why would it? They are not journalists, but rather, scribes for the power elites.


It says something that Assange and Wikileaks have received more support from journalists in lesser industrialized countries around the world, than from “journalists” in the west. His extraordinary contribution to history is so little aknowledged. And that says something about the modern oligarchs, be it in technology, be it in journalism, be it in the legal profession, and especially be it in academic circles. As for the US journalists not only not protecting, but even smearing him, it shouldn’t surprise us. The interests of the many have never been their goal. Just take the example of the massive regular police murders (1,200/year) that have occurred year in and year out for many many years in the US, or the semi slavery mass incarceration system, or the wars, or this and that. So the journalists behavior versus Assange was to be expected.

As for the disgusting way in which the Guardian has been in the forefront of smearing him…says more about the Guardian and its new editor than anything else. Every time they mention Wikileaks, in stead of defining it as ‘a publishing organization’, they define it as ‘a radical transparency group’. Think about this.


Kept in the dark and fed a diet of shite. We’re all mushrooms now.


Propaganda merchants.

That’s how I categorize all corporate “news” in the U.S. at this point. Actual journalists still exist. We can tell who they are because they’re the only ones protesting about this. We won’t find them on major networks.


Major Media and political pundits have made themselves, " the enemy of the People."
But who is to say what goes on behind closed doors. If Julian Assange is sent to the U.S., then we will know that the death of Truth and Honesty are now gone from this nation--------and those who support this travesty could very well have this same horror sent back upon themselves.


Assange lost the public support he once had when he leaked the truth of the corruption in the Hillary campaign. Had he not exposed that truth, he would still have enormous public support. Democrats were fine with all the other truths exposee but cannot stand for exposure of the corruption within the their sacred Party.


Exactly right, no true journalist works for MSM, they either leave on their own out of principal, or are pushed out for not going along with the propaganda. Robert Perry realized this 25 years ago.


An important article, thanks to CD for publishing it.

Two thoughts, the first in regard to this passage from the article:
“As Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky explained long ago in their book Manufacturing Consent, journalists join a media class after lengthy education and training processes designed to weed out those not reliably in sympathy with the ideological interests of their corporate employers.”

Noam Chomsky, bless his heart, is now a witting stooge of precisely the Manufactured Consent he disparages. There has rarely been so obvious a manufacturing of consent on display as the Biden Super Tuesday Massacre, with the slavering media cheerleading the coronation of the consummate corporate lackey – who Chomsky now endorses as the LOTE (because that’s the only choice our corporate masters allow, right Noam?).

Secondly, I hope CD publishes an article about a recent federal court ruling vindicating another hero, Edward Snowden, who deserves a pardon on top mountains of praise and respect:



When he hurried into Ecuador’s embassy back in 2012, seeking political asylum, journalists from every corporate media outlet ridiculed his claim—now, of course, fully vindicated.

The MSM that ridiculed Julian Assange need to be held accountable for their media lies and media crimes; otherwise, it will just continue to get worse.


Jon, it seems I’m always thanking you for your courageous
articles revealing the corporate state’s totalitarian grip on what
were once modicums of democratic institutions, the press being
a major one.
Now it’s all over and you should have received one
thousand CD comments thanking you not just eleven.
And Assange as a “sacrificial offering to their corporate masters”
has a familiar ring to it; wasn’t there another truth telling man tortured
to death for doing that?


They have also participated in creating and maintaining a US gulag.

Had they any intention of doing journalism in the old sense that we were once taught about and that to varying extents existed and still exists outside of the domesticated media, they would be a lot more concerned than they managed to appear.

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Savannah Guthrie: journalist extraodinaire! Norah O’Donnell: hard hitting journalist! Bob Lloyd Scheiffer. He is an actor (but pretends to be a journalist). Look at all the experienced “journalists” they are putting on the T.V. to question the Donald and the cup of Joe. For sure.

Not just the US. Good move by Extinction Rebellion in the UK: