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For Your Consideration: The Fakies


For Your Consideration: The Fakies

Talk about synchronicity. With publication of Michael Wolff's explosive "Fire and Fury" abruptly pushed up to Friday - clamorous public buzz beats bombastic legal threats every time - it will now make the deadline for Drumpf's "MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS." Still, it'll have to compete with Stephen Colbert, who's so hot to win The Fakies he put up a Times Square billboard. Because, duh: "Nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar."


I laugh along when these comedians rake Trump over the coals.

But to a large extent, they were enablers of the D-Party, LOTE establishment status quo.


Some years back Stephen Colbert won my “Biggest Nuts In Comedy” award when he skewered President and Dictator-trainee, George Bush, in front of the White House Press Corps and the world. Now Stephen stands up to this latest dictatorial buffoon to show us what we ALL should be doing when such a character lies his (its) way into OUR White House. Buffoonie wants us to be afraid of him, but Colbert makes him look like a total fool, instead.


He may be the nastiest, possibly most dangerous man in 'Murka, but you have to hand it to him, the POTUS certainly provides non-stop entertainment value, as this post makes clear.

Yes, i know, he & those who report to him are doing some seriously bad things to this nation and to sentient beings around the globe. But this is a surreal moment in time-space: horror and comedy can indeed walk hand in hand.

In any case, enjoy the horror-comedy while you can, for it’s clear to me he will not make 4 years in the WH.