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Forbidden Words


Forbidden Words

Christopher Brauchli

To those not familiar with what passes for thinking in many Trump appointees, including those at the CDC, it may be hard to understand how the various words offend.


Of course Murkin fascism during the past three decades has only remotely resembled 1930s European fascism.
Recent Murkin propagandists like Nordquist, Rove, Brock and others have refined Goebbels playbook to be effective in 21st century Murka…no goose stepping jack booted brownshirts, no book burning…just the soft tactics that have already produced results that would make Goebbels green with envy.


And this is where the argument for the lesser of two evils continues to win.

It is almost predictable that in the comments for an article like this the list of Obama offenses gets regurgitated.

I have to question the ability of the single person, the president, to withstand the onslaught those who make money off death. I believe Obama himself was constantly in danger (and may still be) from these people. IF there ever was a deep state, that would be it.

Trump is no different in this regard. He tows the line with a different public face.

Our monetary system rewards those who create for the killing industry. The Obama comment is a face saving spit on the general public- duct tape on the gangarene of decaying democracy to say that saving our art and institutional literacy would help democracy. It wouldn’t as the very structure that holds it up is being eaten away by the perpetual death machine.

Trump could well be the final curtain that needs to be removed from this veil over the evil beneath.


The last seven words in the above quote help to explain a fundamental reason for Trump’s continued popularity and support from his base. It essentially says; “Telling truth is less important than just telling people what they want to hear.” It’s the primary skill of a con artist! This only makes a population “dumb and dumber”.


I would say to Trump’s base truth isn’t important at all. That allows them to get their news from sources like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Bretibart. Of course their view is incompatible with democracy. This white nationalist movement is authoritarian. The left really needs to get its act together to stop it and in bring as many other people as possible.


I thought the left loved censorship and thought policing?


Absolutely we need to bring along as many as possible. We don’t have to agree on everything.
Their isn’t time for that anymore!


You thought wrong. Keep working on it, though.


I’m already guilty of thought crime! :rofl:

Why am I wrong? Last time I checked, the social justice movement has the same zeal for censoring people as family values conservatism.


It’s just my opinion. You have yours, I have mine. No one here is “censoring” you.
Most of us who lean left to varying degrees are far more tolerant than “family values” conservatives.

“Family Values” is just a slogan. People on the left value their families, and the greater human family, at least as much as “conservatives” do.