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Forced Arbitration is Bad For Consumers


Forced Arbitration is Bad For Consumers

Banning consumer class actions lets financial institutions keep hundreds of millions of dollars that would otherwise go back to harmed consumers—and Wells Fargo seems to have harmed huge numbers of consumers.
Heidi Shierholz

Class actions return hundreds of millions in relief to consumers, while forced arbitration pays off big for lawbreakers like Wells Fargo.


As long as the laws – and the enforcement of those laws – serve capital and against the well-being of mankind; democracy is nothing more than a dream.


A dream and an illusion.

Good article here by Heidi Shierholz. We need more like her and Elizabeth Warren fighting for the average citizen.


That is why it exists. Also unconstitutional. Just read the constitution. Agreements from tech companies when you buy their products which handcuff their customers need to be made illegal. Now when you use an app you have to sign a contract. They learned this from Drs. Who make you sigh a briefcase full of documents before you have a service. Needs to be illegal.