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'Forced Sterilization Is Genocide': Rights Groups Condemn ICE Amid Whistleblower's Allegations of Unwarranted Hysterectomies

Why would Joe Biden win by a landslide? Both Trump and Biden are horrible candidates.

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I was going to mention, that these are some of the horrors of previous wars. & how nations came together to invade, and fight and overthrow regime after regime on crimes against humanity like this.
Eugenics, genocide, concentration camps, lynching.
Plus we are the super spreader country.

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On the main topic of this story, I have no disagreement with the outrage. No matter what opinion someone takes on people who attempt to immigrate outside the legal process (and I’m kind of in the middle - I am for abolishing ICE, but I do want restrictions on immigration which I would prefer to have enforced on the employment side primarily), the idea of any surgery, especially including sterilization, being performed on these people without consent is criminal and in any normal society would be prosecuted. I hope the whistleblower is protected.

On the number of sterilizations in Puerto Rico, I must admit I did not know it was that high, but that is a much more complicated topic than is done justice to in this article. The article implies that all those women were sterilized without consent, but that is not true. The number includes women who chose to be sterilized. And if a woman has 3 kids and is then sterilized without informed consent, I can think that is both unethical and a bad idea for promoting birth control, but it is not eugenics (or at least not by my definition). So the number of women who were sterilized without consent and with zero or only one child would be the number to use for the eugenics number and the number without consent regardless of how many children would be the other number to cite for ethical lapse that isn’t euginics driven. What are those numbers? I do see the fertility of Puerto Rico now is very low (1.2) and was a completely unsustainable 5.0 in 1950. For some reason, the UN is projecting it to go up (~https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/PRI/puerto-rico/fertility-rate). The claimed period of forced sterilization is over (1970) but yet TFR is still quite low.

Now I’m not saying there weren’t Eugenics trends Puerto Rico (and the US) during these times, but I do think the 1/3 number is misleading. If I had a chance, it would be interesting to read the book from the one counterpoint on the Wikipedia article on this topic (~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsory_sterilization#Puerto_Rico) which states:

On the other side of the debate, scholars like Laura Briggs have argued that evidence does not substantiate claims of a mass sterilization program. She further argues that reducing the popularity of sterilization in Puerto Rico to a state initiative ignores the legacy of Puerto Rican feminist activism in favor or birth control legalization and the individual agency of Puerto Rican women in making decisions about family planning.

Final note: don’t forget that the word sterilized by itself is not pejorative - I got myself sterilized after my first and only kid, and I highly recommended it.

This is outrageous. What I also find outrageous is that fact that so many people in the US are, if not supportive, willing to let this ‘slide’ rather than mobilizing, en mass, to shut ICE centers down.

I am, however, concerned that liberals, and too many progressives, present this outrage as a exclusive to Trump and Republicans. It’s important to remember that the Democrat’s Idol, FDR, was a racist White Supremacist under whose regime a massive eugenics program was begun, in which Puerto Rican women were sterilized without their consent and, without their knowledge: _https://eugenicsarchive.ca/discover/connections/530ba18176f0db569b00001b

Later, in the 1950’s US scientists used Puerto Rican women as uniformed Human Guinea Pigs in testing the birth control pill. _https://www.history.com/news/birth-control-pill-history-puerto-rico-enovid

While folk in the US often portray Puerto Rican independence activists as ‘terrorists’ the fact is, these were some of the crimes against humanity that prompted Puerto Rican revolutionaries who to launch an armed attack against President Truman.

It is hard to convey how disturbing it is to hear folk, who assertthat STEM in the US is not steeped in White Supremacy, justify the use of Puerto Rican women as human Guinea Pigs as ‘for the greater good’.


“This is outrageous. What I also find outrageous is that fact that so many people in the US are, if not
supportive, willing to let this ‘slide’ rather than mobilizing, en mass, to shut ICE centers down.”

Totally agreed SF. This is NOT some ‘complicated’ or subtle issue. Unless it was a medical necessity,
there is ZERO excuse for any of these women undergoing sterilization. No doubt for the criminal
provider who was doing it, it brought in quite a bit more money than handing out birth control bills, and it sounds like sex, at least of the consensual variety, was not an option if the male and female folks were
housed separately. Who knows what Dr. Jekyl was up to but these women seemed to be considerably
younger than the post-menopausal victims of unnecessary hysterectomy who were ‘legion’ not so
many years back. However uninformed or misinformed by their surgeon, however, it was technically
their choice.

There are myriad questions to be asked here, knowing the other acts of neglect and abuse of detained
would-be immigrants and viewed against that conduct, which would start with why were these women,
who seemed to be still of an age to bear children, were undergoing pelvic exams, much less revolving door hysterectomies, when these centers supposedly were not providing medical services for obvious
illness, resulting in a number of deaths, couldn’t keep the holding areas clean, lacked the necessary
supplies for even the basic, etc, etc. They can’t buy supplies, beds, but they are fine paying for
a large number of hysterectomies for women of childbearing age.

It reeks of unnecessary surgery of individuals held by the state and there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER that it can be justified. . And zed in my opinion has an excellent point about this kind of surgery not being
‘a routine thing’. Not in a series of younger women, housed in a detention facility, who somehow schedule pelvic exams and find out that their reproductive equipment is defective and “must” be

Reasonable minds may differ but it seems crystal clear to me that the corruption of the Dems and that of the Repubs is absolutely the same, only distinction being the malignant levels of arrogance of the Dems which allow them to whine daily about the likely election fraud by the Repubs, while themselves trying to remove - by hook or by crook - the Green Party and all its candidates from Hawkins on down the ballot.

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I am reading Aaron Beck’s book on anxiety. In it he has an exercise, exposure, so that you would think of the worst-case scenario and dwell on it for about 30 minutes each day for a few days. After about the third or fourth day the terror diminishes somewhat and then you can start making a plan. I did this with my own greatest fear. Silly me, here is a much greater fear–that we continue down the same road no matter who is president.

So here is my plan: cling to the ones you love. If you don’t love anyone, find someone or a number of people. And fight like hell to protect them and feed them, even if all you have is your compassion. Life intensifies. No more ho-hum living.

Spending time with the people here on this page is one of my fave things after the work is done for the day, whether it’s fighting the weeds in my garden, practicing the cello, or making calls for the candidates that Sunrise supports. (Not Biden. Lower down on the ballot.) Everyone here has something to say that feels valuable to me.

I’m 68.


“The lifetime risk of hysterectomy for a woman in the United States is 45%. Hysterectomy remains the second most commonly performed surgical procedure for women of reproductive age, second only to cesarean section. The rate of hysterectomy has undergone a slow decline, from 7.1 per 1,000 women in the 1980s to 5.0 per 1,000 in recent years. However, it is done far more often than many other commonly performed surgeries. For example, according to National Hospital Discharge Summary data, 569,000 women underwent hysterectomy in 2006 compared with 168,000 men who underwent prostatectomy and 341,000 men and women who underwent appendectomy, including incidental appendectomy. Multiple studies indicate the use of hysterectomy varies widely by geographic region and provider characteristics. There are also racial disparities. Black women have a higher rate of hysterectomy and an increased risk of complications from hysterectomy than white women. Based on the increasing racial diversity of the U.S. population, the rate of hysterectomy is expected to continue to climb through 2050”.


Even one case of a forced, unwanted, sterilization is unacceptable. Americans love to promote themselves as being the “moral high-ground”. In fat we are no different from any of the others in history who practice genocide, concentration camps and medical experimentation on unwilling victims.

I believe I stated that clearly in my post (unless criminal prosecution means something different to you).

Hysterectomy is an elective procedure that historically has been seen as less than effective considering the the long term consequences and there being less invasive treatment in many cases. I’m not sure how effective bringing this to the attention of the medical community would be considering there is more than one authority in a wide range of settings.

Good point, Big B. It would seem the male propensity to reduce females to chattle and sexual objects in the U.S. is well and truly alive and well. B.T.W. how does the claims of abidding by International Rules Of Law fit into this behaviour ??? How does the Democratic rights of people, fit into it as well, where does the ALLEGED Freedom politicians proclaim so loudly, is supposed to exist in the U.S. ?