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Forced to Backpedal on Trump-Mueller Story, Clip of Sean Hannity Fail Goes Viral


Forced to Backpedal on Trump-Mueller Story, Clip of Sean Hannity Fail Goes Viral

Julia Conley, staff writer

Viewers of the Sean Hannity Show watched in real-time Thursday night as their host was forced to admit that reports of President Donald Trump's attempt to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller were true, after he'd spent part of the broadcast attacking the New York Times' story.

Later, countless people online witnessed Hannity's coverage as the clip went viral.


Hannity is such a knob! Who wouldn’t want to kick his smug face in?


I’m still waiting for Lil’ Sean to undergo waterboarding like he promised. He’s a hard-hitting journalist:


I don’t want to get any of that on my shoes…


I know it’s extremely simplistic & crude, but sometimes the truth is simplistic & crude, and all I can say about Hannity (again & again) is “what an ass hole”.


Don’t hold your breath (no pun intended).


Where are our two new trolls and why aren’t they here to defend poor Sleazy Sean?


simplistic & crude: yes

truth: absolutely!


I was wondering the same thing. I’m assuming they will be along sometime or another to do so - probably catching up on Fox and Friends, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc, before hitting the web to troll.

Hannity resembles them - and all other Il Douche supporters - so closely it’s actually a bit creepy. Frothing-at-the-mouth, rabidly devout and obsequious in their defense of Der Fuhrer, no matter what he has done; lying fervently and “bigly” and regularly; blatantly proud white nationalist, anti-immigrant/brown-skinned people/non-white Europeans; oozing with arrogance and pride in their believed superiority over all others; and dripping with pure, venomous hatred of any and all who do not bow like they do before their Dear Leader’s omnipotent Greatness.

One of the two actually proudly admitted to being a fascist, Nazi-sympathizer yesterday on another thread, implying that my grandfather (who died in WW2 fighting the Nazis) was on the “wrong side.” These slimy knuckle-draggers are all the same.


“He later said that his sources could indeed confirm that the story was true.”

Well, I’ll give Don a pass if he calls Hannity “fake news”.


Sean, you truncated the rest of the sentence. If you did not work for the Geobbel’s network called faux news, you would have finished it this way: That’s his right to obstruct justice!


I’m guessing he was blooming as a world class prick in high school.


If they show up, can you kindly introduce me to them.




Looking for the droplets from my hound to make more sense than Sean.


Folks like him were the reason I ate my lunches in a hidden storm drain in 10th grade. I did have to watch out for the occasional thunderstorms here in Albuquerque. Much easier to deal with than assholes.


Fox News and Hannity are a Car Wreck!


This is what a bloviating partisan with no principles looks like. Hannity. Sad!


Beautifully acted regressive segway.


sorta like Stephan Miller another world class prick …actually he is in a league of his own, what is scary is how many more assholes like this are coming out…


Men create lies and then triy to spin them into truth till they themselves lose track and do not in the end know the difference. Sean Hannity is one among many that have fallen to this fate.