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Forced to Defend Healthcare Plan, Lawmakers Face 'Supercharged Resistance'


Forced to Defend Healthcare Plan, Lawmakers Face 'Supercharged Resistance'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter, both of California, faced large, angry crowds at town hall meetings on Saturday, offering a preview of what awaits GOP lawmakers if they continue their efforts to ram through a widely unpopular healthcare reform law


It's great that these legislators are being confronted. But people should not be defending Obamacare. They should be pushing for H.R. 676 Expanded Medicare for All.

If we don't get Medicare for All, this battle will be continually fought. While millions still don't have coverage.


Too bad that healthcare does not receive the same priority and trillion $ funding that the MIC receives because that would mean Americans would have a healthcare system second to none!


The MIC's media says it needs a trillion/year to keep us safe. Conservatives tremble in fear and give it more.

More people die from automobile accidents than terrorism so how much does accident prevention get? If it doesn't get proportionally more of our tax revenues, why do we give welfare and protect MIC banks and corporations at the expense of our healthcare?

Why do we subsidize the killing of innocents instead of our own health and welfare?

Online Direct Democratic Party by Tor


" Why do we subsidize the killing of innocents instead of our own health and welfare?"

Because Amerika is a military dictatorship.


Two suggestions for the so-called left: advocate for universal health care (not insurance reform) and drop the puerile and counterproductive Russophobia. To paraphrase Bernie, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the (mythical) Russian interference in the US election!


Money for the 2% and deat panels for the rest. Trump giving America back to the people, the rich people.


Perhaps the town hall meetings need to have background music, like Ry Cooder's NO BANKER LEFT BEHIND ?


Make that 2 suggestions for the electorate in general.


re, iTrumpet's "possible ties to Russia;"

This sets the tone of the article. It ignores that the US is a warmonger confronting Russia and that Russia is resigned to defending itself from a vicious totalitarian empire that needs a Trumped up enemy to terrorize US citizens into passive comforts of consumption.

What is wrong with friendly ties to Russia? Very bad for Generals that pump resumés with the blood of innocent citizens and war mongers living in country club estates who profit from killing innocent civilians.


The "real left" already advocates for universal health care and does not believe that Russia is an enemy of the US. It is the Democratic Party elite and their allies in the media and elsewhere that do not support universal healthcare and are behind the attacks on Russia via Ukraine and Syria. Unfortunately, too many registered Democrats believe in the anti-Russia propaganda due to their blind hatred for Trump and the right wing. This is understandable to some extent but also regrettable. People really need to look at all politicians, political parties, the media, and the government critically, with informed minds, and without irrational emotionalism.


While Obamacare is surely not perfect, it must be defended now because the alternative being offered by the Republicans is much worse. Very few representatives in Congress are supporting HR 676 and the Republicans are about to take the country backwards to much darker times. Obamacare is what we have at the moment and the Republican plan is far worse. So, we need to be realistic at this moment and not have unrealistic dreams. When people like Bernie Sanders retake the reins of power in Washington someday, then we can realistically expect bills such as HR 676 to pass. Of course we should always continue to advocate for universal healthcare but it makes no sense to advocate for it but not defend Obamacare under the present circumstances.


In Vermont there is a push again for Single-Payer. A number of libraries are hosting the new documentary, The Healthcare Movie, plus speakers. The Workers Center in Burlington is in the stages of re-introducing the state wide single payer bill. I'm pushing nationally and pushing one of the senators, Patrick Leahy, to support Bernie on single payer. Everyday, I intend to convince a few more libraries in Vermont to host such events and hope everyone throughout the USA will do likewise. Mossonarock suggested churches and I'm adding synagogues and mosques to the list to host such events. Let's do it! I and millions more don't want to see anyone go without healthcare.




Bullshit! Russia under Putin is a corrupt Kleptocracy and Trumpf is tied hand and foot to it. Don't fool yourself into thinking Fascist Russia is a friend of America it's not and Putin's not.


"and does not believe that Russia is an enemy of the US." Your dead wrong about this statement and who do you think you are telling the rest of us who the real Left is?


Voters mostly are fairly docile animals who prefer to stay out of sight and mind to let the so-called leaders of the herd do as they may until it becomes glaringly obvious that those leaders are uncaring, incompetent, greedy self-absorbed swine. Trump has done a good job of illustrating just how bad it is and the herd is awakening to the fact that unless these politicians are challenged their own safety and well being is at a radical risk. While it is pleasing to see these videos and watch the anointed squirm and sweat as they realize that they just might be held accountable, it is tiring and a waste of time to hear "how the Russians tired to influence our election" when reality is that the CIA and numerous other American agencies have been doing that since their inception with almost every other country on this planet. My vote was mine and the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with my choice.


While Thousands of refugees seek asylum from the wars we started, and are denied.


Hypocrites love Obamacare Lite.
The regressive republicans love Obamacare Lite.

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!


So if my rep is refusing to have a town hall, what might be the best way to change that?


Vote in a new rep.