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Forced Trade


Forced Trade

Leo Gerard

Senators who voted last week to Fast Track ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) call it a free trade deal, but really, it’s forced trade imposed on protesting American workers who have endured its damaging effects for decades.

Under the free trade regime, rich and powerful corporate interests have hauled in ever-higher profits as they shipped manufacturing overseas to low-wage, no-environmental-regulation countries. Meanwhile, American workers lost jobs, health benefits, income and all sense of stability.


This is a very lucid piece on trade, trade pacts, and our lost manufacturing base. Thanks, Leo Gerard. I am working with a coalition on raising the minimum wage in PA, and the national SEIU union is vital in our efforts. I’ve worked for non-profits my whole life, and think unions can be essential to workers’ incomes and human rights.


Gerard’s alleging that JFK would have cut Medicare to pay for trade adjustments ignores JFK’s intent that Medicare serve all Americans, not just the elderly and those eligible for disability social security. That intent naturally got JFK caught in the crosshairs of the 1%.

When LBJ signed the heavily watered down Medicare legislation he expressed concern that the program be expanded in the future. Again, the 1% made sure that Medicare never was expanded and makes sure it keeps getting cut, making it understandable why a young guy like Gerard who has only witnessed the recent history of Medicare would articulate this disconnect.


So true, but then the American Mfg would not be able to sell you another, then another, then another appliance. Planned obsoleteness. The world market is not good enough for them, they want to gouge us every few years so they can have a new yacht every few years along with mega mansion all over the world.