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Forces of Equality Intensify Fight Against 'Persecution in Name of Religion'


Forces of Equality Intensify Fight Against 'Persecution in Name of Religion'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The fallout over various state-level 'religious freedom' laws, which critics say authorize discrimination against LGBTQ people, continued into Friday, with civil rights advocates calling on politicians to reject similar measures around the country.


The “court jester” as student, Marshall Sahlins, an American anthropologist with a twinkle in his eye, calls us to look at the structures and meanings in and of “culture” and how we do and do not even think about them. For any who might be interested:
Marshall Sahlins on ‘The culture of material value’


Please consider using a word other than “equality” for this issue. Americans clearly oppose actual equality, as we can see in this generation’s socioeconomic policies (and attitudes) against our poor. In this situation, one might refer to “equal protections and opportunities regardless of sexual orientation.” Not as concise, but the very idea of “equality” does make people uneasy.


Breaking News: Diabolical Plot keeps Indiana Pizza Parlor Owners out of Heaven.

A GoFundMe campaign has raised half a million dollars for the owners of the Walkerton Indiana pizza parlor. This puts them in the class of the “rich men” who have as much chance of getting into Heaven as a camel has of fitting through the eye of needle. Such a cruel twist of fate: one day they are just minding their own business refusing to cater to non-existent gay wedding parties, and the next day they are forever barred from Heaven… Those GoFundMe donors have played a very a dirty trick.

On positive note, the camel phrase may be a mis-translation of the Bible. Apparently the word for “Camel” is only one letter different from the word for “Hawser”, so if they can find a needle large enough, there may be hope for them yet.


I obviously do not speak for all Americans nor do I know so many of them to be able to give any reasonable assertion of how even the majority feels about anything so complicated as a position on equality. However I do happen to be an American and do know quite a few and for the most part they do believe in the words of the pledge of allegiance “One nation with liberty and justice for all”, Your sweeping condemnation of All Americans is not very adult.


A long time ago, before it was shredded by the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act, there was a document that had been the rule and guide of this nation for over two centuries. That document, the Constitution of the United States of America with its first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights, protected the people from excesses of its government and protected their rights, the rights of man.

  • The First Amendment covers the main subject of this article:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  • The Fourth Amendment assures that;
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
  • Most of us should be familiar with all ten amendments protecting We the People, though our youth are rarely even introduced to the document that protects us from all the evils of a fascist government; that protects our privacy and our individual freedom.
  • So, we don’t really need new laws to protect us, we simply have to insist that the Constitution and Bill of Rights be once more placed in the Halls of Government, to be strictly enforced.
  • It is not a perfect document, and it is not a static document, but it was written by people who were well acquainted with the autocracies of Europe, they had an excellent grasp of history, and they wrote a document that would allow the people to govern themselves and protect them from a government run amok, with checks and balances that would prevent a rogue government from taking form.
  • They warned about the power of the banks to take control, but I don’t think they ever believed that there would be an Oilagarchy that would have enough to buy the entire government and subvert it to its use.
  • It is past time for We the People to take back our Constitution and remove the sewer rats that have savaged and pissed on it.


:bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

I shore hope you’re not referring to the Big SkyGAwD! :man:

If you post a security guard and prohibit vehicles with “Fish” stickers from parking in your lot, you’re going to be found violating their religious and free speech rights! They will have the man after you in a heartbeat :cop:

But if it’s a man in a dress, or somebody with a non-Christian haircut, it’s O.K. Ban em’! Gee, what do we call this? A double standard? Yes, that’s what we call it. Insidious Intolerance. It’s destroyed more than one culture in the past.


Thanks very much goat,

That was extremely interesting. May I ask you a question? Was that Seminar part of the curriculum of King’s College, or just held there? If the former, then we are listening to “the One Percent”, by virtue of the tuition charged there; wouldn’t you say? (excluding scholarships). King’s College had a branch in North America prior to the formation of the USA. It was renamed Columbia University, and today is the haunt of the One Percent. It’s where Obama claimed to study, although his records are sealed and his attendance probably as poor as GWB at Harvard (meaning these pukes probably bought their degrees.) Constitutional Scholar my arse!

I noticed Marshall gaged on gay rights at one point (it just wouldn’t come out of his mouth; he stammered) and held that same gender marriage was not really the same thing. Very Parochial attitudes of the past, imho (considering his age, not surprising.) I very much enjoyed his take on the “Canard” of the so-called “free market” and the “greatest illusion in the world”: Democracy. I also noticed he stopped himself from saying that the existing structure had a police force backing it up (he said “other forms”).

It was fascinating to see what anthropology scholars “inside the Castle” think. They seem to know we are in dire straights. Please link other clips to us, if you know about them.


So what. Most Christians will tell you they ‘believe’ in the Gospels of jesus but they certainly don’t live by them. Anyone can say they believe in something, what matters is what they do and how they live.


As for Hobby Lobby, I support a law to be enforced that says men can only fornicate with their wives and if caught outside of the marriage bed they will be stoned to death by their wives and the other women of their community. That should fix all the bastards in these states offices and Congress.


Ya know Timmy…dumb old me was going to ask YOU what a “Hawser” is…but then I turned to Wikipeida:

I am still a bit confused by your answer. I am sure those who wrote the propaganda in the Big Book of god….knew the difference between “little-hole” and “big-hole.” But back then on those long trips of theirs they may have consorted with camels and meant A-hole.

Don’t mind me I am in a foul mood as I watch while our ineffectual populace get all persnickety about LGBT issues and rights when women are quietly denied their right to healthcare and their a right to choose as with Hobby Lobby. Where is the outcry by the corporations on this issue.

When it comes to men and their dicks…gay or straight dicks always take priority over everything else.


Absolutely. Societies have always kept the deluded at arms length. The imminent danger is they control congress. What worries me most is the hubris and euphoria that the issue is settled. Congress just pulled an Iran on this. A letter to the supreme court interfering with the ongoing same sex marriage case. In the streets everyone. 1. Break up the banks. 2. Freedom from religious fanaticism.


The religious are defective not only in mind but in spirit. They are 10,000 years behind civilized man.
Pity they are much to ignorant to understand the basic facts of their retardation.


That would wipe most of the delusionists, since they fornicate with sheep when ever given the opportunity.
Something instinctual about religion and screwing sheep.


So what? You probably would tell us that you believe in equality too. So what?


Baaaaaaa! Hum bug!


So nothing. Look instead at the deeds. In this case (US) the deeds don’t confrim the beliefs. Simple eh?


That’s a good question. I’ve always wondered if atheism is protected under Freedom of Religion in the US. That’s how the founder of the country saw it, and it’s certainly protected under Freedom of Speech. Thomas Jefferson, who was mentor to James Madison who wrote the Bill of Right said:

The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.
-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

In my research, the North American populations of the Colonies were about 70 percent Christian drones, but the government, in contrast, founded largely by deists, was secular. This was intentional, to prevent getting sucked into European Religious wars, which much of the old world was constantly engaged in.

According to many historical sources like Ellis and Brand.


Is it? Is it strictly a conservative issue?

Civil Libertarians who champion tolerance of individual personal behavior can be found on the left or the right.

Are Liberals mainly “pro-ruling class?” In my research, the ruling class is always found on both the “Liberal” candidates corner and the Conservative candidates corner. Example is A.V. Harriman, Herbert Walker, and Prescott Sheldon Bush. All intermarried and controlled both the Democratic Party Machine and the Republican Party Machine since the early 1900’s, since they all owned together the largest private investment bank on Wall Street: Brown Brothers Harriman. Prescott Sheldon Bush (GWB’s grandfather) funded both Eisenhower’s and Nixon’s presidential campaigns.

Conservative/Liberal or Right/Left isn’t a sophisticated enough political spectrum to me, anyway. Take a look at this interesting 2-D Nolan Chart by a Right-Winger.

If the pic doesn’t show up, click here and scroll down. What do you think?



On the one hand, welcome corporate outrage at this terrible law, but other things are going on.

Important article by David Cay Johnston about the dangers of corporations taking over our democracy

Toxic Law: How Corporate Power And ‘Religious Freedom’ Threaten Democracy

From the article - I added the bold

Corporations from Apple and Angie’s List to Walmart and Wells Fargo exercised their power last week against laws that give aid and comfort to bigots. But don’t be too quick to praise their actions.

Commendable as these corporate gestures were, they also illustrate how America is morphing from a democratic republic into a state where corporations set the political agenda, thanks to a major mistake by Democrats in Congress. What they did has resulted in Supreme Court decisions that would infuriate the framers of our Constitution.

The framers distrusted the corporate form. And they made plain their concerns about concentrations of economic power and resulting inequality, worrying that this would doom our experiment with self-governance. Surely they would be appalled at the exercise of corporate influence last week. For the companies opposing “religious freedom” laws in Arkansas and Indiana were concerned with human rights only in the context of profit maximization, which is what economic theory says corporations are about.

Chris Hedges in his articles posted here on common dreams each week, has spoken over and over again about the corporate coup d’etat. This is one example of it in action.