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'Forces We've Unleashed Are Beyond Terrifying': Footage Shows Horrors of California Wildfires as Governor Declares Statewide Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/28/forces-weve-unleashed-are-beyond-terrifying-footage-shows-horrors-california


No matter how hot the fires may burn, the empathy of those without souls shall not be stirred. Sans pitchforks up their asses, no action will ever proceed. Social safety net now! This could be your story. Your mother’s. Son’s. Brother’s. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…


Go ahead. Build a couple million houses in a desert. See what happens.


Anyone remember David Brower from San Franscisco, founder of the early environmental movement? Kicked off the Board of the Sierra Club, after boosting membership from 7,000 to 70,000? How about Wilson Clark, Author of Energy for Survival: The Alternative to Extinction, 1974? The more recently slandered, maligned, and ostracized educator of abrupt climate change and its sequel, near term human extinction, Guy McPherson? Sam Mitchell? The list goes on and on about as long as the internet, of wise people dissed, who gave their all to avert this. Tragic as it clearly is, extinction is well underway. And far worse in countless places around the planet, censored by the MSM from anyone who doesn’t seriously look. If we are somehow NOT passed reversal, I have yet to hear of the means, hard as I’ve been looking, since the early seventies. Would love nothing more than to be corrected, with details, rather than words from folks other than Naomi or Bill…


Nature is doing its job. Bringing a barbaric, primitive, and sick culture back into balance.


This is just the beginning of the Great Unraveling. The 2020’s are going to be nothing like this last decade in terms of ecological collapse/chaos. Buckle up!


Don’t forget David Suzuki in Canada, vilified by all the oil dudes and ranchers on the prairie provinces.
Climate change is here. It’s now. Anyone who denies it is an enemy. They are the rattlesnake in the lodge. We need to join our brothers and sisters globally who are in the streets, protesting the power structures that have brought us to extinction. We may be able to save a few homo saps, but they will be Indigenous people.
I just read a comment in a newspaper(you know, the paper thingy with words on it that you read with morning coffee) by a farmer in North Dakota bemoaning the probable loss of his corn crop, “I’ve been doing this for 47 years, and I’m at a loss for words at what Mother Nature has done to us.” Um, dude, it’s what you and hundred of millions of others have done to Grandmother Earth for at least five hundred years and to Turtle Island for the past two hundred. Your ancestors upset a delicate ecosystem which depended on the buffalo to manage the grasslands.
And in California, well, the Pomos used fire to manage the forests by burning off the scrub. It generated a cool fire that helped seeds germinate and did no harm to the thick barked redwoods, sequoias, and tanoaks evolved to deal with fire. Now they burn hot because of manmade materials used in houses built in places they should never be. And the heat kills, not helps.
I wrote a short story last year about megadisasters hitting the US of Abuse on Election Day 2020; wildfires in California where sparks fly over the Rockies to cause fires in the grasslands. A mega Cat 5 hurricane overwhelming Florida. A blizzard in the Midwest unloading feet of snow with hurricane force winds also sinking several ships on the Great Lakes…who knows? Maybe it was a shamanic dreamstate that wrote it.


The real problem here is that there are people who think they can fix this with the same methods that
that created it. Some people are being displaced for a second time with no real change in their behavior except to rebuild what was. That is not going to work out well.


I have some Earth map screenshots of the toxic air being created on this page…


Don’t get so exited everyone, Russia Maddow is going to do a shocking report tonight on…Russia! That will fix everything.



Meanwhile, out here in Trump country, it is pretty much universally accepted that environmentalists and their regulations and the affluent liberalism of California in general are the cause of the fires.


It is probably because they have never seen an ancient redwood forest.


PG&E made sure the money went into their pocket while they ignored improving their services especially preventing fires. They were predatory to any challenge like SMUD where I live in Sacramento who offered home improvements at a reasonable cost and charged much less than PG&E. PG&E is now in bankruptcy shutting off power to millions saying they care about safety because they know they started most of these fires.


This is the board of directors for PGE Corporation, the people that own PGE . I guess the people that see this as a good way to manage resources all voted for this?

And yes, I don’t get electric power from them either.


Also, if you remember the manipulation of energy contracts during the Bush administration that reduced a state surplus of 29 billion dollars to a multiple billion dollar deficit, you realize this more like highway robbery.

These are the subsidiaries of PGE Corporation and it doesn’t account for out of state contracts:


I’ll bet that is pig in the Oval Office is smirking to himself that California deserves this because they didn’t vote for him. That is how deeply diseased he really is. Donald J. Trump is NOBODY’S brother. He is a nightmare.


I used to live in the Bay Area. PG&E was instrumental in keeping Public Power out of San Francisco. Their greed and corrupt management was the reason why we called them “Pacific Graft and Extortion”.


This may be the two years of “runaway Global Warming” which Secretary
General of United Nations suggested we might anticipate.
There’s no saying how Global Warming may accelerate and compound.
Nature is all – we must put our communities back together supporting Nature –
that’s what our real work is about - Nature, Animal Life, Humanity.
STOP PSE&G and bring energy and labor back home to your own communities.

The insanities of Elites/Patriarchy will continue on until we force these changes
on government.



I thought the very same thing. He is a sociopath, afterall.

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Certain cable programs offer what you see. They won’t change much if at all. It’s a waste of time and energy to expect otherwise. Best to look to the places that offer what you are looking for.
The crazies, deplorables, greedy, religious zealots, and others have found their Fox News and financial channels to watch.
I watch Maddow to keep up on the Russia/trump connections and the anti American crap he and his minions are up to.
But if we want a complete picture we had better move on to something other than the tube.