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Forcing the Vulnerable in Alabama to 'Choose Between Voting and Staying Alive,' SCOTUS Upholds Ban on Curbside Ballot Drop-Off

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/forcing-vulnerable-alabama-choose-between-voting-and-staying-alive-scotus-upholds

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Seems apparent to me that conservatives care only about unborn fetuses, but after birth, screw you. They oppose abortion but care nothing about Covid danger, sending our troops to fight wars for corporations, killing vast numbers of foreigners, deny healthcare to people, cling to polluting practices, deny climate change, encourage white supremacist violence, support the death penalty, and more. How are they not the greatest danger to all of humankind and a scourge that needs to be vanquished the world over?


To Maineac: Agreed. You state the facts that prove that those conservatives who hypocritically claim they are ‘pro-life’ are really ‘pro-birth’ then ‘pro-death’ once birth has occurred.


You sum it up perfectly.


Well people keep voting Republicans into office, so this result must be what people want. Just like Mitch will win KY again.

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As long as Moscow Mitch keeps bringing home the bacon (including the Russian aluminum plant now under construction) to KY he will win elections there.

Maineac, LynneC,
The test of a self-proclaimed “pro-lifer:” Are you an environmentalist?


Will the people of AL rise up and tell the SCOTUS to shove it along with the AL Secretary of State?

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Why did Julia quote Sam Spital?? From his tweet.

“Black voters, who are disproportionately at risk for COVID complications due to systemic discrimination”

Dumbest quote since Trump last said a word.

Discrimination is just fine with the 5 stooges as long as it’s happening to someone else. Warning: “Tilted Playing Field”

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The first greenfield aluminum processing facility in 38 years. Most shut down
years ago and fled to greener (dollars) pastures. The worlds second largest
aluminum company by primary tons, Rusal will be a minor partner in the $1.7
billion dollar facility with Braidy Industries. The joint venture company will be
called UNITY ALUMINUM. I mention this as both an Alabamian and long career
in the heavy aluminum industry. In 2004, I spent my last days as a technical
consultant overseeing the dismantling a similar plant in Alabama as planned for
Kentucky. Sent the dismantled plant to China on behalf of Aluminum Company
Of America (ALCOA). What comes around goes around.

Now as to voting in Alabama: Wanted to avoid in line voting on Nov. 3. Did not desire to be packed up with a horde of Trumpers that will give Trump 60% of the state vote. The state chief Republican voting moron said if I was scared of the COVID 19, I could go down to the courthouse and vote an absentee ballot.What a scene, even the Republicans did not want to be in line with other Republican on Nov. 3 and were lined up out to the street.

Mind you I was not there to vote for Biden. Just wanted to vote for the US
Senator on the Dem line. Sort of a Democrat and better than the loser former
college football coach … considering I am in my eighties, forget it!!

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We do need to consider where the political support is headed. Are we moving to a right-wing country? We won’t know until we start having fair elections.
That could be a while, if ever.

To me his last (almost) four years has been a very hard lesson in how poorly our republic was set up by our founders by showing how vulnerable it is to abuse of power. I know a lot of what they set up was to protect their own interests, but they did seem to put some effort into making sure there was a balance of power at the end of the day. Unfortunately it obviously wasn’t enough and now it’s very very hard to fix all the problems they created, especially in this winner-take-all political climate.

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